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Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – June 1, 2017

Hey everyone! We’re collecting questions to answer live on air during Thursday’s (6/1) Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT / 10:00 PM UTC / 8:00 AM AET. Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. Also remember to be succinct!

Thanks for your help!



  • Will you be adding a way for players to be good or evil like the system in D&D
  • Is the KS persistent Alpha going to be patched to Beta 1 and 2 then test or are each of the various testing phases fresh starts? Also will it serve as a test server and be updated between the end of Beta 2 and game launch?
  • How big is the World? and How many Nodes does the World Contain?
  • Where do new players start at when they enter the World?
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    Are we going to have more characters races in the future?
    Like Angel, Demon, Undead, silme, and etc......I'm not talking about racial skins.
    I want to become Undead skeleton with their own special attributes.
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    Since angels and demons and the divine class will be part
    of the game, have you considered making another trope of MMOs
    more interesting, character death and instant/timed respawn?
    An alternative upon character death could be a choice
    between instant respawn, with applied debuffs or
    disadvantages, or a longer journey through the afterlife of
    the character's religious choice. The journey could require
    completing a quest or quests that lead to resurrection with
    an enlightenment advantage if they succeed. If they fail
    they can still be reincarnated but as a bard named Jeff which comes with no disadvantage besides the implied social disgrace. Much love for Jeff :)
  • I'm curious as to how mount breeding will work, as well as the facilities that will be used in the breeding. Additionally maybe some more insight into mount stats/abilities.
  • Will corruption be awarded on first hit or when the non combatant dies? I.e could a combatant attack someone who is attacking a mob and just leave them at low HP only to have the mob finish them.
  • Will we be able to upgrade our pledges after the Kickstarter ends? I.e., Leader of Men to Royalty?
  • Will player housing be sharred between all your characters? Example: if already have a house/freehold  on one character will my other characters be able to use that house/freehold.
  • Are seasons World wide, or Zone wide?  
    example:  Can I travel to a distant Zone and gather different seasonal resources?
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    Will resources have properties such as "Density" “Hardness” “Corrosivity” or “Conductivity” of ore that could also affect output?
  • Will the world environment be based on the geographic position on the planet? For example, north and south will be frigid, while at the equator there would be a desert.
  • Do recipes require specific resources, like "Iron" or can you substitute any "metal" (maybe "Copper", "Titanium" etc) when a metal is called for? And if so, how might that affect the crafted output?
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    Question: Will your PvP experience be centered around 1-2 second fights (like ESO, where you deal 9 000 000 dmg to the enemy) or be more around strategy and last longer? (like SWTOR for example)
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    We’ve seen different colour schemes and styles on some of the shields carried by NPCs so far in the various cinematic and gameplay examples.

    Are these shields just fixed designs for specific models or are they customisable designs that will reflect membership of guilds and groups akin to the customisable tabard designs in World of Warcraft?
  • Will resources be available in varying quality? For example, will we see different grades of "Iron" and it's up to the processor or crafter to use or refine the best choice for their project, affecting quality of output?
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    Will Elves truly be Elven-like (Both males and females beautiful/ethereal looking, Tolkien Elves) instead of being tall skinny humans with pointy ears like so many other games have them?
  • Can you please provide more details on how fishing will work in Ashes?  Will there be baits, lures, biome species, seasonal species, time of day catches or catch rates, fishing pools(nodes) or open water fishing?
  • Could you please take a good look to europe (with pub, streamers or idk...) ? i hope so much that your game work well in EU.
  • Can I have a penguin as a pet? :smile:
    It´d be super amazing!! <3
  • Will you be looking to expanding your team towards Europe? What I mean by this is community managers and such?
  • Will there be hidden professions/classes?
  • Do you want for players to focus on getting max level first, and after that make them more involved into contributing to leveling nodes, or make level cap higher, so players will share equal focus on leveling nodes, economy, character leveling, etc?
  • Will there be some spaces/caves etc. That only shorter races (dwarves) can access, and ledges that only taller races can climb? 
  • What kind of pets will we be able to grab Ahold of? Can we Catch and breed them just like mounts? can we catch basically anything?
  • Will player kills accrue a negative EXP penalty?
  • Some sea related questions:
    1) Will the underrealm be able to directly access the sea? (Underwater caves etc.)
    2) How expansive/deep will the sea be?
    3) How long will a player be able to swim underwater, or is there even swimming?
    4) If there is swimming, if we are able to explore the bottom of the ocean, will there be certain areas that have different ranges of visibility? (murky vs clear)
  • How large will the complete land mass be? 
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    What will gathering be like? For example when stripping pelt from an animal, or cutting down a tree.
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