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  • Is animal husbandry experience  linked in with a  gathering / processing / crafting tree? Since you can't be a jack of all trades, would I need to choose between leveling Horse breeding over say being a Master Blade Craftsman.
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    Will spellcasters use their weapons in spell animations? As opposed to having just a stick with no purpose stuck to your back.
  • Alts &Retention: How important are alts going to be; and if "very" then how will they play into your long term player retention goals?
  • Will there be a way earn subscription time within the game?
  • I don't want to come off wrong here, so excuse me for asking this question in advance. I want to first make clear that I do not distrust Intrepid studios. Yet, looking at all the statements and promises made about the game so far, it's undeniable that you guys have a huge project ahead of you. The process of game development can be unpredictable at times. Any number of issues can arise throughout it. Developers have tackled huge epic ideas before, and failed. I can't help but think back to my earlier days of gaming in 2004 with Fable. A game that also was promised huge epic features. But in the end, even though it became a decent game, it never came close to what it was initially supposed to be in scale and features. Most likely because of unforeseen problems in the game development cycle, or too ambitious ideas for the technology of the time. My question is then: Do you fear this might also happen to your game? If not, what makes you confident that your team will be able to make Ashes of Creation everything you want it to be, and everything it's promised to be? Finally, do you have any contingency plans made or in the works, in case you encounter any big roadblocks during development? Thank you for your time, and good luck forward with development on AoC.
  • Will there be Holiday Events like some other Online games do?
  • Will the game have proximity chat?
  • Could you go into more detail how you will be able to get your freehold designs and craft the freeholds?
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    Question 1: Will there be "Scouting" feature during sieges and guild vs guild events?

    Question 2: Will there be eastern themed weapons and armor? So I could be like a wandering Samurai!
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    We know there are situations when another primary archetype might be able to tank some group content.   Similarly well a non cleric primary archetype be able to heal a group? 

  • wIll there be any gay inclusive content?
  • The game looks promising thanks for the effort and ideas so far.  I have a 2 part question and it has to do with crafting and other artisian classes. Lots of other games allow you to gather and craft but most implement restrictions that only allow you to be able to do so much in a day or period of time which is a big turn off.  Is AoC going to have a energy bar or something similar of those types of restrictions?
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    will I be able to keep a character online overnight when I am afk? or will there be a timer afk kick?
  • Will I be able to set up my own inn in a node im a citizen of? and if so, can I name it?
  • Will be ingame Auto Assist for Target or some kind of FOCUS marker above the Character/Mob, possible?
    For Example If you are plaing in party and someone marking the primary Target – you can Tab and sellect it immediately.
  • With metropolis bonuses, have you considered how they may impact the economy around them for players and homesteaders?

    For example, with a science metropolis there is some fast travel.  Maybe animals need care to function at their best, so an Inn outside one still has demand as a spot to rest, water, and feed animals for a little bit before completing a journey?

  • When a siege starts will can we have a caravan system to transport the trebuchet’s to the city we are assaulting? This would give an initial battle to help the defenders? Would be pretty cool!

  • 1) Can you tell us more about magic? Mages will be only elementalists or maybe dark/life/death magic too? (Dark knight archetype, druid, etc.)
    2) Will we see some interesting mechanics from bosses in PvE, or they will be zergfest?
  • Will players be able to have multiple weapons equipped at one time? For example a sword + shield and a bow. 
  • 1. How will max carry weight be determined?

    2. How do you attack other players? Do you flag if one of your abilities just happen to hit or is it an option you turn on that enables you to attack other players?

    3. What will be the rate that currency will be earned?

    4. How will the map work? Will it fill in as you go like most maps, or will it just be a general one were you have to mark things yourself?

    5. What will the variety of consumables be like?

    6. Will travel get more difficult the farther out you get from civilization?

    7. How will gear you make be recognized as your own work?

    8. Will sieges also be required to destroy lvl 1-2 nodes?

    9. In regard to legendary items, what is the process of getting them? Will you have to come across the information yourself and follow the trail to its resting place? Will you be the only one to be able to get said legendary item? Does getting legendries depend on the state of node development? Could a player craft a legendary Item?

    10. What are the classes of ships?

    11. How long does it take to walk from one side of the map to the other?

    12. What would be the limits of enchanting and over-enchanting?

    13. Say I made an inn on my freehold, could I put a bounty/request board in it?

    14. Will there be a wood cutting profession, if so how will you decide what trees will be allowed to be cut down?

    15. I am having a hard time imagining how you will make small guilds as important as large guilds in the realm of node sieges and pvp, could you elaborate on your methods of achieving this?

    16. Can you describe to me the process of finding a mineral vein and determining how big it is?

    17. How will you make harvesting and processing interesting?

    18. Say a node was made next to a mithril vein and that vein disappeared. Would it spawn near by the node or would that node just have exhausted the resource?

    19. What do you think is the largest difference in levels that would still result in a winnable fight for the lower leveled player?

    20. What are some of the larger effects achievable by enchanting an item? 
  • Please can we get info on when the stream QA updates will be after KS ends? Dates and times, format? 
    Also when can we expect to see updated info on the Ashes website for Dev Blog updates etc?
    Thanks :)

  • 1) will an arrow shot from a bow reach further if he/she is on higher ground? i.e. are we obeying the laws of physics or will the arrow be worthless after its designated range.

    2) Will weapons have skills tied to them? or will skills be flavoured by the weapons either visually or by skill much like how the secondary class will? 
  • snut said:
    Will player kills accrue a negative EXP penalty?
    yes. you wont de-level... but there will be a buffer that you have work through amongst other things.

  • Will there be some spaces/caves etc. That only shorter races (dwarves) can access, and ledges that only taller races can climb? 
    i'd imagine that a taller person would be about to crawl and a shorter race would be able to stand on a box :P

  • will flying mobs and pets actually fly or will they be a model that has to adhere to the same pathing as other ground dwelling mobs.
  • will we be able to crack the ice in order to go fishing during the winter? 

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    Will the Archetype name change at all or will it just stay Primary/Secondary? Example: Tank (Primary) + Cleric (Secondary) = Paladin (Arche name changed)

  • Will there be stances for each weapon? also unsheathing and sheathing motions?
  • regarding ice and other slippery surfaces... will the player naturally slide on ice or wet marble? 
    in addition, can players slide down a steep slope?
  • regarding the angelic skin for the 1k backers, is there a possibility of a halo, or something halo-esque as an optional toggle? 
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