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  • Regarding the guild war declarations, will they require the opposing guild to accept the declaration of war before you can freely attack your opponent without gaining corruption? Or will you have one sided wars after a certain amount of time after the declaration is made (ie. similar to how guild wars work in Black Desert Online)?
  • Will players be able to give their characters personalities? Like in GW2 you got to choose something of a personality type (although it didn't really effect the outcome of the game).

    It would be cool if a characters had dialogue in-between fights and in passing of other players or NPC's and that dialogue could be reflective of their personality. 
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    Will there be some main characters (NPCs), a main city, a main story, and some main bosses? Or everything will be completely random based on the players choices?
  • Degradation of a Node. If a metropolis is destroyed by siege or some other means, what does it look like and for how long? Do the building slowly crumble away and disappear, or does it wink out of existence over night? If ruins are left do monster or bandits take those areas as their own? 
  • Question: Can you share anything about Maps, Mini maps, Zone maps, Fog of war, Discovery and Map making/selling?
  • It will be any leaderboards? such as any race or combat stats ?
  • Sorry if this was already asked/answered, was reading through the questions here and felt the need to elaborate on one I liked:
    Starting out in the game, does every player, or every player of a race start off in one "starting area" or are players kinda thrown around randomly throughout the world so that the nodes they are spawn in respectively act differently to each player starting? Or will there be like one central "New player spawn node" that will just spring to life fairly quickly due to the amount of players that spawn there? 
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    Multiple Questions:
    1. Will live performance / live music be a thing ?
    2. Why aren't we allowed to show our god that we love them? Why can't we sacrifice?
    3. Are Underwater Nodes possible? 
    4. Will there be some sort of family system? (not just marrying)

    Most important!
    5. Is it able to prepare some food with .. let say exotic meat? Like .. human flesh?
    (Sorrry but it would be soo amazing to eat your enemies!)
  • How will investing in Guilds work? Will it only be crafting guilds because I don't want to invest in a fighting guild and then have to face them later. How will I know the Woodworking Guild used the money for crafting and not buying weapons?
  • How much option will crafters have in terms of customizing gear? (can decide colours, accessories, pattern) potentially something you unlock more of later in the artisan tree as encouragement to level it, or is every item you make just identical in look and then players will have to dye it themselves.
  • So  is  there the possibility that you can be infected  by sth like  werwolf/vampire and than have different abilities when you turn into them and if yes are they outcasts because they are "infected" and cant enter nodes for example. Would be really cool if you could become one of those to or maybe even sth else . 
  • In which langage the game will be translated ? (more precisely in EU but if you can say all langages, it will be perfect) :)

    Tank you for all !
  • Will there be instanced raiding in the game? If so could you please explain a little of what you have planned so far? How many diffrent instanced Raids will there be and how many bosses per raid?

    Just to clarify, instanced raiding for me is large group (20-40 ppl) PvE content which needs a well organized group to clear and is considerd the most difficult PvE content in the Game.
  • @Intrepid Studios @Steven#8582  @JeffreyBard#1826  What is required to build a ship is it just materials and such or also a certain progression of a node or else?
    What happens if your ship gets destroyed? And does the corruption system also apply to ship fights?
  • Do you think that caravans and different types of mules will move at similar speeds and could players piggyback with quest type caravans using private mules?
  • Greetings. How will you ensure there is enough decent real estate for the approximate 12,500 players that indicate they want to participate in freeholds when the game goes live?  This question alludes to Everquest Next land grab debacle. Thanks.  

    Extrapolation: According to my survey sample (so far), 70% want freeholds times about 18K kickstater players over x servers and y nodes.  Ex-urban sprawl?
  • Before a siege takes place can the attackers sabotage the city, such as placing explosives near key defense points?
  • Will there be body fat/muscle slider?

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    How will roads work with freeholds? Will there be premade roads to every freehold or will a new road spawn when a freehold is put down or will you be able to hire an NPC to build a road or will the freeholds be disconnected from the roads altogether?
  • Will there be female Tulnar?
  • A few words about Scholars Academy ? Thieves Guild and Trade Company ? Goals , advantages , restrictions ?
  • My wife and I play and level in MMO's together all the time, In SWTOR they had mechanics that made playing two player more engaging and allowed for two player groups to complete (instances/dungeons that they called flashpoints) will Ashes support the two player group in a fun way or will it push players to larger groups? (this question is in referencing leveling and some instances not endgame or raids) I noticed in your pre-alpha video you where working in 3 player group and was wondering if you were developing with that in mind or if that just happened to be the play through group you had.  

    Thanks, John
  • I am assuming there will be a map included on the interface.  How detailed will it be?  Examples: Can we add points of interest?  Does it fill in as we explore? Show NCP's?

    I've been pouring over the forums and the Search does not work atm. Forgive me if this has been covered before.
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    Elswyr said:
    Will Elves truly be Elven-like (Both males and females beautiful/ethereal looking) instead of being tall skinny humans with pointy ears like so many other games have them?
    Elves are not tall and ethereal beings, the dictionary definition of elf is
    (in folklore) one of a class of preternatural beings, especially frommountainous regions, with magical powers, given to capricious andoften mischievous interference in human affairs, and usually imaginedto be a diminutive being in human form; sprite; fairy.
    a diminutive person, especially a child.
    a mischievous person, especially a child." 

    Thus true elves would be small, immortal child like beings
  • Will the necromancers have the possibility to summon a killed creature?

  • Will the UI be customizable like most other MMO's?  
  • Will there be Child NPC's in the game, such as quest givers or just random citizens wandering the streets of towns and villages, or will this be like ESO where there are no children and all adults were just magically poofed into existence? :)
  • Now that we have unlocked the stock market, can you give us more insight into how it work? I can easily see this feature making or breaking the game depending on how it's done.
  • All of the gameplay footage so far has shown a 3rd person viewpoint. Will it be possible to play the game in a first person view?

    Can you describe in more detail the different types of gathering and crafting that artisans will have available?
  • Will there be reputations with different groups, and will there be quests, vendors, items, etc gated behind different levels of reputation?
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