Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – June 1, 2017



  • Will NPC "actors" perform actions in the world? Things like fishing by a lake, eating at a table cleaning objects. little actions that make the world feel alive? IF so, will players be able to as well?
  • will players be able to modify their trajectory in mid air? 
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    double pos

  • will there be a sprint mechanic? possibly tied to dodge for resources
  • When can we see things on Inventory and Banking?
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    will boobies have physics? i.e. will they jiggle when she giggles? ;)
  • Underrealm and maritime nodes may allow players access to trade routes that avoid certain land-based obstacles. Along with additional benefits, such as increased cargo holds on large ships, overrealm trade routes may struggle to remain competitive over time. How does the Intrepid team plan to balance trade under these different mediums?

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    How varied can the Tulnar be? Based on the silhouettes it seems like you can go full furry, but how far can they go in the other direction? For example, can you create a Tulnar character that looks basically like a human but with animal ears and tail?
  • Can I bring my wife to the launch party??
  • Regarding the Tank class. During a Siege or any PvP content, will a tanking class be able to taunt another player, and have them locked onto them? 
    Just thinking in the sense, that if I were a tank guarding a Caravan, would I be able to effectively defend it, or will other players be able to just ignore me, and attack the caravan, while I tickle them with, what I am assuming, will be the lowest DPS of the game.
  • Question: About the world, considering the Node System, will small cities still be relevant somehow? Because no matter how cool the 5 big metropolis of the server are, if there's not other smaller cities that people would want to go and do things, it's gonna be weird.
  • In the majority of MMOs races like Humans and Elves are the most popular but a large margin.  Will there be "attractive" options for the Orcs, Dwarves, and the Tulnar to even out the racial spread?
  • Will there be any thing in place to prevent higher level characters from repeatedly farming caravans that are only guarded by low level characters?
  • Will we be allowed to sell our ashes of creation account or give it away before the official launch of ashes since these accounts will have special cosmetics unlocked. If not what do you have in place to stop players from selling or giving away their account?
  • You've mentioned that combat is a blend of tab targetting, action, and a third aspect.  Now that we've seen a good deal of the prealpha combat, can you shed any light on what this third aspect will be?
  • Please explain the corruption system in a little more detail? There have been tidbits spread across all the streams. Maybe they could be coalesced with some detail added.

    Life as a corrupt player has been described as very difficult by Jeffrey. How will it be difficult for them? Or to phrase it another way, how will this disincentivize players from casually ganking?

    How do you envision corruption being reduced? Is that possible? How will players undergo that task? And, almost most importantly how will you prevent corruption reduction from being gamified? In some games you can go out and gank 5 or 10 players and move from chaos to lawful before anyone can hold that person accountable (without going corrupt themselves).

    Are there aspects to the corruption system or differences you would like to highlight compared to similar systems such as law/chaos in Lineage 1 and 2.
  • Concerning gathering.

    What are the various gathering types and how do their implementations differ? Mining was discussed in a recent stream. There was talk of individual mining and setting up sluices or mining machines of some sort. Will there be group and individual gathering activities? How will mining as an individual differ from using a large machine?

    How will gathering wood items, pelts/skins, provisioning/cooking, farming, ores, alchemy components, and the like differ from each other? Whereas mining as a group or mechanical activity makes sense it doesn't translate well (in my mind at least) to harvesting pelts or alchemy components.

    How many intermediary steps from harvesting to final product do you envision?
  • Since there will be no shared storage, which is the impression I got from a livestream answer. Will there be a safe easy way to share that gear such an in game mail? Or is sharing gear or twinking amongst my own characters discouraged or frowned on?
  • Please elaborate on some of the different utility skills each class will have. If you don't have them all fleshed out yet, please expound on how you envision utility working for different classes and how they will complement and support different classes, other players, or your group.
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    Can you explain in further detail the penalties associated with death in-game? How much EXP will we lose when dying from a monster, how much do we lose from a player kill? Can you give us a comparison on how much we lose from 1 death compared to spending 8 hours questing / gaining EXP? How will respawning after death work? Will we go find our bodies or will we spawn in  town / safezone? 
  • Can you elaborate on the system that will allow players to chose items from their inventory and place them on a belt or other part of a characters outfit?
  • After repeated deaths (I'm bad at PvP in all its forms), what negative effects will come of the experience debt? Is there a way to get rid of it faster? Is there a max Exp. Debt?
  • Are you planning to have different server types, for example servers with RP or PvP focus?
  • Will rivers have different velocities and have potential to move characters should they chose to cross them?
  • How important will the cleric class be in regards to both pve and pvp? Will it have little impact on success rates or be highly important and valued?
  • You guys said underrealm people were living in this world. So how are we going to develope underrealm world/node? Shouldn't it be already developed?
  • This question is concerning the animation and controls of mounts. When controlling a mount, horses for example, during a turn of left and right, will the horse turn like it is on most MMOs these days that it looks like it is on a turn table or will the horse navigate like a real horse would turn and animate its steps to turn and its head turn towards the direction of the turn etc. 
    Second question is will mounts stay summoned in the world  even if a player unmounts it and stays parked or grazes around the area you unmount from, i think this would be a nice immersive touch to the game perhaps make it a goal if it isn't in the works yet. Is Intrepid studios above taking inspiration in this aspect from another MMO game that has done this succesfully? I'm talking about Black Desert. I apologize if name dropping another game is taboo but i think this is worth a reference.

  • All of these questions have been asked before.  Please take the time to go through and watch the past broadcasts to see if your question has already been answered prior to asking it and taking up a slot of something that hasn't been asked already.  All the past QnA sessions are on their twitch page.

    Mykkala said:
    Is animal husbandry experience  linked in with a  gathering / processing / crafting tree? Since you can't be a jack of all trades, would I need to choose between leveling Horse breeding over say being a Master Blade Craftsman.
    Husbandry is a separate skill all of it's own.  You will have to choose between horse breeding or weapon craftsman.

    Stabby said:
    Alts &Retention: How important are alts going to be; and if "very" then how will they play into your long term player retention goals?
    They advised that alts are not needed, but they aren't going to create a system that is going to discourage alts.

    oneflaw said:
    Will there be Holiday Events like some other Online games do?
    Yes there will be and birthday.

    Will the game have proximity chat?
    No it will not, but it will have party chat and possibly raid chat.

    wIll there be any gay inclusive content?
    Before 2016 this question would have never been asked, does it really matter?  It's a game, play it and have fun whether two males or females are having intercourse or not.  xD

    Azurl said:
    will I be able to keep a character online overnight when I am afk? or will there be a timer afk kick?
    You can, but they are applying way to make it so you don't have to since there won't be any sort of labor system.

    Celadazar said:
    Will I be able to set up my own inn in a node im a citizen of? and if so, can I name it?
    Yes, and yes, but there are a limited amount of spots available unless someone moves out.

    Will players be able to have multiple weapons equipped at one time? For example a sword + shield and a bow. 
    As you can see in the image below from the last QnA stream you will have 3 weapon slots.  They are at the bottom.

    2. How do you attack other players? Do you flag if one of your abilities just happen to hit or is it an option you turn on that enables you to attack other players?

    7. How will gear you make be recognized as your own work?

    12. What would be the limits of enchanting and over-enchanting?

    16. Can you describe to me the process of finding a mineral vein and determining how big it is?

    18. Say a node was made next to a mithril vein and that vein disappeared. Would it spawn near by the node or would that node just have exhausted the resource?

    2. There is no one or off, if you attack someone even by accident it will flag you. 
    7. You can fine tune the gear for its look/appearance although everyone can do the same.  It will also say who it was create by in it's tooltip.
    12. They haven't given limits yet but they said it would be very risky.  So I'm assuming based off of that anything over normal has a degree of failure and possibly breakage.
    16. You will have to randomly stumble upon it, the size is randomly generated from what they have made it seem and after it has been mined out another one will eventually spawn randomly throughout the world.
    18. It would not it would spawn randomly throughout the world.  This is what will keep nodes growing and shrinking in size.

  • So AoC having that core design and theme of creation out of destruction and vice versa, what systems are going to be in place to prevent a lock or stagnant period on nodes? For example, Crowfall, is approaching this with different worlds with unique rule sets as well as a finite end to these worlds which serves as a hard "reset" button.
  • In regards to artisans, you have mentioned there will be a "trinity" for crafting- for example, for smithing, there will be mining, refining, and then actual smithing. However, it doesn't seem that way for animal husbandry- it seems that once you have tamed the animal, you need just have feed, and then you're pretty self-sufficient, and unreliant on the market. Can you elaborate on how breeders will have to be reliant on the market, same as other professions?
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