Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – June 1, 2017



  • When do we get some lore on what the races were doing for the few thousand years on the other side of the portal while their home planet was undergoing a cataclysmic event.
  • In addition to Main-Class abilities, will we be able to Create Abilities via Crafting ? 

  • Can you elaborate more on the features you plan to implement related to guild creation and management?
  • What kind of support will there be for multi core/multi threaded cpu's, and screen resolutions, example 3440x1440p widescreens?
  • are there will be flying island on the game ?
    that may requires some kind of secret quest to reach them ?
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    What class will you be showcasing in the next class video? (tank you know you want to)
  • In dungeons how will loot be distributed? 
  • How many freeholds per node will we see? Even a hundred shouldn't be enough when considering the number of people who will play
  • I know that the node progression will be turned off during the headstart for kickstarter backers, but what does this mean exactly? Will players have access to crafting, gathering, and questing during this time or will you only be able to explore the world? What can a player actually do during the headstart?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for revealing the Tul'nar.  The information you shared earlier in the week makes many of us excited to learn more of the back story for Ashes of Creation.  I know that you have previously stated that the development of the nodes is a big driver in the story of the server.  Do you also intend to have a main story line - such as chapters that open through a character's lifecycle or  persistent lore that is the same across servers - that players can progress through?  I'm a sucker for cut scenes. 
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    Will there be a way to have a Character legend, like in the game Nexus TK: The Kingdom of the Winds? (Korean version pre-dates Ultima Online)

    Basically like a log attached to your character's accomplishments?
    -Walked through the portal at (whatever starting area) - Year 1, Spring (whatever dating system there is.)
    -Helped kill the Red Dragon of Gammon Region - Year 3, Winter
    -Aided the Blue Dragon of Winter against the Metropolis - Year 4, Summer

    This allows each character's progression to be unique to the character in every way, and even opens up possibilities to multiple-outcome quests.  Perhaps you help defend a dragon against a raiding party and offer it gold instead of killing it for a different type of benefit?  Like in the example, "Aided the Blue Dragon..." - perhaps you could give the "epic boss" an offering for a quest item as a reward instead of killing it?

    It even allows for other character-specific markings, such as "Enemy/Friend of the Spy guild" or even a way to track your ranking system that others can view?  This could also show people when you accomplished things, so other players know more about your character and development.
  • Are there going to be multiple difficulties for dungeons (normal,hard,insane) so there can be a fair challenge for every kind of player?
  • Hi Team,
    Most MMORPG are a victim of Gold Sellers, Boosters, Leveling Services and most of all Botters. Are you in your initial road map to release already taking these thing into an account how to keep them away as much as possible from AoC and already building in systems to detect for example Botters?

    I ask this question because for example Blizzard admitted that they should have addressed these issues in their initial game design instead of trying to ban it later on. Took them about 10 years to get a solid system in place. 

  • Will there be any tools to make screenshots / do cinematic shots?
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    Do you plan on implementing static skills for classes such as placing flags, beacons or totems? Think WoW's Shaman, LOTRO's Captain etc.
    Possible support class such as:
  • Hello Team!

    In all gameplay shown, we do not see any minimap in interface... is it something that will be implemented? ( i hope not ^^ )

    I loved in Everquest to create my own map for each zones XD
  • Hi team..

    Will we be able to change our secondary class like in gw1 or once chosen, we have it for life?  If we can change it, do we keep progress made on the old secondary class?
  • I've got know! Will I get +1 for being above? In other words will terrain play into combat in more than a very basic way?
  • Will there be catgirls?
  • In animal husbandry, when an animal is “born” from breeding, will we get the opportunity to raise it, or will it be born a grown-up?
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    Can you tell us if crafting will have it’s own it’s skill based game/mini-game mechanics (not purely talking about Artisan Level). In other words, will crafting be “add mats to station, turn dials based on specialization and hit Craft” for your item. Or, will there some sort of skill based system that could test the player’s understanding of the crafting system mechanics?

    I’m thinking about VG here (if I can reference another MMO as an example).
  • As there will be IRL ingame seasonal events? (Christmas, easter etc.) Since theres already ingame seasons, having irl ones too might be hard to get to work.
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    What kind of crazy high end computers are you guys running?
  • I have heard you guys mention recipes for crafting. is it going to be seperate recipes for seperate materials? (copper sword, iron sword, mithril sword) or a single recipe where you can add your own mats for different stats (to make sword add 3 ore)?
  • Since the naval content stretch goal has been achieved, it was said that this'll bring more ship classes to the game. Would like to hear more on that. Can we expect ships of Galleon class? one captain and some cannons? what about multi crew ships? 
  • will loot make sense?
    i.e. if I have a quest to collect boar heads... will it be a guaranteed drop from a boar? (I'm kinda fed up of those headless boar roaming around...)

    in addition... will pvp over quest mobs be allowed?
  • Can you pls explain in what way the different races will differ from each other, beside of the look? How are you going to assure that these differences will stay relevant in later lvl without creating a meta for Race-Class-combinations?

  • Will Bitcoin or some blockchain based altcoin be used anywhere in the game.
  • Let's pretend it's a few years after the public launch. AoC is thriving, people are loving it and the community grows. Are you planning on adding new servers so people late to the party might have a chance to experience that "fresh start" the people here at launch have? Part, though not all, of the allure is civilizing the wilderness and watching that node grow from your own two virtual hands. I understand sieges are part of the solution to this in-server, since in the act of destroying something new will come. But there is a definite line between creating a brand new settlement from nothing and building a new settlement from the aftermath of a war. Very new players have little to no roots, so they won't really have emotional or financial investments in a settlement being attacked, nor a meaningful reason beyond wanting to be part of the new creation to attack. And afterwards they might find it harder still to take a part in the new government or other things that more experienced players, the siege starters, are already planning to go for.

    I'd understand if there are no plans for this, but it'd be SO cool. Not sure how you'd limit it to absolute new players and not just old ones wanting that same fresh start, but I don't know if you'd have to. That'd be cool for us too. As long as there was sufficient room, a LOT of new players would have the chance to create their own story like us. You guys have shown yourselves to be very forward thinking, and although this is waaay in the future, it might be something you can play around with now too, so you're ready when the day comes.
  • How will partying work? Exp sharing, loot sharing, quest sharing etc.. Will there be any bonuses for parties like additional exp or gold? And most importantly; when will you release the information about classes and races? 
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