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Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – June 16, 2017

Hey everyone! We’re collecting questions to answer live on air during Friday’s (6/16) Twitch stream starting at 3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT / 10:00 PM UTC / 8:00 AM AEST. Please post your questions in this thread and we’ll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. Please only one question per person. Additional questions will likely not get answered. Also remember to be succinct!

Thanks for your help!



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    How many alliances can guilds have?
  • do you guys like chicken?
  • Dual shield wielding plz? O_O Btw HI MOM!!!!
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    Will some of the spells use the equipped weapon of the spellcaster for the spellcasting animation? (So the weapon isn't just a cosmetic stuck to your character)
  • What classes (combinations) will have pets/minions?
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    Question : What plans are in place to prevent a players/guilds from constantly renting out players stalls 24/7 - or is this allowed?
    My name is pronounced (Jura) ty xD
    I was listening to the radio today and the presenter said that socks and sandals are the new fashion trend? Do you support this Steven? XD
  • So each of the races start in a world that is beyond the gates correct? If so, do they currently share that said world, or does every race have its own unique world that they come from.?
  • Will there be special testing involving guilds to test guild specific functions?
  • Question:  If you decide to do gathering on your main character and then craft on an alt, will you need to level your alt to max level to be able to craft end game gear? or will you just need to level the craft itself?
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    What are your thoughts on AoC support sites, wowhead, AoC-database? Things like creating calendar events in and out of AoC, seeing the server statuses and arena ladders. Games like FFXIV have ways for us to view our characters off game for leaderboards, achievements and WoW has an Armoury.

  • In animal husbandry, when an animal is “born” from breeding, will we get the opportunity to raise it, or will it be born a grown-up?
  • Will mounts have to be stored in a stable, and if so how many can we store at once?
  • How important to a Nodes economy will the caravan system be? Can a Node successfully grow without a heavy reliance on it. 
  • Do you guys believe that nodes or anything related to building a civilization on the surface and the underrealm will ever happen underwater in the future?
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    Will there be any mountain terrain? Mountain caves? Maybe even a mountain node?

  • Are people in EU and NA going to be able to play on eachothers servers?
  • Have you discussed who may interest you for audio director/composer, such as Jeremy Soule.
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    Will breeding be part of the artisan/crafting tree or be a separate in game? (choosing between mastery in blacksmithing or breeding; or being able to do mastery in blacksmithing and still being able to go in depth with breeding)
  • When do players get to choose their class/subclass? Is it before you enter the game or as you progress?
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    If you obtained a monster dropped item and deconstruct it, do you obtain a recipe that tells you how to produce the item or would you get the materials that actually make that item?  
  • Will there be new classes once the game is released? I would love to be able to play as a martial arts monk with my subclass being a mage. Get that avatar groove on!
  • Hello Steven and the fellow Intrepid folks,

    How long would it take to discover the world, and are there achievements related to discovering certain areas (world completion?)

    Yours truely,

  • How will we be able to redeem our kickstarter pledge/send it to friends?
    Additional details: I bought a second one for a friend, but the attached email account exists and should not be linked to it
  • When it comes down the stats for each class, gear, etc what are you taking inspiration from? Are you using something very traditional such as DnD (intelligence, Dexterity, Strength, etc). Or are you using a universal main stat from games like WoW, SWoTOR along with various other stats that relate to certain condition, such as accuracy, block chance, dodge chance, etc.
  • Will there be enough content in nodes to keep people interested? Since you are splitting up content between nodes arent you worried that each node will only have a small amount of content?
  • Is there going to be AFK tethering?
  • Where are you drawing inspiration for racials from, and will you take the route in which certain races end up being more efficient with certain classes and class combinations?
  • Hello again Steven & Co.

    My burning question is if there are jumping puzzles and world completion? (achievements)


  • If you are forging anything really, can the material used alter the final product depending on where the material was gathered? Say you were mining in an area with dark magic, could the gear represent that with a slight stat or even appearance? Wood from a regular forest, an old tree giving off a healing aura? The hide of a regular deer vs one teeming the power to harness ice.
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    What will your stance be on time gating content just for the sake of making it take more time? 

    Example: you need 28 pages of a book to get an update, and you can only get 2 pages a day, gating the completion to 2 weeks minimum
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