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Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – June 16, 2017



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    What is the difficulty level on the monsters going to be, can they use skills, dodge, better AI, and they don't die easily but more challenging?
  • Since there will be weapon/item decay to take items out of the economy, will there be perishability in game? For example food, medicine, etc?
  • Will steam engines or guns be in the game? If not, will the players be able to research them over time?
  • Character Customization:
    Will you be able to adjust race specific things like female dwarven beards and elven ear length/tilt, etc.?
  • When looking at other MMORPG's some of them have been lacking endgame content for the "raiding" community and therefore been dropping its subscriber base drastically.

    What are your plans for end game content, except sieges and node specific gameplay, for the casual and endgame raider?
  • Does AoC have any plans for VR compatibility? Thanks for making MMOs great again
  • How do you plan to address character leveling vs questing if you stay within the same area?
  • When will we see more concept art or models for Dwarves?
    (Oh yeah, and those Elves and Orcs too?)
  • Are summoners focused on creating one strong monster, or can you summon multiple and create an army? Also is there a combination for a necromancer? (Maybe summoner/rogue)
  • Do recipes require specific resources, like "Iron" or can you substitute any "metal" (maybe "Copper", "Titanium" etc) when a metal is called for? And if so, how might that affect the crafted output?
  • Will resources be available in varying quality? For example, will we see different grades of "Iron" and it's up to the processor or crafter to use or refine the best choice for their project, affecting quality of output?
  • Will resources have unique variable properties such as "Density" “Hardness” “Conductivity” (in the case of ore) that could also affect crafted output?
  • What is the "wand of many things"?
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    hello Interpid. Is there any game developer team(not just mmorpg's) that you taking as an example ?
  • Can you elaborate some more on the elvish factions? Feels like the KS descriptions were a little ambiguous compared to the other factions.
  • How do you plan on combating over-hype similar to what happened to No Man's Sky? 

    What do you say to people who accuse AoC of being too generic with it's theme? (Races, tropes, etc)
  • I will keep asking this: Is there going to be a collection tab similar to what they have in World of Warcraft, or are collectibles (pets, mounts, etc.) going to take inventory space?
  • Would an upgraded kickstarter package get kickstarter exclusive rewards or just the rewards found in the June package? 

    Meaning if I have a $25 kickstarter package, and i upgraded to $500. Will I get lifetime subscription if it isn't offered in June? 
  • Is development far enough along that you could expand on the combat system?

    Will there be a mercenary system in place where, for example, I can hire myself out as a caravan guard to make money or as a caravan owner I can go to hire guards?
  • +1 to @Yakobii's question. To add onto that, if you're making a sword can you use different materials to focus your weapon towards different niches? For example, lead or iron might be good for a warrior as the weapon would be slower but hit harder. Platinum or silver might be better for a rogue because it hits faster and has a higher crit chance.

    To what extent are weapons materials customizable? If you can change the base ore, can you also use different types of wood for handles, or different types of metal for arrow tips?
  • While your secondary class changes the aesthetics of your main skills, will it also change the type  and element of damage it does, and since you are all about variety and choice... will different skills be able to be used in unison with other players to create a  large  possibility of many different spells and attacks?
  • What is the company's stance on players holding multiple accounts. ie in order to hold multiple freeholds among other things?

    in the same vein, what is the dev's stance on multiboxing, will it be innately enabled?
  • Is there going to be class specific armour? or will we be able to mix and match different types? 
  • Will there be a marriage system?
  • Will the crafting in game have similar features like a realm reborn's crafting with high quality items and low quality items
  • Will there be an animal based pet class such as,
    Ranger/Summoner or Summoner/Ranger
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    1) In the "Additional character creation customization options" that was part of the kickstarter pledges, you mentioned that it would include hair styles, colors, etc.. I was wondering if the ability to add hair highlights of one or more colors was an added feature?

    2) What is the future likelihood  of underwater nodes?
  • Will there be something similar to unique itens? Maybe something related with the crafting classes a reward from an Global event or something?
  • Since Easter eggs are confirmed, are you planning on having Easter eggs for each other to find?
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    How is the Stealth mechanic for Rogues going to work, with and without the Rogue 2nd class augment? Rogue/Rogue - Rogue/other class
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