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Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – June 16, 2017



  • If character creation is fairly detailed, will there be a way to customize character prior to official launch, via a character creation prelease version or a way to save file during creation in beta?
  • Will any phase of alpha keys be available in the June funding, or is that considered a kickstarter "exclusive"?
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    Will we be Able to Excavate / Dig Holes ? Used for Crafting Materials, Loot or Hide some of our Inventory within these Holes. ( beneath the Ground  )

    I ask this because ... I would like* to be able to Set Traps via Burrows and other Uses of the Environment. It'll be a Sweet Feature to your ... " Prototype Cat-&-Mouse Chase " and a few other things for PvE too.

    (I.e. a more immersive environment )
  •  Will all summoner builds involve magic related summons, or do you plan to have any wild tame related summons? 
  • Since necromancer was confirmed or maybe confirmed, what are we expected of it. Can we expect mass summoning skeletons or Just a really powerful undead creature. Or Or hear me out, Raising the undead around us.
  • Qurion said:
    Will steam engines or guns be in the game? If not, will the players be able to research them over time?
    I'll second this question.  Even if firearms won't be available initially, technology advancing with node levels and opening up new weapons would be a cool concept.
  • An alt-a-holic set here.

    Can you have different characters on different servers on the same account or are accounts server locked to one server?

    Can you respec you secondary and/or main class and if so what is the "cost" gold/time/rare items/a quest? And the same question in reference to your crafting professions and religion choice.

    Thanks see you in game! :smile:
  • Deathsproxy is unanimously the favorite YTer for AoC, however he was only able to back at the 500 level. He really wanted a 1k Leader of men bonus due to the Guild perks it gave, Is it possible he can be given this bonus due to the amount of people he brought to the campaign? (Me being one of them)
  • What can we expect to see from healing and support spells? will we just be sitting in the back watching the conflict unfold like other mmorpg, or will we see something new?
  • IS there going to be a shapeshifter class, such as Druid in WoW?
  • Have you thought about Implementing an item viewer, or a way to be able to zoom in on and study the design of the wielded weapons or items in your inventory, similar to what skyrim and vermintide offers
  • What is your reset schedule going to look like for raids and dungeons?
  • Question: What is the relationship between guilds and castles? Will guild halls be upgradeable to castles, or will they be randomly placed on the map for guilds to occupy?
  • Will some skills be obtainable through rare skill books? If so, will they be class locked?
  • What percentage of cosmetic Items will the Kickstarter rewards be at launch?   The idea that there will be 10 Designs for an item or a place and that 6 of them would be Kickstarter` only sounds frustrating  This combined with the potential that 2 of the remaining 4 are cosmetic cash shop items could certainly give players a bad feeling on launch day.  

    In short 
    Question 1
    " Will the Cosmetics achievable by all players on launch week have the opportunity to outshine Kickstarter and Cash Shop cosmetics?

    Question 2
    "How much content will the  Cosmetic cash shop ship with on release day?"

  • @Intrepid can a basic overview of the development schedule be posted?
  • Are you leaning more towards a minimalistic, moderate, or overly generous ui for the final build?
  • Not sure if this was asked but what is the games stance on 'Meters'; Damage, Healing, Damage taken meters... Will it be free to make an addon for such, in-game provided, or looked down upon and pushed wayward to reduce possible drama?
  • Stupid question. As there are many nodes in the world and I have chosen one node at the edge of the world but I born at another edge of the world. My question is can I walk from edge of the world to other edge of the world at early level? and can I walk there without being killed my monsters or players?
  • Will all player abilities have detailed, precise descriptions, or will there be spells that only say "has increased critical chance" but not saying the exact numbers?
  • Will there be a designated starting area for characters or maybe a starting area based on race, or will we originally spawn in random areas throughout the game world in our particular server?  I ask this because I have an image in my head akin to a land run on opening day.  
  • Will classes have an offensive and defensive stance? And if so can these stances be toggled during combat? What can we actually change during combat?
  • Do you think the Castle Locations will be impact on where the city nodes also grow from since those location will be same across the each server won't it just mirror the others?
  • We've seen in other mmo's a homogenization of classes when trying to create fair competition, weither it be pvp or raiding. If AoC will have competitive systems, how will you address this issue? 
  • Will there be espionage options such as joining guild A when your actually working for guild B to provoke a war between guild A and Guild C, or appearing to be part of guild A when your really Guild B to hire Guild D to attack Guild C and let everyone think Guild A is the culprits thereby provoking a war between guild A and guild C? 
  • Will castle designs vary and the type spawned be directly as a result of the player actions in the area.. 

    And if they do vary, there are chances that some will be strategically easier to defend/defeat than others..

    Whilst we it would not be as aesthetically pleasing all castles looked the same, is there any control players can exercise to determine the type of castle developed?
  • If equipment set bonuses are part of Ashes, will 2 handed weapons have some sort of off-hand slot item like scabbards or quivers so that everyone gets the same number of bonuses?
  • Will you (devs) be playing avtars of the gods and start religion events that way?
  • Question: What kind of levelling system will you be using ? An Anarchy online style system where you level and then recieve points to spend in skills or Free levelling system where you level each skill individually or something Else? Can you explain if it is someting else.
  • Will the Oceanic server be released at the same time as the other servers and is there a possibility for the Oceanic server to be shut down if Intrepid feels there aren't enough players to sustain the Oceanic server?
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