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Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – June 16, 2017



  • How do you make sure your updates get played?  It is technically possible that the stories on all the servers didn't go in the right direction to uncover it.
  • All other MMO's have a problem with bots and real money trading which disrupt gameplay, immersion and the economy.  Have you thought of plans to minimize these problems when they arise? 
  • Can we please have underwater nodes with underwater metros?  Please?
  • How will horse/mount breeding work? will it be similar to BDO where the outcome is heavily randomized, or will selective breeding be a thing to get better offspring?
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    Will instanced Dungeons and Raids have different difficulties for the same Dungeon or Raid? Example Dungeon; The Ancient Tombs has 3 difficulty settings - Easy mode - Hard mode - Insane mode. This is what i call recycled content, will ashes be going this route?

    Can you explain in further detail the penalties associated with death in-game? How much EXP will we lose when dying from a monster, how much do we lose from a player kill? Can you give us a comparison on how much we lose from 1 death compared to spending 8 hours questing / gaining EXP? How will respawning after death work? Will we go find our bodies or will we spawn in  town / safezone?
  • What's a question that you haven't been asked yet that you would really like to answer? In other words - what part of the game do you most want to give additional information on?
  • Will there be announcements on the Alphas anytime soon? If so will the kickstarter participants and the web donation participants get more information on how and where to download the client? Can't wait guys keep up the good work!
  • Damn, Just realised the livestream is today (Time of writing this post)! What a nice surprise :D 

    Welp, see you guys at the stream.
  • Premise:  Many RPG's today seem to go light on character stat development, allowing for little to no choices on how to assign values.

    Question:  How does AoC anticipate handling this type of development.
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    Will not having a staff or other such weapon effect the damage of my spells?

    A true mage needs no weapon other than his mind.
  • Will you reconsider your position on all PvP servers and launch with at least some PvE servers?
  • pezzaman said:
    What can we expect to see from healing and support spells? will we just be sitting in the back watching the conflict unfold like other mmorpg, or will we see something new?

    As I´ve always played a healer I´d love to know that, too! :)
  • What systems are in place to prevent players from farming the monster coin bosses? I.E. trading wins, etc.
  • Will Character Attributes, Strength Coord Quickness focus willpower stamina mana health and specializations ( War Magic, Sword, Healing magic, melee magic defense crafting etc..) should be configurable by the players so as you gain xp you can spend it on different attributes and specializations to make your character slanted the way you want. Cookie cutter fixed class systems have become boring and outdated
  • With the corruption system. If I am level 60, how many level 10 players can I kill before a level 10 can fight back and kill me? 
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    Will there be animal taming and/or provocation by bards or other classes so that you make beasts fight each other or even attack other players?

  • Nanfoodle said:
    With the corruption system. If I am level 60, how many level 10 players can I kill before a level 10 can fight back and kill me? 
    I would say 3 but I would not recommend doing that unless you want the protection guilds diving down on you
  • Backing Stretch Goals question:

    The "Backers Only Skill FX". Will this be for all classes and races from day one of release?
  • @MrWaffles
    I would assume so, But as for the mounts you will have to go find one for yourself then apply the mount skin.
  • Will each unique player with different class combinations be useful in a unique way for various situations?
  • Have you established levels/character progression points for when major transitions to class/subclass/roles will become unlocked in skill/roles for character progression and evolution? If so, could you outline what the current expected scenario would look like during the leveling process for players?


    (LordSimurgh - Twitch)
  • Question:  will there be a monster/NPC info  collection that he can share? Exemple if you get 100% info of one monster you can know the item drop rate  and the weakness of the monster.
  • PvP has been confirmed for all servers but will there be varying PvP rule sets for different servers?   

  • @Kratz I'm fairly sure the only difference between servers will be how nodes progress. 
  • Question: will there be items that only go exist 1 on the server? Or something like items that can chance some rules of the game or that deserve cLANs fighting for it.
  • How does citizenship affect the caravan system? Will renegade players be able to attack the caravans of their own node and will the game notify us that citizens of Node C have been frequently raiding the caravans of Nodes A & B?
  • Will you have different languages for different races like for example world of warcraft? its a very nice addition for roleplayers. 

  • Can you please elaborate on animal husbandry as much as you can and will it be anything like the Creature Handler profession in Star Wars Galaxies?

  • nagash said:
    Nanfoodle said:
    With the corruption system. If I am level 60, how many level 10 players can I kill before a level 10 can fight back and kill me? 
    I would say 3 but I would not recommend doing that unless you want the protection guilds diving down on you
    I ask this question because many PKers are excited for this game and think the corruption system will do little to stop them from grefing low level players. We have had many debates about this and I would like an official answer. My hope is if you attack a level 10 player being max level, the next level 10 player will be able to stand toe to toe with that PKer. 
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    In regards to the primary and secondary class. Will the secondary be more flavor or will it drastically alter the play style of the primary? For instance a tank/ranger being able to finish off their target from afar as their prey runs away for their lives *grins*
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