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Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – June 16, 2017



  • On guilds customisation will guilds be able to make their own armor style, or is it going to be just be tabard/insignia/armor colors thing?
  • Are there individual loot drops?

    Are we able to put any weapon in either hand? 
    What I mean by this is can i put a shield in my right or left hand and still use the same skills, or is it going to be a main hand and off-hand slot?
  • Will there be a quick use slot?
    Example: Using 1 - 9 or some other button to quickly use a potion or throwing knife without needing to go into your inventory or equipping it as a weapon.
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    Dear wonderful, hardworking, fantastical Intrepid gods my question is this, 

    I understand that you only have limited time to answer questions within the live stream... but would it be possible to answer all of the unanswered questions after the stream here, or elsewhere in the forums? as the majority either go unanswered or are duplicates of questions we already know the answer to.

    We (as a community) don't mind the answer being... we don't know yet, or we're still  working on that, or that'd be spoiling everything, or 'answered that already'... we'd just like to get the basics covered a little more so that all the in depth questions can be covered later. 

    Many thanks to you all, we value your work so much and high fives to all of the office newbies!
  • Is it possible for you guys to release a time table of estimated dates you'll be releasing new official information about the game? Such as what the classes will be called, abilities, and stuff that you guys aren't answering questions about?

    As someone who is interested in this game, but isn't necessarily interested in coming to the forums of a game that doesn't have much specific info out on it yet, it would be great to have an idea of when i SHOULD come poking around.



  • Is there gonna be any possibility to buy game time in-game? Not everybody can afford spending the money monthly.
  • Will Ashes Of Creation enter the esports scene?
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    When it comes to looting another player it's just resources but would it be a good idea to add a system where if it's 1v1 and you are both flagged as combatants the player who wins gets to loot a piece of gear of their choice from the player and if it's say  2v1 they are only able to loot resources to stop people from ganking in groups?
  • Umji said:

    As in you want to ride into battle on the back of dwarf slaves?
  • Could we find puzzles in the world? For example, little brain teasers we'd have to solve to open a dungeon entrance or perhaps jumping puzzles? Thanks :)
  • Does Intrepid Studios have a plan to ever go public?  Whether or not, how can I invest in the company besides just donating to the game?
  • Will the game support 4k? (A previous article quoted Steve saying it would not) 
  • If someone chooses to go it alone,will their character be able to get gear and items comparable with those in guilds?
    Far too many games make it unbalanced in favour of guilds.
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    This Livestream will be on my birthday, and since I'll easily be passed out in a gutter by the time it's on, let me ask my question here.

    Is there any plan to have a character legend or biography in the game? Such as a detail/stat sheet that records when the character is "born", obtained a rare item and various other achievements?
  • I know this is too early to ask but how are we supposed to sell stuff to other people? Are we supposed to be able to setup stalls in game with our characters in town to sell things? If so, do you think it's possible to get disconnected from the game while your character continues vending in town? This might result in influx of vendor accounts and might over populate the game but i'd like to know what the devs and the community think about this.
  • For caravan protection, you mention static PvP zones. Can you explain this further and perhaps detail how much of the area around the caravan will be involved?
  • What are the details on Naming our Rpcs? What will be the character(letters) limit? Will you allow spaces in between names? {ex:Han Solo instead of HanSolo}
  • Can you expand on the stock market system a little more?  Unless things have changed, I recall only certain "zones" have certain resources available to them.  Therefore the value of "iron" in zone 1 perhaps will be greater or lower in a zone where these materials are more readily available.  Does this connect with the caravan system or is the stock market a micro market, relating only to the city node the player is located?
  • Religion seems to be a big part of the game. Is it 100% optional? I get there is Gods in the game but as a player I would rather oppose them. Side with science. Is there a place for me in your game?
  • What made you decide against the world bosses (dragons ect) being able to de-level nodes?
  • What is the current projected speed of mounts?
  • Runescape has a real nice music system. Where depending on where you go you can find new music that plays in the background and even make a playlist from the different music you find. Is Intrepid studios thinking about going this route or will you guys use the standard music style for most games. 
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    Will we have sliders for weapon customisation or will we be able to shape it how we like?? because i want my awesome weapons being the mute smithy on my mountain
  • Hey guys! You told us that the game will not be P2W, but what i am conserned is that how is the game going to react into hours put in. Hardcore 10 hours per day versus a guy with 2 hours daily input. Is the more casual player forced out of end-game PVE/PVP Comptetition. Really looking forward to this game, the time-issue has made me leave previous MMORPG games tho. 
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    I really appreciate the Node system as far as you guys have informed us to this point. The chance for the community to have a say in where the major cities are as well as how they develop (to an extent) is really amazing. One concern I have in this, though, is how far down the constant change path are you guys wanting and/or hoping this will go? For example, are we looking at a system that will allow or encourage destroying major hubs weekly, or is it likely that once a Node reaches the Metropolis stage it will remain for a considerable amount of time (months/years)? 

    My main concern is Ashes of Creation just becoming another Darkfall Online, where cities are sieged and destroyed constantly. This creates more chaos, and while that can be a good thing to a certain extent, in order for a community to really attach itself to a Node there needs to be some consistency that you want to protect. If it's likely my town will be destroyed a week or two after my friends and I establish it, there's really no allegiance or loyalty developed in that short of a time.
  • Will breeders/tamers will be able to find and tame rare mounts in a game, similar to rare pets for hunters in wow. Maybe breed them and sell later to other players. Would be nice also if breeders can craft some sort of item that will help tame rare mount.
  • Hello Steven and all the other hard working people from Intrepid Studios! I have a question about gathering since gathering is something that I love to do. I can gather for hours everyday and it never gets boring "if" the gathering system of an MMORPG is good enough. I'd like to know how gathering works in Ashes of Creation. Will it be like a lot of other MMORPGs? Standard and unchanging spawn locations of rocks, iron, wood and so on? Standard spawn locations will create standard gathering routes which will become boring after some time (My own experience, someone else might disagree).Or are we able to cut down every tree we see in the world? Harvest from every rock? In other words, a destructible world!

    Kind regards,

    Dimae :smile:
  • What kind of crafting system is being targeted? A more simplistic system like WoW or an Archeage/BDO where there are more components and pieces to craft before the final product?
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    I know you you guys are still in alpha and game will see many changes, but  how else do you guys plan to advance the combat system.
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