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Name: Enmity
Location:  North America (Primarily but not restricted to)
Leader: WinterAssassin
Co-Leader: GOAT
Focus: PvX
Website: Coming Soon
Recruiting Email: [email protected]
Leadership Email: [email protected]
Discord: ENMITY Discord
Requirements: Discord, English speaking, desire to PvP


We are a semi-hardcore PvP focused guild. While we enjoy all aspects of PvE, raids, crafting, etc we realize that they are means to better us in PvP. The starting few guild members will be coming from Lineage 2 and they want to help create an atmosphere that they once loved so much. The PvP aspects between Lineage 2 and Ashes Of Creation are appearing to be almost identical. We want to take our experiences from Lineage 2 and show Ashes what a PvP Guild with a strong core is able to accomplish.


As our name states, we are hostile; we are the enemy. We will kill anyone who stands in our way of accomplishing our goals. We plan to be highly structured and organized to dominate the PvP aspect of Ashes of Creation. We want to be active without requiring our members to be on in an unrealistic manner. Therefor we will not only be looking for North American individuals. We want the Guild to be active 24/7 so there is always a show of force.


Make no mistake, PvE always needs to have it's place in a guild and here it does as well. Going with our elements of organization and structure, we plan to organize large raids within our Guild. Activities outside of the PvP aspects still need that structure.


We are only looking for perfectionists. Ones who want to over accomplish their goals in Ashes of Creation. Those who want to be part of a Guild without the worry of being bullied around.
  • The Guild comes before all, Including the leaders
  • We will take no time in establishing our dominance
  • We will make sure our Guild is at the top of everyone's list for "Do not mess with".
  • We will be structured and well organized
  • We will answer to nobody
We are looking for individuals who are extremely determined and have no question what their focus in this game will be. We don't have time to waste. If you want to be part of a PvP Guild and you think you have what it takes, Look no further than Enmity.


We are not a rule ridden guild. There are a few things we will need followed. These are only put into place to give us a strong architecture and ensure our success.

(Rules are subject to change)
  • We strongly discourage PK's for little to no reasoning. We do not want to be labeled "Bullies" but instead to have a reputation that makes others think twice about starting a war
  • Keep the Hostility directed to the enemy, not within the Guild. This is common sense and goes hand-in-hand with drama.
  • Any issues will be brought up to that individuals officer and will be handled from there. All Officers in Enmity will be chosen by their leadership traits and abilities


Our structure will be built upon the needs of the Guild. We can't have too much leadership and we can't succeed without enough. There is a prime middle-ground that will be sought after as the Guild grows. Keep in mind, our leaders won't be the ones who do nothing but hold a position of authority. We need strong leaders who not only have the leadership abilities but also want the task of being an Enmity Leader. Officers and other leadership roles may determined by, but not limited to, the following traits:

  • Justice - The practice of being fair and consistent
  • Judgement - The ability to assess a situation quickly and utilize the "70% Solution" Method
  • Dependability - The individual members can rely on when needed
  • Initiative - Finding solutions on one's own self. Improvise, adapt and overcome
  • Decisiveness - Know your goals and what needs to be done to accomplish them, don't go back and forth trying to make up your mind on how it should be accomplished.
  • Tact - Be able to communicate to get your message across, keep the listener receptive while avoiding them being offended
  • Integrity - Do the right thing, no matter if anyone is around to see
  • Endurance - Being a leader can be tough. The mental aspect can be daunting. Do not lose composure
  • Bearing - Conducting yourself as a leader
  • Unselfishness - The ability to put others and the Guild before yourself
  • Courage - Never afraid... cautious and weary... but never afraid
  • Knowledge - This is a key element, Knowing things like locations, the economy and even keeping up with news on AoC
  • Loyalty - To never turn your back on the Guild or it's members
  • Enthusiasm - The ability to boost moral and excitement within the Guild
Leaders here work for the members, the members do not work for the leadership. An Enmity leader will always know; nothing comes before the guild, nothing
*Not for the faint of heart*

Statement Regarding Alliances

  We are currently looking for members for the guild only. Any Alliances that may be created will be a future endeavor. This is something will be interested in after the official release of Ashes. If it's something we decide to publicly announce, it will be on this thread around that time frame.

  Qualities in theses guilds and their leadership will be carefully examined by myself and @GOAT.  As you can see from above, we are meticulous when it comes to Leadership over a guild. We will want to see some qualities in the leadership that we have listed in our original post. Also, we will not want part of guilds who have established a bad reputation. We will want to know what we are getting involved with and that it is the best decision for our Guild. These things just cannot be determined until after the game has been released.

Leave any questions you have here in the comments section



  • Looks like things are going to get real come release... Good luck!
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    Was brought here by your post in the "Lineage 2 Veteran Pub" post.

    Couple of questions. On my server in L2 there were two guilds like this (I will leave anonymous for the time being). They pretty much ruled PVP on the server. No one messed with them. They were very much enemies of each other, BUT they were very different. Guild 'A' was very serious but not that mean. You leave them alone and don't take their grind spots/resources you'd be fine. Guild 'B' was blood thirsty. Look at them funny it was a knife to the back. They were mostly end game players that just wanted to pvp. PVE was far from their mind.

    Later in the game I was in guild 'A' and was fun. Very structured, and you had to participate. I loved it, but as a we lad I was very scared of both guilds.

    First question, which would you lean this guild towards?
    When you say structured, do you see your self having captains (sub leaders) that are in charge of different types of player: newbie captain, bounty hunter captain, etc?
    Last question, are you going to try to stay within the pvp of waring system, PKing, or a hybrid of both?

    These questions are because I loved L2 pvp, but there is a difference between being looked at and being feared/cautious and being hated/despised.  
  • @MrWaffles More towards guild "A". Every L2 server seemed to be ruled by 2 top clans and the 2 I dealt with were exactly as you described. One was strong but would work with you and the other was playing their own selfish game. Lineage 2 players will undoubtedly have an upper hand for many reasons, but pvp is the main one with being able to grind in a close second. Agree @WinterAssassin?
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    @GOAT Very much agree, PvP is a main focus and i'm really hoping the waring system is very similar to L2. I don't want to be the Guild who was selfish and just taking whatever they wanted. We are aiming to be the guild that nobody would want to mess with. I agree with you @MrWaffles, There is undoubtedly a difference. And I can't emphasis enough that we don't want to be "Guild B" we will be working towards a goal rather than killing randoms because they "looked at us funny". Good reputation is vital

    Q1 - "When you say structured, do you see your self having captains (sub leaders) that are in charge of different types of player: newbie captain, bounty hunter captain, etc?"
    A1 - I plan on this being lead my multiple individuals. I'm not going to say there is a specific "newbie captain" but, There will be individuals in charge of aspects of the guild. I'm previous USMC so structure and strategy is extremely important to me for organization and effectiveness. 

    Q2 - "Are you going to try to stay within the pvp of waring system, PKing, or a hybrid of both?"
    A2- I would like to be hybrid, of course this answer can't fully be answered until we know what affects the corruption system has. Basically, If we can declare war we will... if something is preventing us from declaring an "official" war; we will make it feel as a war regardless. I hope this answers your question?
  • @WinterAssassin

    Sign me up. Little bit about myself for you and others. I have been playing MMORPGs since 2005 and L2 was "my first" (not counting the flash version of Runescape). I was very active and learned a lot. I have been playing an MMO in some way shape or form since.

    In real life I am a Software Developer and have mad respect for developers in the MMO scene. As such I play as many betas as possible. I know first hand the value of early feedback from your users, and I get to try the game beforehand and try to learn as much as I can to get a head start.

    My goals:
    I am a very competitive person. I play games to PVP and PVE is a means to this. Of course I still enjoy PVE it is simply not why I get into a game. It is easy to predict a pre programmed NPC, but a human behind a character is the ultimate challenge. I have been ranked top in my class (which ever I am playing at the time) in many different MMOs. Most recently it was SkyForge as an archer.

    What I bring to the table:
    With my MMO experience and my software developer experience, I can come up with a "creative" solution to most games. I put this in quotes because me and my bestfriend have been playing together since 2005 and with every game we have found a way to bend the rules of the game to power level, get gear, solo when we shouldn't be able to, find  builds that should be nerfed, and much more. We of course NEVER cheat. We are simply trying to be as efficient as possible so we can focus on PVP. We share our findings with close friends/guild members but never post them to wikis. This gets them widely used and slows us down.
  • Awesome @MrWaffles! You bringing your bestfriend along for the ride?
  • Very much so. He is pumped. Trying to get him more involved with the community, but the game isn't slotted to come out for a while. The closer to the release of Beta he'll be on here. I call him and give him updates on stuff I read on here and in developer videos/posts  ;)
  • @MrWaffles Awesome! We need people with that strong competitive mentality! Welcome to the team
  • @WinterAssassin

    I made the cut?! Noice

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    @bleddyn is an Eve Online veteran and a good friend of mine. I would like him to come in here and see if he agrees wit the direction we want to take our guild. L2 and Eve both have things in common with Ashes. Steven has said the stock market system will be similar to Eve, so he could have a key role in our guild just on that alone. I vouch for him. 
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    Hopefully he will and shares the same goals as us. He can message me on discord or here. Same goes for @MrWaffles , my discord is [ENMITY]WinterAssassin#3120
  • @WinterAssassin  

    So my experience with MMOS is as @GOAT suggested is EVE for the past 5 yearsish in there somewhere i tried WOW but didn't like it. (I blame my friend launching me ahead then ditching me and not letting me figure it out myself). 

    I am a CNC programmer and have some hand in other kinds of programming. 

    My goals:
    To have fun. I enjoy doing "everything" in a MMO and not just experimenting. So one week ill do lots of PVE then switch to manufacturing (crafting) then next week mining. PVP i do everyday as the need arises or go looking for it. I try my best to push my Guild towards being "unstoppable" as my end goal for my guild is exactly as you say nice and help out but very you mess with us we will end you. 

    What I bring to the table:
    My experience with things that work the same as EVE. I also bring to the table leadership as i tend to slowly work my way into leading groups of people on projects. I also bring to the table weird and interesting ways of doing things. What i mean by this is if people holler about how that's not how your supposed to use that i will use it that way and find out its super awesome ie. in eve battleships are great for mining as they have more turret hardpoints. I'm also really good with working with i have and working around problems that arise. 

    Also i highly agree with where you want to take Enmity and how you want to get there.  I greatly dislike bullies or A**holes but love the super strong groups or individuals that help the lower person out or avoid overkill. I want to be a guild that is strong but lets everyone have fun while still being #1.

    FYI @MrWaffles thanks for the format idea
  • @Bleddyn

    Nice to meet you. I also got my buddy to get on here @Magicwoody
  • @Magicwoody is a yes on name alone :smiley:@MrWaffles
  • @Bleddyn, I couldn't have worded it any better. Your vision is spot on!

    You know... When I first hopped in these forums I wasn't sure If I would be able to find a group that fits the same interests as me for this game. It seemed everyone came from other games and/or just were not interested in PvP. You guys are all proving me wrong :joy:

    @Bleddyn It would be great to have someone like you on the team. Here is my discord. 

  • @WinterAssassin

    why you no on the Participating guilds list for the guild fair tomorrow?
  • MrWaffles said:

    why you no on the Participating guilds list for the guild fair tomorrow?
    We're signed up, and in a special discord channel for leaders they just haven't made us an ENMITY channel yet for some reason. We are working on it though.  @MrWaffles
  • @MrWaffles At this point it's just a waiting game for them to add us
  • @WinterAssassin @MrWaffles we have been added.
  • @Donteflon @Ezenkrul87 We are trying to find veteran L2 players to create a strong core before release. Let us know if Enmity would interest you
  • @WinterAssassin I've gone through the entire thread, and the values and ideals align with mine. However, I'd like to explore the diversity in the guild fair tomorrow. Nonetheless, however, Enmity is very appealing to me so far. Don't count me out. 
  • @Donteflon Definitely understand, as long as you know where to find us
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    @Rodzor let us know what you think :smile:. What has drawn alot of old L2 players to Ashes is the commonalitys between the 2 games. We want to build a our core around like minded people that have that L2 grit. I know it's early to start a guild but I truly believe we are at the foundation of something great, not only with Ashes but our guild ENMITY.
  • @Donteflon @Ezenkrul87 We are trying to find veteran L2 players to create a strong core before release. Let us know if Enmity would interest you
    Thanks, however I am already in a guild :)
  • @RootedBane have you check back with Enmity lately? You seem to share a similar play style and thirst for PvP that we do.
  • *Updated Discord link*
  • @Yuniale if you haven't already read through the main post here please do :smile:! If you and your L2 clan think it's a fit let's talk for sure. Looking at your post in the L2 Pub I believe you will fit right in.
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    Wanted to add myself to the L2 guild list. (Still not 100% about it as I might be coming in with a large guild that has been established in many games, BDO is were I met some of them.) But as I was already thinking of putting together a Hired Assassins guild like I had in L2, I'd like to keep this guild in mind if Tenacious doesn't decide to join Ashes.

    Either way I'm sure I'll be in contact with @GOAT as we met and talked about L2 for way too long on the Ashes discord a little while back.
  • @sojiro1500 feel free to stop in and talk some more L2
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