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    Welcome to ENMITY @Ketchup !
  • Welcome to ENMITY @geebster!
  • Hello gang. I've been chatting with GOAT for a minute and he directed me to your thread here regarding Enmity and it's proposed goals. I'd be lying if I said I was anything but intrigued. 
    1. History:  As I told GOAT, I've played every mmo from City of Heroes, WoW, SWTOR, GW1-2 on and on. No L2 however ;) . I play a bit of every genre really but for the topic at hand...  
    2. Background:  I'm a Printing Press operator and have run crews of up to 6 people. Managing workflow, trouble shooting, deadlines and helping customer service get what they need when they need it. 
    3. Goals: Well the Captain Obvious answer is to have fun but this game has some interesting ideas on economy and the expansion of nodes. It'd be pretty damn fun to control the destiny of our server and shape its future as we see fit. Managing a detailed plan of action to control commodities through gathering, crafting, and looting will help facilitate our mastery of the battlefields too. If we're always better geared and better funded we'll always have an edge.
    4. What do I bring to the table: Story time? When ARK first launched I joined a military structured clan who cut their teeth in Planetside 2 called AOD, angels of death.  Once the learning curve was met and people settled into their squads we were tasked with establishing FOBs in our respective AO. That came and went easily and quickly , but our senior officers were idle. No orders came through for a long time so I took it upon myself to run every cave system  and acquire the artifacts needed to summon the only boss at the time for our squad and clans glory. No mounts. no glitches or gimmicks. It was pretty satisfying when I exited that last cave system trophies in hand. 
  • @avsniper see you soon in our discord :)
  • Welcome to ENMITY @TomFoolery!
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  • @Karthos what's up!?
  • Oh crap, there was a picture I took for you but it seems not able to load :(

    I'll show you on discord when I get home
  • @Karthos I told you to Snapchat that stuff, it probably got removed!
  • @Samzaki and @Khiro welcome to ENMITY! You and yours are more than welcome here. Great chat today!
  • Welcome to ENMITY @avsniper!!!
  • Welcome to ENMITY @Mazing!!! 
  • Welcome to ENMITY @Chudyie!
  • Welcome everyone! I'm glad to see such a great group of people sharing the same principles and goals as Enmity! Discord has become a blast because of all of you. Special shout  to @GOAT for his hard work with our guild and dedication to the Ashes Community! We are growing at a good rate, it's amazing that @GOAT and myself started recruiting less than a month ago. I will have our website up soon! For the time being I am updating our OP with our email
  • @WinterAssassin Yes sir, There has been a lot of awesome people hopping aboard this CraZy Train. 

    Welcome to our french Canadian connects @Samzaki, @Khiro and their crew to the squad. Salutations to our sharp shooters @avsniper @Mazing @Chudyie

    For all those who have not booked your seat on the crazy train, now is the time!
  • The Breakfast Club Squad - @PancakeSmuggler @MrWaffles @Ketchup, now to find where @Baconstrips and @Syrup are.
  • @Dominus Kuuk check out our post on page 1, and join us on Discord to hang out a bit. 
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    Hey @BCGiant, I want you to check out our forum post and enjoy the read through. I then want you join myself, @GOAT & @WinterAssassin on Discord to hear more and ask any questions you have. I would also want to share my theories/plans with you about AoC, when you hop aboard the Crazy Train we are forming. Cheers.
  • @GxFaithz sure i am open to talk :) but i wont be joining a guild till we get closer to release, but i am always open to give a more strategic view of things when it comes to ashes.
  • @BCGiant, Fare enough, ok when its closer to release and you do join us (Enmity), :wink:, i will share my theory secrets.
  • Hey @drfate786, Check out our forum page 1, and enjoy the read. Drop by our discord if u have any questions for the leads @GOAT or @WinterAssassin.
  • Because of numerous requests, I have updated the original post with "statement regarding alliances" for anymore guilds requesting a pre-release alliance
  • Pax pass came in the mail! We're getting closer @Jajujo @Bleddyn!
  • I do have one question..with the game far away and such have yall given any idea to which nodes you will focus on establishing 1st.
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    Hi @Booliemantin. I would like to invite you to read our Forum post page 1 and see if Enmity's mandate fits what you are looking for. 

    If Enmity is what you want in a guild (which i know will ;) )and from a gaming family drop a post here telling us a little about yourself along these line:
    1-Your Gaming History:
    2-Background about your self - talents and skill sets:
    3-Your goals for AoC:
    4-What value do you add to Enmity:

    I know you may have questions for the leaders of Enmity @GOAT and @WinterAssassin , so feel free to drop by our discord and join in on the chit chat.
  • @mcg55ss I recommend you join us on Discord :):p
  • mcg55ss said:
    I do have one question..with the game far away and such have yall given any idea to which nodes you will focus on establishing 1st.
    Militaristic and economic seem to perk the interests of most of the Ashes community as well as ourselves. There is to many unknowns at this point to give an accurate answer. We will be playing from PaxWest until launch, so we will have plenty of time to research & strategize. @mcg55ss
  • Welcome to ENMITY @drfate78!!!
  • Hey @Izaria, your adaptability caught my eye. I would like for you to check our recruitment post page 1, and see if Enmity is what you are looking for in a guild.

    Counting on it that you will like what you see, I also want to know a bit more about you:
    1-Your Gaming History: 
    2-Background about your self - talents and skill sets:
    3-Your goals for AoC:
    4-What value do you add to Enmity:

    Feel free to drop a post here with the above and join us on discord to have a chat with any of the leads @WinterAssassin, @GOAT.
  • Welcome @Lurid_Darkstar to ENMITY!!!
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