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  • TraCoolTraCool Member
    Hello all, Steve here from Dallas, TX USA. MMO fan since Everquest & SWG. Looking forward to beta!
  • cdragonecdragone Member
    Hi everyone,
    Old time mmo player (and in general gamer) cdragone here. Been following ashes for about 2 years now and it looks very good. Very happy to be here, cheers!
  • Greetings my fellow adventurers! You may call me Night Wraith. I first started playing MMOs in the days just prior to World of Warcraft's launch, and the excitement I am feeling for Ashes of Creation may just overtake what I felt back then. Avid gamer here for life :wink:
    I've been following AoC for a couple years and I am far beyond thrilled to dive into this game head first! I'm most excited about the node system and how dynamic and changing this world will be.

    Cheers all~
  • HardlyWrittenHardlyWritten Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Came to say hi all, been following the game for a while now with simmering excitement
  • RoumorRoumor Member
  • RobtzuRobtzu Member
    I am 44 years old living in the US. Veteran of Lineage 2, DDO, DCUO, and a few others here and there.
  • Hello. Very old school mmorpg player, disabled navy veteran, not currently playing anything. I would like to lay claim to the name Pottage Cottage and start a fast food chain in game.
  • Hey there! Been wanting to do this for awhile and bit the bullet and bought the pre-order pack, i'm excited to be here as the community grows!
  • Hello all,

    Found out about Ashes via Reddit 1+ years ago, and have been following avidly ever since. Am an old gamer who is super looking forward to the release of AoC.
    -Indigo Shade
    Gaming "online" since 1988.
  • Hey, hey, Jeremy here in real life. I love the look of this MMO. I've done original EQ, EQ2, WoW, Vanguard, Fall Out 76, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Conan, and there is probably one or three I can't remember. Currently I play ESO, but would like to check this game out when the opportunity arises.
  • Hello everyone.

    Long time MMO:er here. Been following Ashes of Creation with quite some curiosity for a couple of years by now, I think. So it feels good to finally take the step and enter here and find out a bit more what's it all about.

    Take care, and have fun.
  • Hey! Used to play WoW back in 2011 since launch, quit but am coming back but I am most excited for AoC above all else!
  • OrgoOrgo Member
    Hi everyone! I'm Orgo and am an avid mmorpg gamer. Been looking for a game like Ashes of Creation for a long time and am very excited to experience the vast open and ever changing world of Verra! Looking forward to meeting you all and eventually playing in game!!
  • NrutasNrutas Member
    Hello, Nrutas here, long time MMO enjoyer, really looking forward to having some adventures with all of you.
  • :) Hello I'm MainQuestt known as Shiyriu friend I'm a content generator I do lives on twitch
    for the Brazilian public and I hope to contribute to the AOC community. Thank you very much for the opportunity to introduce myself. and sorry for my english. :D
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  • WroorWroor Member
    edited August 4
    Greetings! I am an adventurer with a long experience of traveling around Albion and Azeroth. I hope to wait for beta testing! Judging by the first messages in this topic, I need to be patient. I can conclude that among the players and developers are mmorpg veterans and this is really good.
    In any case, thanks to everyone who participates in this project, I hope I will also become a part of it!
  • Hello everyone IAMDEATH. I’ve been watching Ashes pretty closely since LazyPeons video and have a huge case of hopium. I am most excited for pretty much everything in Ashes as it all looks astonishing to say the least. I am very interested in the Bounty Hunting system.
  • KargainKargain Member
    Hello everyone Kargain here !

    Can't wait to try Ashes of Creation, i'll try to focus on crafting but a Dawi knows how to swing an axe !

    I'll be in EU

    Have a good day/night folks !
    In War Victory, in Peace Vigilance, in Death ... Sacrifice
  • J2C87J2C87 Member
    Hello! I am Jayco. I have played tons of MMOs, my first being Ragnarok Online (beta) in 2001-2002 era. I have been following Ashes for a few years now and have been increasingly more excited and intrigued!
  • Chiron1Chiron1 Member
    Good day, all!

    I am Chiron, and I have been playing MMORPGs since ShadowBane. I was a beta tester for WOW, and played it up until about two years ago. I also pre-alpha tested on CrowFall, and several other games.

    I'm not really a hardcore player, I play because I enjoy it, and I find it relaxing. It also helps when I've had a hard day and need to blow-up or kill a few things ("That ugly creature looks just like my supervisor! Kill! Kill! Kill!")

    I'm also looking forward to making new friends.

    See you in-game!
  • DreuguiDreugui Member
    hi ! i'm dreugui, french here, ( so sorry for the bad english )
    I had heard of Ashes back in 2017 but, at the time I didn't realy looked at it carefully, and when the "Apocalypse" was here, well let's just say that battle royale isn"t my thing so, I just abandned the game. Then in 2020 I came by the game again, with a new view, it realy interested me, but the monthly sub was really a stop for me so another abandon of the game. I came to this game last week, le monthly fee is still a huge issue because, Idk if I can afford the sub fee, but well, only time will tel.
  • New to this forum, I was expecting a good new MMORPG. AoC looks promising. The development team is famous and great.
    Please welcome me as a team member ;)
  • Hailing from the nether regions of old. I am a magic slinging, spell chucking, conjuring contortionist, who always helps a damsel in distress. Had a lot of fun with Apoc and am stoked for this development team, threw in my support in 2019. Have a pleasant day. 🧙‍♂️
  • Hello,
    I am a merchant.
    None of you will be able to rob my caravan.
    I will be knitting highwayman body bags until A2 👍.
  • Hi folks! I’m WolfmanComplex (aka Ted), and I recently discovered this game via a YouTube video.

    Thinking about being a Summor/Summor for class and an Farmer profession because I love games like Stardew Valley.
  • IsisREDIsisRED Member
    Hi! I'm Amber and recently have been hearing more and more buzz about Ashes of Creation. I'm usually playing Mage classes and have done so in New World and WoW in the past. Looking forward to the depth of immersion this game is about!
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