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  • Hello all!!! I haven't played many MMOs before - looking forward to getting to experience the community aspects of gaming!!
  • sexsex Member
    Super excited to be here! :)
  • Hi, I´m Headspin. I´m the whisper of the wind, the darkness of the shadows and have the smell of an 4 year old ham, who´s still hanging around, waiting for celebration. It´s a pleasure to be here and I can´t wait to enjoy this world with you!
    Let´s all have a good time and nice journey!
  • ThoggerThogger Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    Greetings folks, I'm Thogger, a dullard of the first order. I aim to enjoy pub life when I'm not forced to slaughter things to earn my keep. Looking forward to meeting you all.
  • Vaknar wrote: »
    Welcome to the Ashes of Creation forum community! If you’re new around here, feel free to reply to this thread and introduce yourself.

    Example: Hi folks! I’m LieutenantToast (aka Sarah), and I’m the Sr. Community Manager here at Intrepid Studios! I’m most excited for _____________ in Ashes of Creation.

    Hi all, i'm Brazilian.
    I speak French very well and I can communicate in English.

    I have just over 15 years of experience in MMO RPG.

    I started my life in MMO RPG playing Lineage 2 on the first North American server.

    Lineage 2 was love at first sight. I played practically all the chronicles of the game over the years, being a faithful player who still plays.
    But Lineage 2 is not as cool as before.

    Like Lineage 2, I fell in love with ArcheAge. I've also played since the first North American server, today I don't have the urge to play ArcheAge anymore.

    I'm very excited about Ashes Of Creation, I hope it rescues the fun I felt playing Lineage 2.

    LFG Guild. I am a faithful member, I have no problems in following orders, I respect hierarchy and I fulfill the necessary duties in favor of the guide.
  • Howdy everyone Razel invited me. Just wanted to say hello.
  • JerichoTheJerichoThe Member
    edited October 17
    Greetings adventurers! my name is JerichoThe. but you can call me Jericho (as some early bird already took my name. Disappointeeeeeed!). and I’m gamer and GameDev (not at Intrepid Studios). Really looking forward to be part of this.
    All the best,Jericho
  • Hello I'm Summpwner, and AoC wasn't really on my radar until this year when UE5 upgrade started churning out amazing results and amazing demo vids. Can't wait to engage in the high complexity player-driven economy. Waiting for an amazing preorder pack and alpha 2 announcement to get in on everything!
  • Hello there, potential-future-fellowship! My name is Julia, but during my gaming adventures I often go by Serafine. I'm here with a mission to get more invested in depths of Ashes of Creation community and all the hot news in order to be able to properly popularize info about this exciting upcoming game in my home counry (Poland). My dearest patrons helped me in my tryings to afford the Voyager pack, I just got it today and, obviously, now I'm thriving to see every each possible sign of Alpha 2's arrival :D
  • netrimosnetrimos Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Hello everyone. Been following the project for awhile, but I have to occasionally take steps away when I get to obsessed and hyped. It's been really awesome seeing the world come together like it has in the past year. Keep it up and happy to be here.
  • Hello there!
    My name is Necitero, I have been following AOC since early 2017 when all that existed was a website and some concept art and text. I have just now finally migrated my account (which had been due for 4 years) and I'm happy to be here :) I have been very excited for this game ever since I found out about it and despite not following all the updates when they were recent, I am very happy to watch everything I have missed and get a much better picture of a very promising game!
  • Hello!! I'm weuueU I'm very excited and can't wait for Ashes of Creation.
  • The DreadPiraatRoberts leaves no survivors!
  • cupicupi Member
    Hail to thee, fellow adventurers.

    I'm knee deep into this one and keen on living the dream once more.


  • I'm Falkath and I come from Archeage, can't wait to meet everyone on the battlefields of Verra :wicked:
  • BozvitalBozvital Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Hey guys! It’s been a while. Still as hyped as I was in those kickstarter days! Can’t wait to jump in AoC
  • SiosecSiosec Member
    edited November 4
    Hello everyone!

    My in game name is Siosec, IRL Darren, and I recently learned about this game and saw some videos on YouTube and was immediately interested. The last MMO i dove really deep into was Guild Wars 2 and before that, World of Warcraft. I've been an avid, experienced raider since 2008 and a PvP enthusiast. My ultimate favorite for any RPG, not just MMOs, is the lore of the universe
  • hello everyone I am new to Ashes of creation and looking forward to the world and new experiences,
    I played Ultima Online. Everquest and 2 played Wow, FFxiv, so i am no stranger to MMOs cant wait to see the new world that is being made here
  • Hi there! Very excited for this extremely Ambitious game. Can't wait to get into charcater customizations, and see what every unigue character will look like. Greetings from This EvilEwok
  • Hello!

    Aqualutum (or just Aqua for short) checking in for any tallies the count the ones excited for this game!
  • Hi I'm Zeihro been waiting for Ashes the for about as long as everyone else, just took me a while to create a forum profile. *waves*
  • Hi, players and game managers. I'm from China. I found this game by accident when I was watching the video. When I went to look for information about this game, I was deeply attracted. But because of the language problem, I can only chat with you through software translation. I introduced this game to many students around me, and they also became interested in this game. We also created a group to talk about it Everything about this game is still ready for the next test. What we want most now is to play in this game
  • What we want most now is to add Chinese to this game. Please be sure to join Chinese. China is a big game market. We have a lot of people and are willing to pay for good games. Because of the language problem, many people will see if there is Chinese when choosing games. If there is no Chinese, it will be a pity
  • Good tidings :) I'm Lee and I'm waiting for the Alpha 2 to begin so I can enjoy the game! Take care all
  • sexsex Member
    Is my username allowed? :wink:
  • Hello all. I am LeoTheElder meaning I'm old enough to remember being an East Coast D&D Master. Recently, I got bored playing cards over at ESO and dropped out. Ashes looks to be my next game assuming they launch before I croak.
  • DJ_Moose420DJ_Moose420 Member
    edited November 25
    Hi there!
    DJ Moose here! After playing Eve Online for almost 10 yrs, I needed a break. Now that I have my life mostly sorted, I want to get into something new! I'm the crafter/builder type. I hope AOC gives me a new playground. Just gotta figure out how to get on the list to get in-game. IRL, I'm an IT Manager and Professional club DJ based out of the Detroit/Lansing, Michigan, areas. I've been in many MMOs, but nothing was close to Eve. Everything I've read and watched points to this being the next big sandbox, and I'm 100% down for that.
  • Hi.
    Blaffi here, i have this nickname since 1999, thanks to my Elementary School Teacher. :D
    I have not most experience about MMORPG, but i have interest in this genre and try to find a good game who is suited for me.

    Oh before i forget, i come from Germany and i am not good at english, so prepare my bad writings here... :#
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