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  • ZhaleZhale Member
    Greetings fellow adventurers, I'll probably go by Zhale in-game. Mega oldschool MMO diehard, trapped forever in the Realm of Nostalgia for the old days. Everquest was my first, then Dark Age of Camelot, and about two dozen other ones followed, but none truly captured those original titles. High hopes for Ashes to bring the glory days into modernity.
  • Hello, Im Cassey Undt. Previous player of Guildwars 1/2, Teso and so many other game. I hope feeling same pleasure or more than this game.
  • Hello I'm Crush2305. Long time mmo player since 1999. Played them all and still play most. In game name will prob be Cruelyen.
  • VargosVargos Member
    edited February 24
    Hi to everyone!
    My name is Maxim, I am from Ukraine, Kyiv.

    In MMORPG I playing for a long time, approximately since 2006.
    My gaming experience:
    Lineage 2 - с4, interlude, gracia, h5 etc till "awaking".
    Archeage - till 3.5
    Wow - till "Pandarien"
    Also Tera, Requiem, Albion, Crowfall (tester), and some others.

    I paid attention to AoC for a long time and now I decided to join the community and share some of my thoughts and ideas, that could make the game better, and there is a hope that something will be heard by the developers.

    I would also like to find friends and a clan here for alpha 2, beta, and the release)
  • LeckesirLeckesir Member
    Hey guys, my name`s Richard, first heard of this project in summer 2022 and have been watching it closely since then with ever growing hype. :)
    Have a good one
  • FiriaFiria Member
    <3 Nodelicious <3
  • Hey guys, I'm Parzival, you can call me Parz. I'm very happy with AOC, this project let me ancious to play MMORPG again. and then, I'd want to know how it was AOC project. I want to play the Beta, but i don't know when it be.
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