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  • RimcyRimcy Member
    Hello Everyone. New here, but I have been watching progress for years. I look forward to meeting everyone.
  • Hi everybody! New guy here, counting down days until Alpha2 kicks in!
  • Hello all, I'm really excited for A2 and can't wait for it to come!
  • Hello Shadow Warriors, I'm Gholdrik. Without revealing my class, let's just say I accept certain contracts... and I'm looking forward to protecting... or destroying your caravans!
  • Hello i'm a long time i play mmo pvp, i'm 42 years old a follow since a long time AShes of création i hope i will be test soon in alpha and learn more information about the game to create a strong guild at the release :) big up all :)
  • Hi all. My name is Raislek. Been playing MMOs since beta of EQ. Can’t wait for a new mmo to play. Currently playing eq 2 and Rift.
  • DragonseedDragonseed Member
    edited January 30
    Howdy ..I can't wait I received the Originator: stripe package from my CLW as a gift!it's a Dwarf centric pack so Yay I'm going to roll a Niküa Pirate..which sounds great..I will be captain of A feared Ship so if you Have what it takes...join my Merry ship drinking casks of Rum..and pillage and plundering those who dare the swim with the Sharks.Roll the bones and receive a cut of the gems that Dare caravan on our waters.
  • Hello everyone,
    I am Noah and bought alpha 2 and I can't wait to play it
  • HI, i par of [Nova Ordem} Brazilian guild, I had the alpha1 key but couldn't participate, I'm excited to play alpha2
  • I'm freviont I've been a final fantasy fan since I was 9 I played all of them 11 was my favorite I played 14 a lot completed all raids before I quit 4.2 ecstatic about ashes
  • Looking forward to crushing skulls in PvP :p
  • Hey i'm MrHijagi looking out for the game. cant wait. hope to play with you guys someday.
    By the glory of the ancient One's.
    We shall be victorius!!!
  • Greetings adventurers! Glad to be here! Hope to learn and also help as much as possible here! I am in the USA freezing in the snow... See you around soon more in game! And on the forums.
  • KerbyKerby Member
    Hi folks! I’m Kerberus, and i'm excited for the class tree in ashes, also the caravan pvp's and the PVE content :D
  • Hola a todos, amigos de la comunidad! 🌐👋

    I'm a passionate 55-year-old YouTuber in search of the perfect game that truly captures my attention! Throughout my gaming journey, I've explored various titles, but most lose their allure after a week.
    The quest for the game that fills me with excitement continues, and I'm thrilled to discover new experiences with all of you.

    ¡Soy un apasionado Youtuber de 55 años en busca del juego perfecto que realmente capte mi atención! A lo largo de mi trayectoria, he experimentado con diversos títulos, pero la mayoría pierden su encanto después de una semana.
    La búsqueda del juego que me llene de emoción continúa y estoy emocionado por descubrir nuevas experiencias con todos ustedes.
  • SpinxSpinx Member
    Hello everybody.
    I have been lurking here for years.
    Thought it was time to make an account and stuff.
  • Hello Everybody!!
    I first started playing MMORPG when EQ2 launched. I loved the housing, crafting, and game play...then it changed :/ I struggled through it, left...returned..repeat. I played Tera...loved the action, was great until you hit level 60, then the community went to...not carrying about each other at all!...I played Archage, but the Tetris feel didn't sit well with me (more into RPG). I recently tried BDO...pretty...but just haven't found a community.
    I was leaning to ...I guess F2P just took over, and about to give up...then with a little research - heard about this game. WOW!! I have been in the process of watching all of the youtube videos from start to finish on AoC youtube site. This looks amazing! Everything I was really loving all in one game! I can craft..not just click one button, but really craft! I can house and design my personal touch to it! I can PVP or PVE equally as I want!! I haven't Played the Apoc at all, so I will look that up and get a feel for where it is now...
    But I wanted to say HI!!
    I will be playing this game with my lovely wife, and 3 kids. My teenage daughter..she is really into blackops/fortnight/ first person has been hard to get her interested in RPG MMOs...but when she saw a video of some gameplay fights in Apoc...her eyes opened wide! LOL. Look out guys, she is very very good. (Blackops she often can get a KD of 35-1 or better) I need to hire her as my caravan guard captain lol.
    Anyway, sorry long winded. Love the game outlook, I am sad I missed the pre-order time. :( . Hopefully something will come along that will allow me to play BETA or A2.
  • Oiks, just realized I've never put deets on this thread despite rubbernecking/lurking for some time now.

    I'm an ancient Aussie whose first gaming experience (after watching big brother's D&D sessions) was Pool Of Radiance on a Commodore 64, both of which are now kept in museums. Yep, I'm that old. I should be in one too.

    I then followed the Forgotten Realms path with games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter etc. NOT even online versions. Then DAO, Pillars then fell into the Evony/ ROK trap. In hindsight, and at the time, p2w timewasting. Life and remote work kept me from the bigger MMOs.

    From memory, I heard about AoC on a 'upcoming great games' type YT vid. Since have watched every stream a gazillion times over thinking this may be the Holy Grail. And shouting at Steven to have a drink of water. I defo would have kickstarted if I had heard in time but I've donated to Extra Life instead and that's a great cause.

    Like many I want to do it all - explore, fight, craft, build and then do it all some more. Discovery is my drug. I love that first feeling of a game that's yet to be unwrapped. Also like many, I'll be getting a new PC setup/desk/house for the game. You know the hype is real when folks get PCs specially for new games, not the other way around.

    So, call me Rex. I wish all other Verrans well and good health - for now. I'll be in OCE guild Amnesty. Don't let the name fool ya.

    Happy waiting, folks.

  • Greetings glorious adventurers! I was slow to commit but, I'm ALL in now. Can't wait to breathe life into this brave new world as a Cleric when Alpha II is launched. I'm sold on the vision of a game by players for players. I started PC gaming on my dad's TRS-80 in the early 80's. Found my calling as a Cleric in Everquest and carried that into WoW where I helped grow and eventually was Guild Leader of a major guild on the Shadowsong server. Haven't done MMO in the last 14 years so this is a big step for me. IRL I'm an engineer. I know stuff and I help people fix things. LOL! I look forward to contributing to the community any way I can.
  • Pyrelit here, real name David. I don't get excited for games anymore, I've been let down too many times. But this game looks really great all the same! Hoping that it lives up to the hype. I love the look of the class system but hopefully they can balance it all well! I've played WoW since 2008 so i'm well versed in MMOs. Right now my favorite game is DOTA 2. If anyone wants to be friends, feel free to add me on Discord at Pyrelit#4485
  • BeriBeri Member
    edited February 16
    Greetings everyone, I have been following this game since the beginning and purchased my first pack in 2020 that will allow me to join alpha 2 testings, which I hope is very near... till now I have been watching from afar ... I thought it was a high time to introduce myself, say hello and become more active in forums... Not sure if talking about other games here is the thing but my first MMO love was the Asheron's call 2 now almost 22 years ago...I was in a great guild called "Embers" and was known under the name Egwene everyone called me Eggy ... My second MMO was Everquest 2, loved that game even though everyone moved to a cute-looking warcraft that came out about 3 months afterward, I stayed ... I heard some of the designers of AOC worked on Everquest 2, which only makes me more excited about Ashes of Creation.... and please can we have collection quest that was my favorite thing in Everquest 2...

    I was never into PVP games but only because a few of them made sense to me and had no clever system to deal with gameplay around PVP, particularly players going bad, it was mostly pointless bashing and ganging up on others... Even in medieval times if you murdered someone you were most likely to end up hanging from the tree, there are consequences in this life for what you do... and if the game did not address that properly then it lucked imagination in my opinion, and was not for me ... I was never against players having the option to kill others or looting, as I was concerned you were welcome to go on a killing spree I just wanted some consequences, I mean serious consequences and system to address these actions properly, either in a form that that player has a bounty on his head or can't trade in towns because of being wanted as an outlaw and city guards will try to kill him and so on ... AOC seems to give more substance to PVP than any game beforehand, and because of that, I am all up for it ...
  • Hello! You can call me Solbranthius. I live in the UK and I've been following this game's progress for a while now and the more I see and hear about it the more convinced I am that I'll enjoy it.

    I'm no stranger to MMO's, I started with World of Warcraft and enjoyed it quite a bit in the 'good old days'. I then started to lose interest for various reasons as too much about the game changed and familiar faces took their leave. I drifted around trying many of the other MMO's that launched in subsequent years.

    I enjoyed Wildstar quite a bit though that ended up shutting down. I liked Final Fantasy XIV initially but...well, I'm sure anyone who has seen the game's following on social media is well aware of how chaotic the community there can be. I am currently using the Elder Scrolls Online to get my MMO fix.

    Overall, what interests me the most about Ashes of Creation is that it is setting out to be an actual game and one that is set to encourage a lot of interaction between players. I'm a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, so I try to at least dabble in every aspect of a game I pick up to play.
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