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    cdaggerfcdaggerf Member
    I hope for some epic PvP
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    FinovFinov Member
    Hello everyone I hope I can play with you soon.
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    KilivinKilivin Member
    Hello all! My name in game will be Ander (Ander Fermar if I can get both names), and I plan to get into some rppvp and make an order I'll be calling the Order of the Golden Lions. :smiley:
    syxg5ai9dm88.jpgI shall be the champion of the weak and the defenseless with stern, unyielding and unswerving dedication in my battles with evil.
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    SleepyKeeSleepyKee Member
    Howdy! I'm Kee, a newcomer to the AoC world, but I adore games like it. Shadowbane, Archeage, and BoD - but am super excited to see how AoC comes to light. Especially hoping to see an RP community thrive here!
    [ RP nerd & Dog mom ♥ Always down to hear a good story. ]
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    Lazer1caLazer1ca Member
    Hello guys , i love you so much , let's get ready with this new GEM
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    DetroyDetroy Member
    Hi, im Stanislav i ready to game=)
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    IpsylonIpsylon Member
    Hello everyone, I am Ipsylon. Been off the MMORPG genre for quite a bit. Looking forward to envolop myself in a new world.
    Will be waiting for AoC release, I am really excitted by some of the new concepts being developed!
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    I'm Brazilian who lovers MMORPG, but i work a Lot in... I'm excited to play AOC!
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    ZeraimeZeraime Member
    Hello everyone,

    I'm Jimster from the Netherlands. Excited to be here and connect with you all!
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    PearforPearfor Member
    Good afternoon!
    I'm Anna from Estonia. And since recently I've become very interested in this project *_*
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    LythawanLythawan Member
    I figure I ought to step in here and do this again, since basically everything I've ever typed on this forum is so old it's now archived (almost 6 years ago). Regaining interest in Ashes. Was very happy to see how good Fighter is looking, in particular.
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    Evening All,
    Im Fas from Aus. Excited to join the world of AOC!
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    capticapti Member
    hey! glad to be here
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    DylanCutDylanCut Member
    Hello everyone my name is Dylan I am a 32yr old disabled veteran. I long for what this game is going to create and as soon as I am able to purchase any version of beta access or big pack I plan on dumping money for support. If anyone would like to friend up prior to the game launching feel free to message me!
    For those that need a shield and a companion, you have my sword.
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    Hello, I've been watching some Youtube videos about Ashes of Creation for about 2 years, love the idea and waiting for it to become fully released
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    nosveratonosverato Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Hello all i Hope WE can Play the Alfa 1 in 2024
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    So just found this game, Dont have a key, But i want one Not acting like i deserve, But im someone who A. Has been playing MMO since Star wars galaxies and OG OG wow, I PVE and PVP and have Lots of Beta and alpha EXP been playing star citizen last 3 + years with other titles under belt like tarkov, rust, myth of empires Marauders, but need something to sink my teeth into got 12+ gaming hours a day to fill min. Also while i dont do content creation i know some streamers i game with/ their Content Creation discords. Ill buy it if its fun and got legs BUT I WANT IN THAT SWEET PVP! Im BigBuck and im here....TO SPILL BLOOD!
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    Hi to all, how i can get alpha membership? For phase 2.
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    YueOriginYueOrigin Member
    Hi, I'm some french dude. Nothing much to say tho. Benn hoping to try out the Alpha at some point but my chance seem low honestly. well maybe they'll eventually do a open beta who knows.

    BTW i'm a spear/polearm lover so i'll only get excited when io see content with them lol
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    caertakercaertaker Member
    Old WoW dog here. Gave up raiding at end of BC/WotLK.
    Getting kind of excited about of playing Ashes of Creation.
    Now where did I put my Fatal1ty headset...?
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    NalefariNalefari Member
    Greetings Everyone 🧡
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    BelushiBelushi Member
    Hey all! Years of anticipation for this monster of a mmo. Lets get it! Where those Alpha 2 keys at? Boi oh boi oh boi! No news on the second batch of Keys yet?
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    XluxorXluxor Member
    Hello, my name is Xluxor! I'm a gamer who appreciates high standards without toxicity, enjoys sharing knowledge, and assisting fellow players I connect with during gameplay. I came across Ashes of Creation during the Pandemic when I grew frustrated with a game that didn't listen to its community. A friend introduced me to AOC, and after understanding the concept and witnessing their work, I fell in love with the entire process. I religiously follow all the streams and engage with comments on Twitter, my primary social platform. The anticipation for the game's release fills me with excitement, and I'm continually amazed by the content in the streams!
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    Hail, and well met. I'm an oldschool adventurer who has been roaming lands such as these since the terror of Kerafyrm himself took flight many ages ago. I look forward to seeing you all in many adventures to come.
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    HadatiHadati Member
    Hello all! I can’t wait for Ashes to finally release! Hoping to join a great guild, kill monsters, explore dungeons, mine metal and craft weapons. See you soon!
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    TypoTekTypoTek Member
    I am TypoTek and I was introduced to this game through a YouTube video 1 year ago. I am greatly looking forward to this game and would love to learn how to purchase the Voyager Pre-Order Pack. Please let me know.
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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Tiberius and I'm looking forward to see what AoC has to offer.
    I am a long time veteran In MMORPG gaming and played a LOT of them with plenty of hours in all kinds of games.

    I do hope I can make my own smithy were I can craft beautiful arms and armor alike, and trade with other player.
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    Bonjour à toutes et à tous !
    Je m'appelle Julius.
    Grand amateur du genre MMORPG j'ai hâte de pouvoir découvrir AOC et de voir ce que ce monde incroyable à a me proposer !
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