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    Hi folks! I’m UnlagG (aka Zero), and I’m from Portugal looking forward for a good MMORPG game! I’m most excited for Ashes of Creation.

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    Hello all, I am new and greatly regret not joining the AoC community sooner! I have spent the last month going over all the videos I can find dating back to 2016. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game and lose 10 years of my life to it
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    Hello from Ukraine! I am Artem. I have been a huge fan of Ashes of Creation since 2017!
    I’m excited of your game and hope to get a chance to play in Alpha two! Have a great day!
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    Hello all!
    I think this game is a fraud and never have a release. Send me a beta key to think other wise.
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    I've been following news on this game since 2016. Excited to finally get to play it. Hoping to get an Alpha2 or Beta key
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    jilqjilq Member
    Yo, what's up y'all. I was first following the game since 2020 and my excitement has waned over the past few years but now with Alpha 2 coming soon I'm excited once again. I think this MMO will be huge in the future, with countries such as Japan and Korea being one of the biggest markets other than NA.
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    RNGzusRNGzus Member
    Hey y’all I’m RNGzus. It’s nice to meet everyone! I am so excited to play this game with everybody!
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    LoviahLoviah Member
    Hey all! I'm Loviah. I just heard about this game via Pirate Software and I'm really excited to be a part of this community and dig in to such a promising game :)
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    JuflexJuflex Member
    Sali! I am Juflex, nobody cares, but I am here. See you around.
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    Late to the forum but endlessly excited for this game and to get the chance to play it with everybody in the future! I'm starsquid, salt free and ready to dive into this community.
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    PkrizzPkrizz Member
    :* Hello :*

    :neutral: I heard you like this game :neutral:

    Well... you see, this is a journey you're going to take? :D

    Hmm, I need something to eat now. Careful out there. ;)
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    JhackusJhackus Member
    Hello there, Jhackus here. Fan of AoC since .... long.... long ago....

    Now that it seems closer to something more accessible ... it's time to join the forums....

    I am very excited about the risk vs reward balance .... !! (And crafting ofc!!) 🧐!!!
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    Hello there, I am Koltovince. I have been following AoC since my guild discovered it way back during the Kickstarter, and I put my meager high school budget behind the project.

    While AoC is not the usual type of MMO I usually play or find fun, the systems and concepts of Ashes have convinced me to go out of my comfort zone and try it.

    Main interests are the class/archetype system and bounty hunting (I deeply regret missing the old SWG system).
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    Howdy, y'all! I'm LashedSuns.

    I just heard about this the other day, so I'm still trying to figure out what's going on here. If anybody can lead me to some "must know" information, I'd much appreciate it!
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    Greetings! Looking forward to Beta 2!
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    Hello everyone, an old EverQuest veteran welcomes you and will hopefully join you on epic adventures soon.
    Best wishes
    Gray Eminence
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    spawn33spawn33 Member
    Hello everyone, I cant wait to play AoC. Will most probably play assassins, so looking forward to assassin showcase as well.
    👀 Fellow AoC waiter who loves to play assassins in mmorpgs. 👀
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    ScindorScindor Member
    Hello, I am new, too. Hope to have a great time with the community in the Forums <3
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    So I'll just say it I'm old.. 47 and names Aaron .and I know what I want and what I don't...😛
    I haven't played a good MMO since 2004-2008 when I played EverQuest 2... Not EQ of today.

    If the game is good enough my disabilities become advantages...

    of the Kithicore server 2008
    Multiple top ten spots on the server
    In the top 100 in the world servers
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