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    If you are only soloing, you should be able to get gear you need to be semi-competitive in pvp and capable of contributing to "end-game" group content. Getting to this level should be harder solo then if you worked with others. You can get past this because items aren't bound but you are at the mercy of players who group putting stuff on the market.
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    I think the game should be hard enough to have you want to group up with people, but not have it as a requirement most of the time. Or at least have it be advantageous to group up with people. If there is nothing encouraging people do group up and meet new people, then most of the time they wont. Which is how you end up with a lot of mmos now days in which its very hard to meet new people, since many will often ignore you if you try and say anything. It is an mmo after all, I would rather feel like I'm playing an mmo, not a single player game with other people running around as well. Even though most of the things should be able to do solo, there should definitely be some content that cannot be soloed.
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    I think solo players shouldn't be able to get everything playing with a team gets. I mean if you're ONLY playing solo, how could you expect to get a legendary sword if you need to fight raid bosses to get them?

    I think solo players definitely should be able to play the game, enjoy it and level and quest just the same. I don't think quests or anything should be locked because you're playing solo, but I don't think they should just be given items that groups have worked for. If you're REALLY putting in the time and want to play solo, then you should be just as powerful, if not just a bit lower than everyone else. I thought the whole point of MMORPGs was to make friends and socialize, but then again I'm not one to judge anyone for what they like. If you enjoy playing solo, you should be able to BUT I really don't think you should just be handed gear and be able to compete with higher end players that play in groups and interact with people.

    In summary I don't believe solo players should be able to be as strong as someone who is in groups and looking for people to do stuff with, but I DO think solo players should be able to do everything a person who plays in a group does. I just think it would take a lot of meaning out of group play if you could just be alone and play solo and do everything just the same. I don't think solo players should be killing raid bosses and defeating world bosses, stuff like that. I do think IS should take in mind the solo experience, if people like being alone and doing stuff then heccin let them..! no dumb restrictions to quests or anything like that. <3
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    Lone wolves might be able to participate in anything that a grouped person could, but there should be no systems that allows a solo player advantages or a guarantee of partial success *because* they are playing solo. If there's a real commitment to bringing the "massively multi-player" back to MMORPG, solo players must, by definition, not be as successful as grouped players. It's a tough balance to strike - good luck!
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    Well i d say one player with enough gear and skill should be able to solo the majority of the content on the path to the endgame content. In the real endgame content like dungeons and killing worldbosses for gear/materials you should definately need a group of 5 or 6. In addition to that multiclienting shouldnt be possible at all cause that will definately ruin the game.
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    I'm a solo player and I expect to have to group for dungeons/raids, that's just what makes sense. I prefer to explore the world on my own though.
  • First of all just want to comment on the fact that as far as i can tell it seems like AoC is hoping to create a game where each player has many options to how they would like to progress in the game, not just leveling and then end game dungeons - which i very much appreciate. As well It seems as if the quests /dungeons /raids will be very much based on Lore. Saying that if you make the Big scale raid(for lack of a better term) able to be modified by a drop down window to scale the instance down to how many players you want before you enter a dungeon/raid it will make the world less authentic(in my opinion). If i hear of a High Demon or Major Elemental in their lair(a raid) I wouldn't expect a single player to be able to go in and take down the whole place on his/her own. Saying that i do believe that a large portion of content should be achievable as a lone wolf. For example a tailoring quest to progress your skill should not require a group. Another lone wolf feature could be along the lines of if i came across a Ranger who is homeless they should have their own upside to that( just like being a citizen of a node gives you different benefits based on your city so should not being one - but maybe there is certain criteria to achieve in order to be classified as a "nomad?"). So the difficulty of some higher end bosses and areas whether instanced or not should not be scaled depending on the amount of people entering. By keeping the scale of the boss/area the same it gives the world a more realistic feel
    But i do believe there should be plenty of areas that are meant for only 1 person. A Labyrinth is the first thing that comes to mind and can be very dependent on a single players skill level and different Labyrinths can prove more difficult than others giving appropriate rewards. Giving lone wolf players an opportunity to acquire gear or other rewards by completing objectives that are equivalently as difficult as large group content but require more single player skill rather than group coordination would be a great thing. It would diversify the game and allow a player to have difficult and rewarding content whether their guild mates or friends are on or not. But single player content shouldn't give the same item as something from group content. It can be equal in value but a major part of making a raid/dungeon/world event of any kind significant is quite often getting a reward from it that is unique to that specific place or boss which is related to the Lore.
  • What type of progression are we talking about? What exactly is lone wolf? Does that mean they gather up only for content that would traditional be group content (raids/dungeons/ect..) or try to engage in that solo wise, or completely avoid that part of the game?

    If we're talking about crafting/artisan classes then basically it should be impossible to get anywhere high leveled with out the contributions of other players (whether that's through guilds/commerce market/stalls/ect..).

    If we're talking about adventuring class, then they should be able to progress to the max level, though with some difficulty (comparative to group play). Group play should have higher xp, better possibility of hunting high level monsters, ect.. which puts a solo player at a disadvantage.

    If we're talking about gear progression, then without other players being involved i'm unsure how they would be able to keep up with the general population. Sure they may be able to pick up a sword form an NPC but crafting materials for the best weapons will be dropped in dungeons, assuming that they are somewhat rare then how would they get their hands on boss drop items to craft their gear?

    (At least this are my thoughts on the topic after a few minutes of contemplation)
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    mrfester wrote: »
    This game is going to have PvE content? Because most have given up on that idea, because what has been made public is just another arena murder box

    If you are basing this statement on "Apocalypse", I can see why you'd feel that way. But, "Apocalypse" is not the Ashes of Creation MMORPG. The main MMORPG will have PvE content.

    As for my own thoughts, as others have already said, it's important that we have plenty to do solo, as well as in groups. There needs to be plenty of story and questing that can be done alone. If I progress to a point where my only remaining options for gameplay are centered around group play, I will quickly tire of it. I like group content and believe there should be plenty that can only be done with a group. But, I also need something to do when I play solo, either because my friends aren't on, or because I just feel like playing alone for a while.
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    I think that the best game is a game that can be played in many different ways, a game where people can adapt their play style mid-way through and still have a way to complete the game. Finding the balance between cooperative and solo play is definitely not an easy task but it would be something that could set this game apart from other mmo's.

    Personally I think that at lower levels you should be able to explore the world any way you'd want. Be that solo or with a group of friends. Questing together can be super fun, but I also highly enjoy exploring a world by myself at my own pace.
    In the most MMO's that I played questing was something you did by yourself (as questing as a group or duo was often a horrible experience.. which I'll describe a bit more down below***) and for instances/dungeon's that you'd encounter throughout questing and leveling up you'd have a party finder that would queue you up with others that had no party.
    However, once you get higher levels I think it would be a good idea to implement more and more guild mechanics and dungeons that would be harder to do with random people vs a group that knows how to work together. That way people can still choose to go through the game solo, and complete the main quest line, but if they would want to join guild related events like guild wars (large scale guild vs guild pvp), castle sieges, etc they would have to join a group. The basic game (main quest line) would be available for everybody, but if you want the full experience you'd have to join a group/guild/clan.

    Another note is that at the start, everybody will be leveling up at around the same pace, but once the game has been released for a year or two it can get very hard to find people to group with for lower level dungeons if you're not in a clan/guild. And while you'll always have people standing around the highest level dungeons to group up, you won't see that happen around the lower level dungeons so often anymore.
    So at the lower levels it might always be a good idea to have a solo option for dungeons, where the higher you go the more and more time it would take to complete solo vs with a group. (at the first 20-ish levels you could complete it in basically the same time; at lvl 20-40 you'd take about 10minutes longer if you're solo; at lvl 40-50 you'd take about 30minutes longer to finish solo compared to if you were in a group)

    Additionally there could be special quests that you can only do with a group, that wouldn't directly influence the main quest line or give you very powerful items, but it would be a very fun experience and could possibly reward you with original cosmetics that you'd otherwise not be able to get.

    ***The one thing I noticed in other MMO's is how often quests are badly designed for groups and especially duo's.
    The two biggest types of quests you see in every game that are horrible for team play are:
    • Gather x amount of mushrooms
      Here you'll have to find something in the world, but it's either way too abundant making it just a tedious task or there's only enough for one person and the respawn times are insanely long, making it horrible for groups or duo.
    • Slay mushrooms and gather x amount of caps
      This is often a randomized drop, so sometimes after a slay you'll get a drop but most of the time you wont. In every mmo I played this never counted as the party number, but always as an individual number. Where in many cases one of us would end up with all the caps in 5 minutes while the other person would take around 10 minutes.. And mobs that I would slay would in many games just drop the item for me, and not for the other party members.

    A possible solution would be to have a system in place that would check your party size.
    for example if you have 1 person in your party (solo) you'd have to gather 10 mushrooms
    if there are 2 people in your party you'd have to gather 20 mushrooms (technically a bit less due to the fact that most people don't coordinate perfectly) .. and so on.
    A possible solution for kill quests would be to have that same system check your party size and adjust the amount of kills accordingly.
    And lastly a possible solution for slay these monsters and gather their 'x' would also be to check the party size and make the gathering amount for the entire party, and not for one person as individual.

    In short (tl;dr):
    I think that the core game (main quest line) should be available for everybody. Exploring the world is something a lot of people like to do at their own pace, and the same goes for questing.
    However I also think that the higher you go, the more you learn about the world, the more you should be nudged toward joining a group/guild/clan with things like castle sieges/guild wars/...
    That way the people who just want to play for the main quest line can do that at their own pace, but people who look for more out of the game and want the complete experience will be looking to join a team.
    Additionally it would be great if there was a way to make quests more enjoyable for groups/parties/duo's because in most mmo's that I've tried they basically forced you to quest solo and just do instances/dungeons together.

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    I'll write it down in Agile user stories.
    • As a solo lowbie player, I want to be able to level and quest on my own with decent rewards to make level progression comfortable.
    • As a solo lowbie player, I want group content to be slightly more challenging with much better rewards to incentivize grouping.
    • As a solo player in PVP, I want to be able to take on at most 2 players on my own if I am at the top of the skillcap, in order to promote the necessity of teamwork and grouping up in a MMO.
    • As a solo player in PVE, I want to be able to grind content that yields rewards that are sufficient in sustaining daily personal costs of living and crafting useful items for my friends and guildmates.
    • As a solo player owning a freehold or shop, I want to be able to run a business sufficiently as a sole proprietorship, but I can definitely do better if I cooperated with someone or have hired help.

    I wrote down my desired user stories as such because soloing has become too viable in recent MMOs, and they have virtually killed the social aspect of the genre which made it great in the early 2000s. People still speak fondly of vanilla WoW not because the PVE or PVP content were exceptionally great at the time, but because the mechanics brought people together to work towards a common goal and fostered tighter communities as a result.

    The more recent "Kirito Effect" from Sword Art Online has also fostered increased antisocial behavior and desires which can be seen in posts above mine, and this needs to be discouraged.
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    If the game can support it, I'd love to hear about lone wolf stories that show someone soloing -current content- lower tier bosses... Though 9/10 that should require annnnnoying patience and the ability to peck away at an enemy while doing ones mechanics while being able to kite since they cant take normal hits without heals :P

    From a gearing standpoint though I hope that anyone with enough in game currency can get anything, -MAKING SURE- that the ingame currency earned was created only by ingame antics.
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    I believe most people who solo a lot do not expect nor demand to have what raiders have and what can be obtained by groups. They know that the road will be a little harder and slower, and that the gear will not be on the scale of raiders and groups, unless they are able to craft it themselves or buy from other players. So I wish most people would quit harping that solo players expect to have these items.
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    I think a player should always have things to do solo especially when it comes to farming. (Fishing, hunting, mining, gathering, working on your freehold/professions etc.) However, dungeons/raids and certain encounters should absolutely only be able to be completed as a party/raid group.

    That said I think it would be dissapointing to reach a point in the game that forced me into an 8man party in order to continue progressing to max level. I think the process of leveling 1-50 or whatever it may be, should be able to be done completely by yourself.

    There may be good reasons to group for certain quests that may to be difficult etc, but I think it's important to let the player decide. Maybe playing solo will make their progression harder or slower, but at least they retain the choice in their adventure. Players grow attachment to their characters. If a player is forced into a situation they don't like it will detract from their experience.

    To use an example, vanilla wow had roughly 1 dungeon available to people every 5-10 levels on their way to level 60. These would give you good equipment which would make future encounters easier and allow you to complete quests that granted high experience. However, you were in no way required to enter a single one to get to level 60. They were always optional.
  • As far as it's possible and there should be content designed for solo players like 1-man dungeons.
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    I suppose it depends on how you are defining progress. Progress in tradecraft? Progress in XP and level? Progress in combat/spell proficiency? I think that becoming the top blacksmith or top swordsman shouldn't require other people to master. Except in the case of swordsmanship... one needs opponents and perhaps there is an opportunity to improve skills through PvP only...
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    He who travels fastest travels alone but he who travels furthest travels with others. I think solo gameplay has a huge role in the MMORPG experience. Rather from efficiency or anti-social reasons, most players want to complete content at their own pace. A player's success in ashes should be based mostly on skill. Both skilled with the mechanics of the game and dealing with players as well. PVE and PVP players should have something to show for their experience and effort. With that being said, I don't think it should be easy or possible for one player to do absolutely everything alone. While you can be skilled at doing micro scaled content like crafting or dungeons, progression on a macro scale should take a group of like minded individuals. Example, one player should not be able to take on a world boss, siege a node, or have the income of a metropolis. A lone wolfs progression should be hindered or non existent in large scale content. Having a balance of content to test the skills of solo and group players would be best but hard to perfect. I'm all for freedom of progression but not when a single player can use alts or just solo most content alone. Why is it called a Massive multiplayer game anyway?
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    Think of the players who like to maybe role play those "lone wolves" that take out contracts for whatever reason. They should be able to progress fully to end game and feel achieved, however the best systems would have natural ways of grouping people together in events or quests, such as maybe some separate quests come together into a boss that automatically allies people nearby on that quest into the fight or things of that nature. Not easy by any means but it would make thrilling experiences for those solo players
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    As getting XP can be done in various ways I see no hindrance as it stands now to reach max level as a solo player, albeit I assume it would take a lot longer.
    I'm not sure that is the right way to go about it though. Exploring, Gathering, Crafting, Survival, Killing, and PvP XP I think should be limited to a certain level, a Max Level if you will, for each way to gain XP. Exploring and Gathering could be maxed out at lvl 10, after that those gave no further level XP. Crafting and Survival XP maybe maxed out at lvl 20 and not giving more level XP after that. Killing XP possibly maxed out at level 30, and can't gain more levels after that through killing.
    PvP might be the only one not maxed out BUT capped in how much you can get depending on the level and resistance from your opponent. If you fight someone that doesn't fight back there's no XP at all. Same goes when fighting someone of a lower level than yourself, or a certain amount of levels under you. Only when engaging equal or higher level opponents would you gain level XP though PvP.
    This might not be valid when joining Arena or Castle fights, or Sieges.

    I'd like there to be separate XP gains and levels for different ways too, Gathering XP carries on after level 10 towards Gathering expertise but not to your level, for instance. So you could only get to Level 10 through only Gathering but to be able to gather better materials, or more materials at the same time, or better quality materials, you would still be getting Gathering XP put towards Gathering Rank, or Level, or Grade, or Pedigree, whatever it might be called so that you could achieve those goals too.

    The rest of the XP needed for levelling would have to be met by other Ways. Quests, dungeons, raids, and PvP content being the most obvious ones, but also by playing a part in World Events, Grouped or not with others there, possibly by undertaking some class training (part of quests perhaps), and through helping, socialising if you may, other players. Assisting a lower level character through an area not able to be passed Solo, grouping to take on some harder enemies, maybe even having the Gathering, Killing and Exploring XP level caps increased if doing them in harder areas, Solo or in Group (Solo perhaps by piggybacking on one or more groups).

    (The levels I've mentioned are examples, could be other level caps than those, depending on what would fit more.)

    In an open world I do thing, to make it more real and alive, some areas would simply be too difficult to enter solo, be they camps of goblins, marshlands with too many snakes simply packed too close together to pass through safely, troll caves with trolls too tough to beat solo (unless suitably higher level or simply very, very skilled), and so on and on. The level of Nodes would, I imagine, also determine if there were more or less of such areas as well, where higher level Nodes had more areas where you'd need 2, 3 or more players to basically even enter.
    That said there should still be a bunch of areas Solo players can go to do their stuff, possibly even where only Solo players are able to accomplish anything as the wildlife, being good of hearing and sensing and such, would run off too far for a group to be able to sneak up on them. That shy Silver Swan will flee away if more than one person tries to get close, even if that one person isn't being stealthy enough and trampling around with a Mule on it's heels, or running and not walking slowly.

    In the area of Solo v Group content aggro range comes in too. The more noise a group is making the further the aggro range can be so that groups entering an area will find itself opposed by more opponents than a duo group or solo player would, not to the level of making it easier for Solo or Duo compared to Group but to not make it way too hard for them. Despite that aggro ranges where one can get too close except when sneaking properly just feels weird.
    So a Solo player might be able to attract a mere 2 opponents while a Duo group would be approached by 3, or possibly 4, and a group get ambushed by 6 of them as the opponents heard and saw them from a long enough distance to be able to affect an ambush.
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    Honestly? Those of us who enjoy playing solo, and then partying up, and then going back to soloing, tend to gear up and aim for the classes which will allow us to solo. A beast master doesn't expect to run around with a huge group of people in the wilds, while a crusader would be expected to be running with friends. The beast master has a companion(s) who are there to watch his back, while a crusader creates their class specifically to protect and assist other players. These are classes that people choose to play for that specific play style.

    That being said, some classes should be geared more toward allowing a person to explore the wilds alone...albeit they will not be able to kill everything, or even a large number of mobs, but they will at least be able to do some one on one fights by themselves, and if are careful will be able to carefully scout areas a level or so higher then themselves. However, those people who want to run with one (spouses) or two friends (or more) should be able to take on higher level areas, with greater challenges.

    I love MMORPGs because they are social games. I want to talk to people, meet up with people, do emotes and dance parties with people. I want to try and solve jump puzzles with people, and show off like parts of kick ass hidden terrain with folks. I don't want to listen to some one call every racial nasty comment they can think of, I don't want to run across the people who scream 'women are only made for ******, so why are you on this game?!' (which btw is one reason why I will never again get into Voice chat with people unless I have talked to them ingame for a LONG time), and I don't want to game with the person who screams every political or religious issue that crosses their minds. For them I hope we will have an endless blacklist, and a way to report them.

    Do I want to solo PARTS of the game? Hell yes! I also want to run the game with my husband, brother, and other friends. Do I want to be locked INTO only being able to run the game with them? No. I have no issues with dungeons being with groups, I EXPECT dungeons to be harder content, and to need a group of three or more to all work together. Do I want to have to run with a group when I want to run up a mountain, and see what is in that cave at the VERY top, and have to spend the next two hours trying to figure out how to get up to it (usually to find out that the path was RIGHT THERE), no. I want to be able to explore on my own. I want to scout areas, and giggle at the little hidden jokes all on my own. Eventually I will nab someone and take them to the new areas, but honestly, do I REALLY want to share that kick ass fishing hole with someone else, who might steal my market?
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    Solo players should have a means of progressing themselves to max level and mastering their craft, but I feel the best achievements and equipment should be gated behind group play. This is an MMO, it is meant to be a social game. To get the best things you should have to work with others. Many modern MMOs have the issue that players are not reliant upon one another, producing a community where no one interacts with anyone outside of their guild/friend group.
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    Put your seatbelt on, kids, because I'm going to tell you how to do it write.
    Yea, that was on purpose. Pun tax me.

    To begin with, "progression" in the game should have gateways. Just like from the old TV Show "Kung Fu" where the Master says, "When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave", so too should the player be able to prove their mastery before starting the next progression step. And it should feel seamless, an organic mechanic of the game.

    Games from the old days would ensure that before you fought The Boss, you had previously dealt with every mechanic it could throw at you. Now, The Boss might use ALL of those mechanics at once, and thus forcing you to adapt to the current situation, but having proved your mastery over each of those mechanics individually means you're at least ready to try and defeat him.

    The games would also ensure you had access to the right equipment before getting to The Boss. This was simple enough since the game designer knew all the numbers at play, and therefore what your Power and Defense numbers should look like by the time you got to The Boss.

    I don't see an Online MMO working any differently. The designers should have a relative idea of what each character in the fight is capable of bringing to the table, and creating "roadblocks" to ensure those characters are ready before continuing on.

    For example, let's say you're about to enter a dungeon. To get past some parts of the dungeon, locks might need to be picked in order to get a necessary item for the next stage of the dungeon. If your character has access to lockpicking, is it high enough to even have a chance? Sure, it might take a few tries, and you might have to dodge traps while picking the lock, but can you at least do it?

    Or, if you're a DPS-focused Class, how are your numbers looking?

    I bring all of this up because, at the end of the day, teams are still configured with individual players. And while a team may very well be able to struggle through content, the individual's sense of accomplishment is judged by their contribution to that victory. I have found that very few (a small percentage of) players enjoy being "carried" through content.

    Thus, the most important statistic is not how well you do in groups, but how well you can do solo. And just to be clear, I'm not saying that any solo DPS player should be able to single-handedly take down any mob. I'm saying that before fighting any particular mob, the player should have shown through some trial or test that they're capable of the Power necessary to do their fair share in the fight, and an understanding of the mechanics they can expect to deal with. This power can come straight from their character level, the equipment they have on, or a combination of the two... but it needs to be there.

    The difficulty of completing a dungeon or a fight, then, is a matter of how few, or how many, mistakes that player makes during the event. As opposed to the party scratching their head and pointing fingers trying to decide who wasn't up to par and was just hoping to get "carried". That leads to a whole different level of toxicity than someone "oopsed".

    To make these "gateways" or "trials" feel organic, they have to be part of the story. There needs to be a tangible reason for doing them, as opposed to sending a character off the story path just to get their badge. Therefore, to get to some of the more difficult content, and thus the more powerful rewards (new skills, better equipment, etc) you must first have completed the story up to that point (and therefore proven yourself ready for the road to your next milestone). And again, to be clear, even if you're grouping with others for your leveling experience, each Trial should have something in it just for you. Therefore, the best-case scenario would have dungeons be dynamic based on the group makeup.

    If you're playing a rogue with your buddy, who is also a rogue, each of you should have to pick a lock or door on your own. Maybe at the same time to get to the next area. Something of that sort, which ensures you both "pass the test" before moving on. The DPS side of it is easy since it's expected that you're both hitting mobs and the game can keep track of your performance individually with those numbers.

    The bottom line is this: I believe an individual player should be able to achieve a Mastery of whatever power spot they're sitting at. Thus,
    1. How much max damage should a 10th level Ranger be able to do in a perfect scenario? Great, so is the player doing at least 70% of that consistently? If not, why? Is it because they haven't mastered the mechanics of whatever they're fighting, or because they don't understand the damage output/capabilities of their Skills?
    2. At which point do the attacks from that 10th level Ranger become insignificant? The player shouldn't have access to "special areas" where he is rendered insignificant. This might be because his Level Multiplier is too low, or he's just not properly equipped. Maybe you don't want to stop someone from running into a Level 50 Zone at Level 10, but you do want to stop them from joining a dungeon group which is depending on them to pull their weight only to find out too late that they simply can't.
    3. If you're going for more of a "quest" feel, then XP should be earned more through achievements (such as getting through the aforementioned "trials", completing quests, etc.) than from actual mob kills. This also helps the "gateway" function feel more organic.

    Anyhow, I'm sure you can see where this is going. Solo advancement should be based on the intent of preparing that individual for group play--being able to pull their own weight, ensuring they understand what they'll be up against (even though it will be more difficult in group content), etc.
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    When I think of a solo player, I don't think of someone who tries to do "everything" by themselves. I think of someone who doesn't have a guild / group of people they play with a lot. I did this a lot in Guild Wars 2 when the game first came out. There was so much to do, and I had time to do it. The nice thing was that when a dynamic event popped up, it would attract people (usually also playing solo) and they would try to accomplish it.

    Ashes of Creation seems to be set up almost similar in that if you're in town and a world boss shows up, you just react to it. If you choose to fight, you'll pray other people show up, but you're not going to take the time to "party up" most likely. Dungeons are open world, you might be able to sneak around inside, get a few things, and maybe see a group to be friendly with (and maybe temporarily part with, but no friends list exchange).

    As far as what I think you should be able to do 100% solo, you should be able to earn enough money to get what you need. Either through artisan classes, owning a tavern and such, or solo grinding, a player should be able to earn good money on their own. Since the gear is based on crafting, even if you don't go and raid things, you should be able to make enough money on your own to afford the top (or at least competitive with the top) of the line stuff.

    Solo play for a skilled player should be more efficient than random groups of players who aren't very good... but less efficient than the well-oiled machine of a group with experience working together and a plan.

    I don't think a single player of any skill level should be able to win against 3 competent players with some balance (assuming relatively equal level / gear). I think a skilled solo player should be able to take a larger group of very unskilled players.

    Honestly, as long as I can make meaningful progression on my alts after my friends log off, I'm happy.
  • I feel like a lone wolf should be able to do everything a group or guild or raid can do but take longer so in some ways not everything, for example time sensitive things may not be possible for solo players. But generally I would love it if solo players would be able to do everything I myself love MMOs but find it hard to get groups/guilds together because of my erratic work schedule so I can't set a permanent day to do stuff.
  • daetdaet Member
    As a gamer, I LOVE group content, and really want to play a game where group content (instances and raids and the like), as I have been playing mostly solo games lately with no good MMOs on the market at the moment. However, that being said, I am also caretaker to a young baby who constantly demands my attention, and I often can't sit down for extended periods to actually participate in group content. So while group content is a must, and obviously a big part of how AoC is being built, it would be wonderful to have enough of a solo dynamic to not feel like I can't fully enjoy the game.
  • Dev Discussion #2 - Solo Gameplay
    How do you feel about solo progression? How far should a player be able to progress as a "lone wolf"?

    Last time i checked It's a MASSIVELY multiplayer online role playing game. Not some first person shooting game like HITMAN or IGI. very few content can be done solo. ex: crafting. But one can not progress alone.
  • AzryilAzryil Member, Leader of Men
    wasikovee wrote: »
    Dev Discussion #2 - Solo Gameplay
    How do you feel about solo progression? How far should a player be able to progress as a "lone wolf"?

    Last time i checked It's a MASSIVELY multiplayer online role playing game. Not some first person shooting game like HITMAN or IGI. very few content can be done solo. ex: crafting. But one can not progress alone.

    Just because there are lots of players in the game doesn't mean all content should require others to complete. The best gear should require some level of group play, but there should be a fair amount of solo content in the game as well.
  • leonerdoleonerdo Member, Settler
    I think it's better to lean into multiplayer interactions wherever possible. Which isn't to say that everything needs to be "group content". Rather, I think that even solo content should involve some small interactions with or impacts on the community.

    Solo quests should still impact the world in ways that other players could notice. Crafting disciplines should rely on other disciplines such that you have to go to the market from time to time. Explorers should be incentivized to share the knowledge of what they find. Lone warriors should have their feats of strength recorded, and they should be able to share that record in case they want to finally join up with others of similar skill.

    It's not about how much content should be solo-able, it's about how easy the game makes it to share that "solo" experience with others, in some small way.

    And of course, the ultimate goal is to encourage players to share more than a couple passing moments, and forge bonds that allow them to take on more and greater challenges together. (Which means, yes, there has to be some larger-scale content that is more or less impossible for a stubborn lone wolf player.)

    Hopefully, that rant inspires a little camaraderie, but I recognize that MMOs are not built exclusively for close groups of friends. The majority of progression (specifically character progression) should still be achievable without a single person on your friends list, let alone a guild. I just don't think people should be able to win any wars, save the world, or cause a cataclysm by themselves.
  • bloodprophetbloodprophet Member, Braver of Worlds
    A friend of mine said it best one night in Discord as people were talking about this subject.
    "Your not playing an MMO anymore. Your playing a solo player game with other people in it."
    This was one night last fall when we were finishing our raid time in WOW and people were trying to get groups together to do stuff.
    I like to explore solo as I tend to end up in that random corner of the world only s few know exists and fewer have seen.
    The rest should encourage team play. Should people be able to solo sure have at it. But imagine Leonidas standing solo at the Hot Gates.
    I am pretty sure we won't be forced to be in groups. Almost all of my fond memories for MMO's has come from group content. Weather it is pick open world PVP or raiding, groups make the genre what it is.
    Crafting being broken into 3 parts means that is only slightly soloable.
    If I don't want to play with other people for awhile I do something else. I would never ask a group based game be it basketball or an MMO to make it so I can win playing all by my little lonesome.
    Most people never listen. They are just waiting on you to quit making noise so they can.
  • VarkunVarkun Member, Braver of Worlds
    My personal opinion is that there should be a balance between solo content and group content. With a number of the systems AOC will include that may not be too solo friendly 8 man dungeon groups raids of various sizes. So if you are one of those strange people who hatez all other human life in MMO's and just wants to be left alone then there will be some parts of AOC that just will not suit you.

    There does need to be solo content through quest lines that are a challenge for the solo player that have meaningful rewards at the end of them, not just content that you can face roll through all the time. Solo content that in some cases is so hard that when you see someone with say a cosmetic reward from it you know they have achieved something special not everyone should be able to do some solo content at first put a skill cap in there make people get better to achieve some solo goals. Just a few hard solo goals for players to achieve would be fun IMO.

    The MMO's of recent times have become far to solo friendly and are just face rolling they have a great story and all but once the story is done what else is there for the solo player. My hope is that with AOC there will be many other systems that will help to keep you engaged organizations to gain power and reputation with crafting gathering processing all things that should be possible as a solo player to a large degree. Though you may need some protection while harvesting to stop those pesky thieves from killing you for your stuff :D .

    As for those that seem to think they should be able to go and solo 8 player dungeons no just no I do hope AOC never ends up in that state.
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