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  • A healer that can stealth to get out of combat and start ressing people, basically a buff-utility bot. That's what I usually play and have fun as, also being tanky to annoy melees that are trying to jump me, like "hey I'm a healer come kill me! JOKES ON YOU I'M TANKY!" Something like that LOL
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    Mobility mobility mobility! I love classes that can zoom zoom and make my opponent's camera spin. My favorite class to play all-round is Thief in Guild Wars 2. I love that trade-off of having to lose a great deal of raw defense, especially in PvP.

    I can't neglect mentioning Kunoichi in Black Desert though. The sheer joy just from MOVING makes me giddy. She has a short dash she can do with shift every second, where if you do it left or right she does a freaking cartwheel. You can also double jump without losing speed AND do your dash while you're double jumping. I have so much fun just running around town with her!

    Honorable mentions to Assassin in Blade & Soul and Monk in World of Warcraft, with a special shout-out to Mesmer in Guild Wars 2 for being such a well executed unique idea.
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    I just love to tank take control of a battlefield maintain agro on those opponents that will crush your dps or healers in a single blow. Give me the heaviest armour a whacking great shield and the ability to absorb all but the most brutal of punishment and I will be happy. I know that many enjoy the thought of lightly armoured dodge tanks but lets be honest your just a rogue who isn't right in the head or something ;) .

    The area where the tank class can really struggle if not designed well is PvP in some games taunts are 100% useless against other players. So there needs to be a good amount of versatility with tank skills so they are just as viable in PvP as PvE. Tanks need to be a concern for enemies on the PvP battlefield not just something that can be bypassed because hey they are just a tank.

    I should add my preference is for a paladin tank thus tank/cleric for ashes.
    Nagash wrote: »

    You really do paint such a vivid picture as to why you love the Necromancer so very much, thank you for sharing :D
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  • Love playing healers. But what I really-really like is a class similar to Elven Elder in Lineage 2 - having to manage the heals, your mana, while also restoring other people's mana, controlling buffs and debuffs, while combating challenging game mechanics is something that brings me huge joy.
  • Been MMO'ing since 1997 - I still do not know how to cast a heal. Guess that means I keep being the meat shield! :)
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    Thematically, I'm a fan of swords and spells, and especially spellswords. So the Elementalist class in GW2 is one of my all-time favorites.

    Mechanically, I like classes that build up resources or combos for a big hit at the end. Or really anything with a good rhythmic flow to it. (Tera's Warrior and Valkyrie classes are good examples.)

    I enjoy all three trinity roles, and I play healers and tanks a lot. But mostly that's because they interact more with the enemies and with with allies. (And they're more in demand for group content.) But none of those classes has really struck me as amazing. Astrologian from FFXIV comes closest though, since they have a lot of different tools, and aren't as restricted by long casting-bars.

    All together, I'd say my ideal class is a flexible, melee spellslinger, who has cool ways to interact with enemies (perfect dodge or counter mechanics are cool, hint hint), and some kind of resource/combo mini-game that builds up to a big finisher. And it would be a nice bonus if this hypothetical class had a team-focused ability or two, but the other things come first.
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    Sweet topic!!!!
    Ok Ill take my time and upload some pictures this time.

    Line][Age Gladiator

    Tera Online Warrior (ok.. a bit oversized weapons.)

    ESO Dual Wield DragonKnight

    In some games twin weapons are attributed to rogues and stealth play. In other they represent a wild furious warrior.
    In a perfect twin sword class I would represent a master swordsman, wearing heavy armor, dealing high conditional damage, high HP and CC resistances, but low defence physical and magic.
    The warrior doesn't have to have the best mobility nor too many CC options.
    I like the concept of Riposte Stance in which you strike back when your enemy does, and a couple of counter attack CCs.

  • George BlackGeorge Black Member
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    In many recent mmorpgs I am disappointed with the work they have done on dual wielding.
    ESO for example has the weirdest combinations of:
    huge reliance (up until recently) on range attack when holding two weapons (why not play bow..)
    the sole reason for using two weapons was a strong bleed effect in the past (DoT should be a tanks wear-them-down style) until the sole reason for using them became a damage mitigation BUFF ) again a tanks feature.
    Black Desert online has very strict classes, so unless you want a Giant with two axes or a female char you can't play with two swords. A samurai looking class would summon the power of WIND in his left hand for a few seconds and that was considered two swords.

    Is it possible to enjoy again a warrior with two swords? Not an assassin, and not a barbarian. Let's see what happens with AoC
  • enyan wrote: »
    Loved all classes in Lineage 2. They are really interesting, like Blade Dancer: you have 2 swords, heavy armor, but can cast buffs and stuff.. like warrior and enchanter in one. o.o After L2, always played assassin class: i like fast skills and just hate slowwww mages with long cast times..

    I liked L2 class more than any other mmorpg by far.
    And I loved how a character became a class through a series of quests and choices.
  • Favourite so far: healers/support with a lot of buff and utility spells (FFXI White Mage).

    Would like to see and try the summoner if the summons are actually powerful.

    My deciding factors on picking class apart from fun -
    1) I want to be useful to other players
    2) I want the fashion to look gooood. If the threads aren't lit, the class don't fit.
  • Palladin class has the most fun factor for me. Really like smashing things with hammer. Like self heals off heals support defensive abilities can tank can off tank. Holy power looks good in video games over all. I normally play range dps like mage hunter but found out that for pve palladins fun factor is really high. So can be a real team player. In my opinion the WoW pally class was the best class in game as far as fun factor. Throwing that shield around was lots of fun. Might of beedn I enjoyed tanking plus really liked the class.

    Plus it used to have really cool sounding ding or sheild of rigtheouness and hammer of righteousness. Got changed. By the way I give WoW A plus as far as sound is concerned but how do you teach sound to another developerer.

    Game play felt solid. You had opportunities ot do high burst damage using stacks of holy powe and while tanking shield slam was offensive but also defensive so had to time it with high damage out put from bosses. So there was some strategy to it. Other classes more like same rotation cycle over and over again. Plus came with good cc and interupts really important for pve and pvp.

    Pally is a hybrid class dps tank off heals which I really liked but some how this proved to a a game design problem not sure why. Problem was hybrid dps class did to much healing with proper set up and still put out pretty good dps. Not sure how that applies to Ashes of creation but may be something to look out for.
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    Shaman. Hybrid Healer. Poison, Sickness, Slow, Weakness, and so on ..... Nice for a Nikua ..... other than Beastmaster or Warrior (it seems). Sooo .... If @Nagash (necro) is DPS master, and Jeffery (bard) is the mana & mez master; I'd like to be the strength / weakness and the rot you with my slimy spores master. There you have it.
  • I would like to play a range class with skills to debuff(Slow, Root, Silence, and other Crow Control spells) enemies and also able to support my party with buffs(HP Regen, Stat Boosts).
  • Honestly, I'm not looking at ashes for the standard fair. What interested me from the start is the ability to do other stuff, focus on professions, explore and still be able to defend myself.
  • I play all types of classes but in DPS mode, even healers and tanks I always try to find a way to turn them into damage dealer, having said that, I always go with a rogue or thief in every game first, but recently I have switched to classes that can use bow like rangers or hunters, so I I'm really looking forward to try the combination of both in AOC, I think it's called predator...

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    I always enjoy playing a squishy, mobile, damage dealer, preferably with range. Some games that can be a wizard, archer. Hopefully in this game a combination of the two :smirk:
  • In terms of theme, I've always liked elemental type spell casters.

    In terms of mechanics, I am all about cooldowns. The notion of resource building classes is innately boring as far as I am concerned - as even if there is a big payoff at the end, there is no thought in how to get there. The payoff is a foregone conclusion, and assuming you can press 1, 1, 1, 2 - you get that same payoff as every other member of your class.

    Such classes have their place - namely, a means for less good players to cover up the fact that they are less good.

    However, to me, any class where you use the same spell twice in a row is a non-starter. I should have to think carefully about every spell I cast. If I can go in to an encounter knowing the first three spells I am going to cast, I consider that a failure in terms of that class' design.

    While some players like to put their reflexes up as the thing that separates a good player from a no-so-good player, I'd rather put my brain up as that deciding factor.
  • I have always liked wielding a big two handed weapon and heavy armor. I have played games that the shaman class wields a two hander that is able to be imbued with lightning, I really liked that. I also like ranger like classes but I never really get the sniper feel that I want.
  • Tank, Heal or DPS are predictable. I don't like people predict my every move. So, create my own style.

    for example:
    in SWTOR: my favorite class was Commando Hybrid, design to heal and deal burst aeo damage.
    Sorcerer and Scoundrel are full time healing with good CC skill and aggressive single target damage. Sorc DPS in PvP is outstanding, even tho it is a healing class. I mostly shuffle through this 3 class.

    in LOTRO: i like Mini heal tank because of good group support and can solo most PvE. But my favorite class was Lore Master because of strong burst AOE damage, Healing, Tanking and lots of CC. To be honest, i was still learning LM when i last played LOTRO and that was almost 5 years ago. LM is very complicated class. Easy to play, hard to master.

    Guild wars 2: almost 4 years and still learning. Every class is hybrid here. Thief and Mesmar is my all time favorite. Sneak, Shadow, Range, Burst DPS.

    Some people don't like "easy to learn" class. Some don't like "very complicated" class.
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    This is an easy one - The Mesmer from the original GuildWars. The Mesmer was a spellcaster which focused around shutting down enemies with a wide array of hexes, status conditions and debuffs. You had spells that would cause enemy spells to backfire on them, spells that sapped an opponent's mana, spells that give a foe increased casting or cooldown times, spells that slow an opponent's movement or attack speed, and many many more.

    While a lot of the Mesmer spells were pretty niche and limited in their application, it was fun to mix and max based on the situation and what kind of enemy you wanted to shut down.
  • I main a PvE tank in ESO, and tanks work a bit differently in that game. Being able to hold taunt and stay alive is the bare minimum of the job, and trivial for all but the hardest of endgame content. The tank is expected to position the boss correctly, group trash packs, and group adds onto the boss so they die to leave. These are also basic skills for a tank to being able to master in ESO. The skills that an endgame Tank has that separates them from a casual player is their ability to buff allies and debuff enemies. This is both using the abilities to apply debuffs to allow DPS to do more or take less damage. And wearing armour that serves less as tanky gear, and instead offer more group damage. Some of the best debuff gear makes a tank squishy, so there is a level of risk and reward, am I able to survive with 30k health and help with DPS? Or am I forced to have 50k health and play selfishly?
    I love this dynamic as a playstyle. It for so much variance for what skills to run and what armour to wear that will benefit your group the most while keeping you alive. Do you need to minimax for magical damage or physical damage? How hard does this boss hit? Do I need to add management skills slotted? etc.
    I hope that tanking in AOC won't just be about being a meat shield and keeping taunt.
  • SzoloSzolo Member, Founder
    My main has always been a healer in every MMORPG. Damage dealing and tanking rarely requires more than the perfect execution of a given sequence of spells for maximum efficiency. This makes these roles highly dependant on gear level.
    What I like about healing is, that it requires more "brainwork". As a healer your job was never about pushing out the most possible healing, but about distributing healing the most effectively without wasting healing (overhealing), or letting anyone die.

    I hope Ashes will bring around many hibrid classes that can be used both for healing and damaging/tanking depending on the equipment the character is wearing.
    You ride that fine line of like everyone is about to die and you shall keep on casting, keep going, it awesome. Thats the best part of healing.
  • WololoWololo Member, Leader of Men
    Based on PvP; I like to play a DD class. Specifically a DD that is squishy but deals tons of damage. It's defence depends more on evades (not stealth). Often this kind of class rules in small scale pvp or 1v1's. In Ashes i can see this class be the combination of ranger+rogue. Or maybe a fighter ? But will need more info on that. :#
  • zm0rzm0r Member
    I like being as ''cancerous'' as possible. Debufs, dots, crowd control. If you played Necro or Ranger in Guild Wars 1, you get the idea. Decent dmg, melting faces over time while ccing people.
    Allies have no idea that you even contributed, it matters not that you silenced/slowed/rooted/reduced the healing of a few enemies, it's all about the DPS guy yelling "I KILLED 5 OF 'EM".
    The silent UNguardian, the dark knight (might as well make it super OP and make it tanky as well, heh).
  • I would like the warrior to use magic as in The Witcher 3. I also like the Sorcerer (ESO) and its ability to move instantly. I want to see the possibility of self-medication in the game in order to play in single-player pvp or in a small group of 2-3 people. I play ESO like this. I like the stamina feature, which allows you to dodge and eliminate the effects of control.
  • Uh...the ideal class for me is something that can take dmg and dish it out, so a bruiser which can be magical or physical. However the main ROLE I normally play in an MMO is tank, and there are several classes that can be tagged to that....because let's face it we all know that the class is only 1/3rd the role.
  • hartwellhartwell Member, Braver of Worlds
    I like classes that can support others, such as through creating shield barriers or using healing spells. Both the tank and the cleric classes might provide something for me in this regard, if I understand correctly. I've also found myself dabbling in classes that charge into battle and can take a beating, which would probably be the fighter class in this game.

    In GW2, the Scrapper is my favorite defense ability class. They can create anti-projectile shields that follow them around, give others within melee range the ability to absorb some damage, and can mitigate more damage if they attack enemies up close with their hammer. This is kind of what I would expect a tank to be like given the spells we've seen so far, but with an actual shield being involved.

    The other classes are fairly generic and are very common in games, but they work well and I love them for it.
  • My ideal way of healing, would be completely different, and more engaging! I believe more people would take up healer roles in an MMO if it worked like DPS. your healing spells that you use on players and monsters damage them or hinder them and heal you and your party. using specific rotations, or combination on a raid boss for instance grants larger area heals to your party, etc.
  • For me Musa from BDO was my most favourite class across all the MMORPGs I have played. This class was a melee skirmisher/flank type of class. It would go into the backline dealing damage to squishy targets or interrupt enemies from casting spells/heals/buffs. It did this by using its high movement ability to reposition, avoid damage and find the ideal time to strike. However its movement ability wasn't very fast in short distance but was in long distance, which allowed it to reposition like no other class. The best feeling I got from playing this class was when I would have engaged the enemy backline at the perfect time, allowing me to interrupt enemies + killing important (e.g healers or dmg dealers) or weakened targets. This would allow my teammates to have a much better chance of winning when they engage. This was only improved by having a squad of Musas, that coordinated together, to flank enemies. The class could also use its movement ability to scout around enemy bases and relay info back to the shotcaller/leader (e.g. a weak spot in the enemy base, where they are located and how many enemies there are)

    My ideal class would be similar to Musa. The class should utilise its relatively high movement ability so that it can reposition and find the ideal time to engage onto the enemy. I think it should be somewhat squishy as the player should rely on the class movement ability and positioning to avoid damage. Some amount of of CC to interrupt enemies and medium damage so it can easily kill weakened/squishy targets. Additionally it would be nice if it had utilities to track enemies in some form or other scouting abilities that would give vital info back to the shotcaller.
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    In the past i played mage characters like High Wizard in RO online, Feoh Wizard in L2, Sorcerer in Tera and s on, i can't find a good game these days.

    I rlly like to play mage characters but it would be awesome some kind of mage that is not only DPS but also some kind of utility for the open world and exploration, that kind of character would be so cool, i've alwas liked the flashy spells and the idea to spend some time casting one big-ass magic or a quick one to have some mobility.

    I'm really excited about this game and i can't wait to play any kind of mage you've designed.
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