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  • We have been given sneak peaks of a world but not what is in the pipeline and its priorities. Could you share some of the recent milestones that have been achieved and the biggest hurdles so far?
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  • Can we augment weaponskills, and if we can: can we augment them with main class augmentations?
  • Hello there! I'm a first time poster and new member to the community! I've noticed that characters' clothes are affected by the environment, specifically appearing to be wet when exposed to water through either rain or interacting with a body of water. Is this cosmetic or will this change a character's resistances? It would be awesome if having a "wetness" buff would increase fire resistance and decrease ice resistance.
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    Will there be a hard cap on number of players that AoE can hit in PvP? Higher AoE caps (Or none at all) allow for smaller groups of people to fight groups that are much larger than themselves
  • How will balancing the combat of 250 vs 250 work? Won't aoe abilities be so much more powerful than a single tank?
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    Will there be different type of giant siege mounts depending on the node location. Aka ice Phoenix for icy mountain nodes, mythical whale for coastal nodes...etc?

    Could there possibly be an island/dungeon that is constantly moving in the sea that would be fun to try and get to .

    Plz add bug type armors
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    One of the things I loved about Eve Online was the depths of the political intrigue. Will Ashes encourage or discourage things like spies, moles, robberies, deception, etc. Where is the line between normal gameplay and griefing / abuse drawn in your mind?
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    Are there any plans to add ways that the players of different nodes can wage indirect war against each other based on the type of node they belong to?

    For example, a military node being able to send raiding parties to an adjacent node, an economic node being able to disrupt trade and services of an adjacent node, or even a divine node converting the NPCs of an adjacent node?
  • You've already stated your fast travel philosophy that it should be limited in your game, so why in the "blank" should you even contemplate to have 2 systems for testing regarding fast travel ?? 1. Being family summons. 2. Being Node transit systems? I don't see this as limiting, I see this as a gateway and going against your philosophy? Especially if you combine both systems ...
  • Is PvE content in the game going to be challenging? Or is it going to be a faceroll when there is no player contention?
  • HI, im excited for AOC and I want to ask , how will the expansions and content patches will work? The game sees like a long term.
    Ik is far ahead but its pretty interesting how will the expansions work especially
  • On open world dungeons, how will loot lock out work if two groups are contesting a boss; does only one group go on loot lockout or do both because they were fighting for loot?
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    Will scribing profession be integrated in some of the core systems, or will it be outdone by 3rd party maps/blogs/websites within a few weeks? What I was thinking about was needing scribes for declarations of war/alliances or even crafting contracts that give you very small tax benefits, which then can be sold (to name an example)
    Or is scribing nothing more than a dream that came from a small reference in 2017?
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  • Hi Intrepid!
    My question is regarding the Freehold system - Let's say my freehold is attacked and looted after a successful node siege and there will be no node development nearby that I can attach to during the 1 week grace period. If at the time of it's destruction my freehold has levelled up structures on it - will these structures maintain their level once I place the freehold in a different plot of land? Thanks!
  • How big of a role does RNG play when it comes to obtaining Weapons, Armor, and Rare Items?
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    On the forums under weapons you specify that duel wielding can be done with one handed weapons but not shields but then go onto to say "greatswords probably can't be duel-wielded" is this a hint that under specific circumstances or with the help of augmentation you can duel wield greatswords? If this is possible you will have truely fulfilled one of my greatest mmorpg desires :)
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    With Nvidia's Ampere ( and presumably AMD's RDNA2) cards surpassing even the strongest Turing cards by 50+% - thus defining a new level of performance - how will this affect the suggested VGA for testing the game later this year or next year? Will these cards be overly wasteful, because the game is still going to be balanced around a 2070S/5700XT range card for a wider audience, or the graphical engine will be tuned much higher, as a lot of additional resource opened up with the new cards?
    I know that AoC's graphical engine will be highly adjustable for the given graphical card"s capabilities, but with these new cards even a pre-September midrange card fell down into low range in a blink.
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  • Will my partymembers be able to deposit items in my mule's bag directly?
  • Will gear/weapons be level locked?
  • thelazypeonthelazypeon Member, Hero of the People, Early Alpha One Tester
    How do you envision large scale PVP fights unfolding?

    Will it be something along the lines of guild wars 2 where where groups will be stacking on top of each other to spread buffs or will it be more akin to something like BDO which is a bit more spread out?

    How much of an impact can we expect a single player to have in mass PVP? Will one player be able to do something to turn the tides of a fight?
  • I’ve heard that leadership guilds of a node can have a guild hall within a city, while the larger guilds will fight over the castles, but will smaller guilds be able to own ‘halls’ outside the node, for example on a freehold?
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    How detailed will the in-game map be? Will I be able to permanently monitor node progression on my map after discovering it for the first time, or will I need to check back in once in a while?
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    Will Ashes of Creation have a screenshot mode similar to Gpose from FFXIV, something that allows in depth and unique posing for screenshots?

  • Hi, I have a question regarding the world.

    Do the developers team decided yet if the world will be plane or a sphere?
    I would love to know if we will be able to travel freely through Verra like we do in the real world through ships and the like.
  • Questions about whether there will be a SA (south america) server on both the forum and the discord are redirected to a page that was last updated on January 25, 2019 that does not contain a listed SA server.

    Have you changed your mind and will we have an SA server? If not, what can people in that region do to help intrepid studios bless us?
  • Will there be a limit to how many players you can hit with aoe skills in pvp?
  • After hearing about the Weapon Skill tree, and how it mostly provides "proc" effects, I have to ask: How many passive and proc effects can we expect to see layered on top of each other at max level?
  • will we be able to create music files (abc song files) to then play in-game with our instrument?
  • Will we be able to circumnavigate the world in a single direction, or will we hit a wall before reaching land? For example: going west off of the western continent and reaching the eastern side of the east continent.
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