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  • What are some examples of the action side of the current hybrid combat you have envisioned, mechanically and visually? Will bow users be able to fire their basic attack in any 3Dvector direction if they are in action camera? If so, what percentage of skills will be able to be cast this way?
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    Caravan pvp: If you walk past a caravan in trouble with thieves and you want to help the merchants, are you forced to join their party to make sure you don’t get hit by their AoE spells? Will it be visible to others what your intentions are?
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    You've said that you will have 16 equipment slots, and recently talked about immersion. Will you/have you discussed the implementation of cosmetically immersive equipment like scabbards (as part of a belt or weapon) and quivers?
  • I saw somewhere that accessing crafting patterns comes from monsters, upper node levels and high end reputation positions. Could we get a few examples of high end patterns players can access by becoming mayor of a tier 4 or 5 node cities and any that can be access if a guild owns one of the few castles?
  • Big question we talk a lot about on the Discord is in regards to hitboxes.

    W/ races having different sizes will hitboxes be standardized or will we see the long prophesied return of the OddJob meta where Dwarves are harder to hit but perhaps move slightly slower on foot?
  • How do you plan on balancing the Tab-targeting & Mouse-targeting system? It sounds to me like either mouse-targeting will be highly useless, as tab-targeting will just be much more reliable, or every single competitive player will be forced into using mouse-targeting to get more bang for their buck.
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    Hey! Long time MMORPG Tank. love the work you all are doing so far. I have a question on how threat will work. It is usually how I determine games I play on how the gameplay while tanking feels. Any explanation on threat? Thanks
  • Are you worried that your player collision system will result in players grieifing? New World just had some trouble with players boxing in other players constantly. Also, with your "momentum" based system, are you worried about rubber-banding and other object collision issues that tend to pop-up when systems and connections vary so much within an MMO?
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    have you guys thought about giving master artisans the possibility of obtaining new skills based on what they've mastered? For example, a master fisherman could get a skill that, by using their fishing rod, they would be able to "fish" enemies, or a carpenteer building a wooden wall on the run to get cover.

    ps:I know you guys don't want players to get stats from artisan classes but could you let this poor boy fish his enemies?
  • What main mechanics are in place to prevent guilds from jumping from node to node to unlock different content? And what will be the main incentive to initiate node sieges instead of joining stronger node?
  • Is there any consideration about making the season (summer, winter etc) last longer than 1 week? Will there be items only acquireable at one specific season?
  • How are quests going to be made/programmed into the game? Will they be procedurally generated due to the amount of different nodes within the world? So some variation of gather x or kill y?
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    Do citizenships contain no influence, like race, NPC hate or religion among other factors have, for generating unique quest and encounters?

    Wondering what the motivation behind locking all characters to one nodes citizenship are, or only letting one have citizenship and the rest be kinda like traveling adventurers/nomads, aside from the obvious part of preventing people from becoming mayor with alts (which could be avoided by locking out being able to apply for mayor with more than one, like an account wide achievment bound to the title, yet still be a citizen through instanced or other real estate with alts).
  • Will Enchanter be able to summon a band of instruments that can play a passive song for people who own taverns and shops? I feel like this class is going to be perfect for the role players on Ashes.
  • How complex will gearing be? We already know there will be 16 Itemslots, but how many different stats will there be on each gearpiece and how many possible stats in total are there on gear?
  • Design Philosophy behind class balancing and team combat mechanics. For example, What will make players choose a hybrid class Mage/Ranger (Spellhunter) over a primary Mage/Mage (ArchWizard). Will Spellhunters have stronger single target abilities or will Archwizards have the strongest AOE damage skills but no support skills? Team combat mechanics will also have a huge impact on how meaningful large scale pvp plays out. For example, GW2 has a very intricate buffing system for CC immunity, party spell interactions and AOE caps that allows smaller more skilled groups to battle larger groups. Where's WoW, BDO large scale pvp is the complete opposite. The gw2 systems plays well for both large and small scale pvp creating a high skill gap and allows for diverse team comps.
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    Can players transport weapons in caravan? If yes, then what is going to happen when caravan carries 100 wood and 1 weapon item. Is there a chance to get that weapon if we destroy caravan?

  • When Closed Beta is released, how many players can fit into one server? Will there a player limitation from the start or it will gradually grow?
  • Как обстоят дела с переносом аккаунтов и когда появится возможность приобретать наборы в России по региональным ценам? / How are things going with the transfer of accounts and when will it be possible to purchase sets in Russia at regional prices?
  • If a guild is strong enough could they hold more than 1 castles or is there a limitation?
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    If a large majority of players hate a feature that is present in the alpha/beta are you willing to either fix the problems with that feature or if it is unfixable are you willing to scrap that feature?
  • Will Summoner pets scale with the stats of the summoner? If I put on plate, will they get more armor; if I increase my critical chance will they get a higher critical chance?
  • Will there be a legendary recovery system for legendary items, Steven has said that legendary mats will not be easy to obtain and some legendary weapons could be one offs. If this is so what happens if a one off legendary is given out to a person and say that person is banned or that person just stops playing the game for a long time ( say a year plus) will that legendary be lost or would it then go back into rotation allowing for someone else to obtain it.
  • While I understand that character animations and movement fluidity are going to be a work in progress... Can we expect to see some sort of dev footage on what goes into animating the character movement and transition fluidity (for player characters?). Games live and die by their character animations and movement fluidity. It would be nice to see that this is highly regarded and taken extremely seriously.
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    How will taming and animal husbandry stay in demand/relevant in 3/5/10 years time? E.g. will expansions add new animals just as they'd add new gear for smiths?
  • Question! How much Navel content will there be VS land content? Will the sea be mostly empty or will it have dungeons and world bosses like Land nodes.
  • First off I just wanted to say thank you to Steven and team for the amazing game you all are putting together! My question is how will the secondary role of Fighter augment the abilities of Primary class Ranger. I find it hard to pick between the two either melee dps or ranged dps and if you could maybe point out how the two might effect each other it might be able to help me when it comes time to log on for the first time not take 1 hour picking my primary class LOL! Thanks again to you and your team!
  • Will Ashes of Creation be on Stadia? I play ESO there and it's super convenient.
  • Hello! Is Tattooing an artisan profession or would it be a service provided by an NPC?
  • Hi Team! Regarding Node leadership partnering together for common necessities in the region. Will the Mayors have some capability of easy communication channels to the neighboring Node Mayors?
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