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  • Hi! Hopefully my question gets through this time

    How realistic will the armor and weapon design be in terms of practicality?

    IE: Will I be able to gear up in over the top thick giant glowing armor with shoulder pauldrons larger than my characters head? Or will it be more practical and propositional?
  • AltairisAltairis Member
    edited September 2020
    Will ALL primary active skills have an access to the four schools of augments or are they part of one school only?
  • I understand the game is still very early Alpha, however my question is will the reaction radius be larger than shown in the various videos we have seen? It just looks very easy and monty hall'ish at present..I get that it is more PVP focus and that is fine and exciting but the mobs etc. so far look ...very easy. Thanks.
  • Will Guilds, Families, and each individual player have an in-game Kill on Sight list where the “Family/Guild” Leader can add the name of any other player and by being on this approved Kill on Sight list a player does not receive corruption for killing them? To balance the mechanic the list would have a max of 30 names and names could only be swapped once a month.
  • Will there be hidden elite boss that can be soloed and drop rare items?
    "A lion chased me up a tree, and I greatly enjoyed the view from the top." -Confucius
  • Hello AoC. I would like to ask about early crafting.

    I plan on being a crafter from the moment i begin the game. During that time all the nodes will be level 0. So my question is, how will I process the gathered material? Will I just have be collect resources to level up until there is a node to process it or will there be a primitive processing and crafting system to make things like a wooden shield and wooden sword?

    To simplify will processing and crafting be irrelevant until node level 1 and gathering be the only thing we can do until then???

    Thank you for all the hard work on creating my dream mmo world that everyone can build the world together.
  • bosheanboshean Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    What will the taming system require to use? I am thinking just walk up to a mob and hold e and tamed.
  • If you intend on keeping each artisan class mastery relevant even during progression, how do you plan to do so? Please consider the fact that the main concern is that since everyone can gather and process sub-rare materials, it sounds like crafters wont rely very much on gatherers or processors during progression through crafting other than for specific rare components.
  • Depressed_TimmyDepressed_Timmy Member, Intrepid Pack
    What will the music system be like in ashes of creation? I know Steven has taken inspiration from games like Archeage so will it be MML or will we see something more similar to FFXIV?
  • We know about legendary items and that they will be rly rare, but will there be any uniqueness for Epic items, maybe there will be just X amount of some Epic items in the world.
  • HakuraiHakurai Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    How in depth will mount breeding be in Ashes of Creation? Aside from appearance, will mounts have any stats or skilled tied to them, and will there be any form of mounted combat such as charging enemy lines like that awesome scene in Return of the King? :D
  • What is the general difficulty outside dungeons/raids going to be like in Ashes of Creation?
  • edited September 2020
    Will AOC come with support for different NVIDIA features, such as RTX, DLSS or Reflex?
  • I would like to know if it will be possible to break an enemy's target lock on oneself by running behind objects like terrain, trees, walls etc.
  • ariatrasariatras Member, Founder
    Hey, awesome you're doing another Q&A.

    I've been looking forward to Ashes for a long time. It looks like you're doing an amazing job.

    My question is this.

    I know you've been saying you're not supporting Linux, which is more then fair. Blizzard for example doesn't support it either (officially). But their anti-botting system doesn't say Wine is bad. So it allows us Linux users to enjoy their games anyway.

    I don't know when, but I heard a few years ago, that you would be making and working on your own anti-cheat system. Can you tell us anything about it allowing Linux users to run an emulation layer like wine?
    It's not official support, like a native build. But making sure the anti-cheating software and such accept Wine as a valid thing would go a very long way.

    Thank you in advance if you pick my question <3

  • Hey Steven and the AoC community.

    To my question: Will I be able to interact with the mini-MAP / MAP?

    With that I mean for example:
    ● Put out pins - for monsters, houses, enemies, gathering areas and more.
    ● Pins with text notes.
    ● Be able to "draw" on the map - to show the way we will be traveling or how the gank will be set up.

    Best Regards, Schlol (soft C, not a HARD)
  • NeellNeell Member
    edited September 2020
  • Hello Intrepid Studios,
    Been reading up on everything about AOC even the lore and very excited to experience the game when it releases. That being said I wanted to ask a few questions about religions and how they will play out into the game.

    1. When choosing a religion are other players going to be able to see and know what rank you are in it?

    ★ 2. With religions are they only going to affect the individual players experience or will it also effect the server/other players experience (not apart of the religion) depending on the amount of players contributing to it?

    ★ 3. Will there be cosmetics/items that you can only get from the religion you choosed?
  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hi! Any changes to your stance on the looting mechanics? Auto-loot, AoE Auto-loot etc.

    Having to manually click and loot each mob is incredibly tedious and immersion-breaking for me.
  • Will there be custom PvP map available for community run tournaments?

    We don't necessarily need a supported tournament mode for PvP but at least having a bit of groundwork in place for a PvP tourney to be setup by the community with some basic features like Rule set, spectator mode and basic invite options to a server that would go a long way to create a decent PvP community.

    A supported Spectator mode is especially important with panning and other options for viewership reasons.
  • HjerimHjerim Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    To our knowledge, Intrepid exceeded the estimated cost of production of $30 million a while ago. Steven himself have largely been funding this game up to this day. Is this a sustainable situation for Intrepid for possibly one or two years more development time - and now also with the added cost of self-publishing in EU?
  • I would like to immerse myself in the game and live a peaceful life as an artisan, will crafting/processing goods be engaging enough for people to become dedicated crafters? I don't mind spending days crafting/processing goods if the action is something engaging that actually requires my attention and not something I can do while watching netflix.
  • XenantayaXenantaya Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Since citizens of the vassals of a metropolis cannot engage in a siege of that metropolis or other vassals subject to that metropolis, are you concerned that once five metropolises exist on a server there will be few sieges or changes in nodes?
  • AmmaAmma Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    What are your thoughts about crafting guilds? These could offer special crafting-related quests and give then special recipes, or some equipment like the ability to find special ore easier. These guilds would grow with the cities.
  • Hello, I've never heard anyone talking about what happens when you choose both times the same class, like rogue + rogue = assassin. What happens with the already existing abilities? (I guess they get stronger, but I would like some examples on how they differ vs the base class abilities). Thanks.
  • Вам пишут много идей по игре, но так как у вас осталось не так уж и много времени до релиза, то хотелось бы увидеть основные принципы по которым будет развиваться игра. Я хочу знать вашу стратегию развития , без умалчиваний.
  • DranDran Member
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    Two questions kind of related.

    One of my top deciding factors for MMO games is good character creation can you go more in-depth with this? I heard you say before it would be like Black Desert Online but looking at the current models worries me a bit.

    2nd Question Speaking of black desert online do you plan on having the lean/sit feature that they have in their game? It is one of the smallest things in games that makes a huge different and I absolutely loved that feature and wish more games in general would have that.
  • Will hotkeys be customizeable? Right now you for example loot and open doors and talk to npcs all with E hotkey. So will all these functions stay on one hotkey or will you be able to split them on multiple ones AND will you be able to do everything with mouse clicking too and turn off the option to do it with a hotkey?

    And hi Toast
  • shakaconshakacon Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    If I am a master tamer, can my alt be a master at animal animal husbrandy, and would both my alt and I be able to work with the animals in my freehold?
  • BedyBedy Member
    edited September 2020
    I want to ask 2 questions about Artisan titles and server announcement :

    1st question : will there be a Title for the 1st player that fully achieved/mastered their Artisan tree?
    for example :
    (1st Legendary Blacksmith)=Crafting
    (1st Legendary Miner)=Gathering
    (1st Legendary Smelter)=Processing

    2nd question : will there be a server announcement for events happening across server?
    for example:
    (player name) has become legendary blacksmith/fully mastered their artisan tree!
    (player party/raid) has defeated a raid boss!
    (corrupted player) has been killed by (player name)!
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