The Glorious Gourd Contest Returns!



  • MarDzMarDz Member
    edited October 8
    Here's my entry. :)
  • BangeoBangeo Member
    Heres my entry good luck to everyone else :)

  • MethodMethod Member
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    If a pumpkin patch was upgraded to Node Level 6 - Metropolis
  • LyquixLyquix Member, Braver of Worlds
    Birth of the World Tree
  • PhoenixITPhoenixIT Member
    edited October 11
    I'll try as well :)!

    Here we go:
  • Maverick V6Maverick V6 Member
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    Splash into Alpha!

  • FaceGuyFaceGuy Member
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    Create from the Ashes
  • SpadezeySpadezey Member
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    Hope this works!

  • stewcha.jpg
  • SkuldSkuld Member
    I'm just some noob "artist" but I tried :s
    So here's my Glorious Gourd submission!

    It's a phoenix egg with a lotus flower growing out of it, that symbolises rebirth!


  • CicutaCicuta Member
  • NeejalbNeejalb Member
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    Here is my contest submission, was funny :)
  • RytashRytash Member
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    i hope is just what is inside the pumpkin that counts xD
  • lukescott21lukescott21 Member
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  • HavojinHavojin Member
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    I've found some weird place in my gourd
  • edited October 7
    Let's try this :)
    Honestly, I don't know how to post a picture here so here is the URL to my pic.
  • Omg , it was hard to get this picture uploaded hehe :smiley:

  • PrismiaPrismia Member
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    By Prismia
  • NoGuENoGuE Member
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    by NoGuE
  • LazulineLazuline Member
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    Hey, y'all! It was super fun to work on this drawing. If I had the proper tools to do so, I would have carved an actual pumpkin this year! I tried to make it look like it was carved by hand- even in my cartoony style. Cinder boi also came with a Halloween hat! I'm so excited to see Ashes of Creation come to fruition - seeing passion projects like this flourish has given me so much inspiration!

    I felt a blue fire might spice things up a little bit as I based the background off the beautiful concept art of the under realm!

    However it may turn out, good luck to all contestants and happy carving/drawing!

  • SilverXsurferSilverXsurfer Member
    edited October 11
    From the Ashes rises creation. Great work everybody. I know we are all praying for the alpha

  • PixiedragonsPixiedragons Member
    edited October 11

    I tried. Pumpkin carving isn't something I usually do.
  • woodoxwoodox Member, Explorer
    edited October 8
    I tried to make it look carved and hope that I succeeded. I hope you like it! GL everyone, especially those actually carving a pumpkin =).

    "Fight Fire with Fire!"

  • Cookie066Cookie066 Member
    edited October 8
    I had lots of fun carving this beautiful green Australian pumpkin, First ever attempt. super excited to enter Glorious Gourd contest!! :smile:
    Good luck to everyone who entered!

    #Nearly lit GF on fire :wink:
    #making mount’s out of clay :smile:


  • SoulsOnFireSoulsOnFire Member, Settler
    edited October 8
    Finally finished!
    I couldn't decide what to do and I never carved pumpkins before so I eventually went for 3 pumpkins which took a very long time. :D

    I'm pretty proud of my left pumpkins quality.
    The other 2 pumpkins also have meaning;
    the bottom one is part of a human camp with caravan.
    Above you can see a mage and fighter (the fighter holds a weapon bacon made)
    Because of the fighting, the node gets EXP, it levels up and becomes a human village with decent walls.

    Everything was based of artwork from the wiki.

    Also, I added a sneaky IS-logo.

    Alpha key, I dream of you. <3
  • JpkJpk Member
    edited October 9

    Hope you guys like it!
  • DNFrozenDNFrozen Member
    edited October 11
    ok I'm done :)
    the pumpkin is corrupted
    and the stars on the top represent verra

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