The Glorious Gourd Contest Returns!



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    First time doing a gourd carving contest! Looking forward to seeing everyone's work! GL HF~ :)

    My pumpkin~ vvv
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    Have a nice day, everyone.
    And Happy Halloween
    Vegetable turtle :)
    Pumpkin shell; zucchini head; carrot fins and cucumber tail :) Bon appetit.
    I will be glad to just take part in this competition, and even more so I will be glad to the key for alpha 1
  • Here's my submission
    Was my first time trying to draw fire but not too bad. Had to reformat & crop after realizing I couldn't edit the template at all, woops. Either way, it was a fun attempt at something different.
    The idea behind it is that rogue members of a merchant guild had gone after a sacred phoenix for its heart to sell on the black market and they took it down in a field of gourds. However, at this time of year these fields are overflowing with magical energy so instead of laying dormant inside its heart gem waiting for a burst of magic energy from a major celestial event to boost its rebirth, the phoenix almost immediately reincarnated from the smoldering ashes of its demise. That's why its feathers are replaced with flames in this capture.

    Couldn't figure out the image posting so here's a URL link ^
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    Hey everyone! For my Glorious Gourd entry I wanted to showcase some of the mounts that have been unveiled thus far.

    I opted for carving three mounts on the same pumpkin: the Fox of the Pyre, the Nighthunter Gryphon and the Glimmering Geode. I also carved some trees between the different mounts to mark clear separations. Finally, to set the scene, I decided to leave the pumpkin innards, to mimic various vegetation and shrubbery.

    Since it is difficult to visualize all around the pumpkin with one picture, I took several pictures from different angles.

    Fox of the Pyre:

    Glimmering Geode:

    Nighthunter Gryphon:

    Best of luck to everyone!
  • Here is my entry for the contest, was really funny to make and certainly out of the ordinary to think about !!

  • Haven't carved a pumpkin in years, but here is my attempt.
  • SelsiSelsi Member
    Happy Halloween.oFXubI8.jpg\
  • This took way longer than it should have. xD Good luck everyone!

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    Me and the boys went all in, can't wait to see how this game develops in the coming years!

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    Happy Halloween and dont forget for Ashes of Creation Content, look at my Youtube Channel Gerni Gaming.🎃
  • OwraOwra Member
    I present to you pumpkin Peacat!
  • Double0JonoDouble0Jono Member
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    I tried my hand at recreating this awesome portal made to commemorate our struggles through COVID-19
    Good luck everyone and stay safe!

  • Made the silhouette of a sea serpent mount suggested by Margaret Krohn in the last update video. Shoutout to the team for the fantastic content and I can't wait to play!

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    From the Ashes, we rise!


  • MfwBWPs.jpg
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    We love you, Jeff!

  • An old man covered with an old cloak huddled around a fire with several children nearby. The children's' eyes wide, they leaned towards the man in eagerness of hearing his story. The flickering of stars and the noise of civilians moving goods through the portal nearby can be heard.
    "It all began in a time before time, when there was nothing but void and silence".

    "In an instant" the old man snaps his fingers. A few of the children jump at the sound.

    "There was noise, movement, chaos, order, life, death, existence." "This existence gave birth to many worlds, many stories and many adventures." "One of those stories is one I'll share with you now".*

    I tried my best using only an online photo editor ( i can't afford photoshop ) and my crappy laptop; i was inspired by the fan story above (*) to create this artwork, it represents what i think about ashes: A land of travellers, heroes and myths; a forgotten ballade sang by the one eyed bard around the village campfire and the struggle for survival of the daring adventurers camped in the middle of a snowstorm in the northern pristine mountains.

    Even if i know my artwork is not the best one , i hope the creativity and the passion i put in this will supply to that .

    love from Italy
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    Not the best, colored the fox on my phone ;)
  • gravitey390gravitey390 Member, Founder
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    sorry for the second post but for got my name :D
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    -Cast Spell - “Win an Alpha 1 Key”

    Due to your carving efforts an Alpha 1 Key shall be awarded to the caster (100 Mana cost, 1 year cool down).

    (This is me casting the spell that awards me an alpha 1 key, super fun and my kids enjoyed watching. Coincidentally my 1 year old daughter is named Phoenix.

    Turn sideways for best view.

  • HakuraiHakurai Member
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    All the critters have come through the divine gate wearing their best costumes, ready to go trick-or-treating!

  • This is my submission:

  • First time pumpkin carving!
    Had tons of fun carving with my girlfriend, who's also very excited about the game.
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    My Entry, Good luck to all
  • Isn't this A2W? (Art to Win) :D
  • Never done photo editing, but the past 3 hours have been great.
    Since ash is literally the building block of life, burning every element into ash is just mixing it all together to create something new. This is how life works.
    I tried to picture fiery fire of burning material inside a pumpkin.
    Alpha awaits!

  • Hello!! there are some really awesome entries here, this is not going to be easy!!!
    Good luck everyone!!!
    Here is my ghostly pumpkin, hope you like it!!

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