The Glorious Gourd Contest Returns!



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    Since there is no rule about using it as supposed I thought outside of the box... Even if it ain't allowed or not good enough I did enjoy drawing again...
  • MinamasMinamas Member
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    here is my gourd for the contest, i'm a beginner at drawings but i want an alpha key so bad x)

    Thank you guys (:

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    Agourdion, the Pumpkin/Bard

  • zanzukenzanzuken Member
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    My entry :)
  • ErnirosErniros Member
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    Pumpkin of the Ancients

  • ChewbastianChewbastian Member
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    Frog(nar?) king sitting on his throne holding an alpha key with his pet phoenix next to him.

    Completely created with a mouse in microsoft paint. Took longer than I care to admit.

  • KatakKatak Member
    Some thoughts for the season,

  • ShadowCreptShadowCrept Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester
    Hopefully this is allowed if not please let me know before the contest ends so I can pick a single picture. I included 3 of the same Piece to have the fur shown better in one and the detail better in the others :)imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-QrXQezR3KEKvrms7.png
  • Some say every Halloween night you can hear the Pumpking’s caravan traveling through the woods. What riches could you amass if you could just take down such a thing? What dreaded creatures defend the treasure? Do you have the guts to find out?

    I included a couple other pics of the pumpkin because the ones i took at night were way better but i didnt have the template

  • SchlolSchlol Member
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    Who would win? Dev´s or Streamer´s?

  • IMG_20201010_223526.jpg
    Never carved anything into a pumpkin before, but what wouldnt i do for an alpha key at this point? :hushed:
  • AlanFr0stAlanFr0st Member
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    Run all you want this Corrupted will stop at nothing from taking all your drops. The bounty hunters got him once but they wont get him again. 20201010_193142.jpg?width=812&height=812



  • I'm not sure how others posted their image directly into the forum, so here's a link:

    It's the spookiest thing I could think of. Imagine... the horror.
  • alexwishialexwishi Member
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    Here is my creation. Its front and back ... had to use the mirror to show both at the same time. Good luck to everyone


    The original picture didn't seem to do the back justice

    The back is cut out so that it can project on the wall:


    Here is a shot of the back with lights on


    Thank you all!

  • AruganArugan Member
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    My attempt at a Pheonix.
  • Impending doom...

  • Ashes of Creation heavily revolves around the players creating their own world that they play in.
    This is only possible, because of Intrepid studios, so in my carving, I tried to represent Intrepid giving the "power" to the players, for them to create the world they want.
    Just to make the carving more interesting, I tried to hide its meaning by carving "The Creation of Adam" in stickmen form.
    Also, I'm a first-time carver who got a really THICK pumpkin. This was very hard. :D

  • Ok I am done... was my longest Paint Session ever :D
    I hope its fine for first time editing stuff.


  • I was in the mood of carving a pumpkin all month long, so this was now the perfect opportunity :blush:

  • Everyone needs a little Daystrider in their life. I'll settle for a pumpkin version for now. Thanks for the fun and good luck everyone!

  • Got really excited when I saw this contest, I could start honing a new skill not very common in the northern parts of the world. Its mediocre compared to what I've seen in here so far, you guys are great! :smiley:
    But I am proud non the less :smiley:

  • redjumpsuit2redjumpsuit2 Member
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    Hello glorious fellas!
    May I present to you my gourd?

  • LexiviLexivi Member
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    It was fun, I rarely get the page full like that :) happy halloween

  • Here is my creation! Really excited for this contest.. So excited that there is a poem I wrote to accompany the pumpkin scene

    My carving is 4 people walking on the road to face their destiny. The pumpkin has a front and back, but the back is meant to project onto the wall to add to the scene!


    "There were four,
    and here they are..
    set upon the World of Verra

    ..the Agile Assassin
    Who's lightning quick, and weilds her daggers with Shadow's trick

    ..the Steadfast Strider
    Who's hands are steady, she draws her arrow and stands ready

    ..the Guilded Guardian
    Who's shield stands straight, he draws his sword and accepts his fate

    ..the Stony Sentinel
    Who's glad to be, partied with his companions three

    ... Marching on the Path
    towards Destiny's Door. "

    ---Whispers upon the wind

    Here is a shot with the room lights on:


    And finally, a shot of the back carving that projects onto the wall:


  • GathelyGathely Member
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    Hello everyone!
    Good luck to all of you!

  • Found this on the Alerynn Bulletin Board. Mayor Steven has requested that Citizens help cleanse the Dünheim dungeon.


    You can see this under different lighting conditions here:
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    Had plenty of fun doing this and thought I should do one of my first steads I want when the game launches!!
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