The Glorious Gourd Contest Returns!



  • Hello everyone :)
    I made a Flanggler :DD
    The Flanggler is an angler fish-like creature that has a lure stemming from the top of its head that looks like a flower! Hopefully we can get one as a pet <3
    Good luck everyone !!!

  • pumpkin.jpg
    Emberstorm unhatched nest, a legendary mount ready to be hatched for those who dare to come and claim it within its den.

    3 unhatched eggs, hatching embryo egg, and open ribcage all carved from pumpkins. stood up on rocks and littered with twigs to simulate a nest. scraps of meat and bones are also found left behind for the young ones to consume.

    Best of luck to everyone! This was a blast to partake in!
  • ScherwinScherwin Member
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    Proudly presenting

    The Fiery Quarrior


    Small goodiebags around. Good things comming to the Ashes community soon!

    Probably spend way too long on making this to fit the competition rules of all lines on top but im pretty proud in how it turned out!

    (here is a little gif of proof of Lines on top is all clear since black next to black is hard to see)
  • rogonjarogonja Member
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    All I ever wanted is Alpha 1 key :)
  • LinikerLiniker Member
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    Introducing my masterpiece:

    It's Nik! the lovely phoenix mascot from the discord with his big smile and blazing eyes ready for that Alpha 1 key and a vintage hat! :D


    PS: I promised my 10yo sister that if I win, I would buy her a PC this Christmas so she can start gaming <3

    So may the Goddess of Creation, the God of Hope and all the Phanteon of Gods help us!

    More pics here:
    Das cinzas Ressurgiremos
    Recrutamento aberto - Nosso Discord: Clique aqui
  • BaccaBacca Member
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  • Kimmie9146Kimmie9146 Member
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    Hoping to lure in the alpha one key!
  • BayzulBayzul Member
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    First time carving a pumpkin in YEARS. This is my pumpkin Flanggler ready to bite those who dare pick it.
  • My submission! :)

  • Here is my creation it's not a phoenix but it did start from the ashes. Happy Halloween to you all!!
  • Fox of the Pyre Pumpkin! Happy Halloween all! Another pic to show the tails.


  • Sorry but the song is copyrighted but we all hear it in the our heads right ;)
    Sing with me baby! Dame da ne, dame yo!

  • Razor 615Razor 615 Member
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    Taken from one of my favorite items in the game. Not a master pumpkin carver but it was fun! :)
    Lineage 2 Veteran
  • The Luminous Starcrawler will forever be my favorite <3 Happy Halloween !

  • RuklikRuklik Member
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    without talent, but with fun :) Greetings from Poland.
  • HankTheTankHankTheTank Member
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    That's what I'll play, when the game launches :)

    Would love to play the Alpha 1,too^^

  • Here Is My Entry/Submission/etc. ;)...

  • 🐾
  • RavmarRavmar Member
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    Verra - the Nest of the Phoenix

    In a world born of fire, from the ashes "sprout" five metropolises, watched over by the phoenix as it spreads its wings.
    • Despite the stench of burnt pumpkin guts and seeds in the house, my wife was still gracious enough to help take about a hundred pictures to get a good one.
    • 2 weeks to grow pumpkin sprouts.
    • Threw in an extra picture to give a better perspective of the 5 sprouts in the nest.
    • Carving from the inside of the pumpkin is much more difficult than I thought it would be.
    • Used Sterno to keep the wings on fire instead of dousing the whole thing in lighter fluid. FYI, that stuff doesn’t burn long outside of the can.


  • kabamarokabamaro Member
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    This caravan needs no defenders >:)
  • ZiiZii Moderator, Member
    ok so heres my attempt, just to join in:

    Its meant to be this cute phoenix!

    This is the final carving in light.

    OK and darkness.

  • WoodchipWoodchip Member, Leader of Men, Early Alpha One Tester
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  • - From the Ashes, we rise! -


    Also posting this to Reddit to show what it looks like in the light! Had a great time making this "pumpkin from the ashes of another pumpkin" submission.
  • ClaudiaClaudia Member
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    Hello everyone, lovely pumpkins so far!!
    This is my take on an AOC pumpkin! Heavily inspired by some of the Halloween sets!

    3 mystery beings dressed in Corvid Castigator outfits navigating the tree tops. One aims their bow while the other enchants the arrow; poisoned with the deadly snake venom, Fuming Tincture they call it. Aimed steadily at one of the Seven cloaked members hovering a certain relic...
    They're ready for revenge, call it...Timely Deliverance.

  • TraethelockTraethelock Member
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    My Pumpkin submission inspired by the AOC Phoenix and dragon.

  • First attempt at a pumpkin carving! Not the best - but I wanted to show support with Ashes of Creation and their COVID support statue! Hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween!
  • HoldenYourLHoldenYourL Member
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    For my idea, I decided to take the Dawnbreaker mount and add my own spin to it which I have nickname, "Twilightbreaker"

    For the design I tried to make it look as if it was a flat image carved into the pumpkin with a hazy/ghastly glow around it.

  • TraethelockTraethelock Member
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    Hello Everyone,
    I decided to take the elegant phoenix of AOC(bottom head) and combine that with the will of the gamer displayed as a dragon(Top head). The two going hand and hand with each other in a yin yang style.

  • EpicHoodEpicHood Member
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    Hello trick or treaters! I wanted to include something unique and different as the developers are also a huge part of Ashes and i wanted to include them in my ashes of creation theme for this year! Enjoy :smiley:

    I decided to draw about a fan like many of us here who is dreaming on a hallows eves night about the development of the most anticipated MMO. Our fearless creative lead Knight Steven Sharif sharing with us the knowledge and wisdom of what makes a great MMO. Our wicked and lovely community lead Margaret Krohn making sure that everything is organized while her cat is working hard preparing the live stream & to once again steal the spotlight from our wicked monthly development updates! Lastly our hard working lead gaming designer Frankenstein, ah i mean Jeff Bard, is working day and night to ensure the Alpha 1 that everyone is "literally" dying for wont have any problems........

    As the dark nights draw near, have a memorable and spooktacular Halloween everyone >:)

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