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    Do you know roughly how powerful you are planning to make Legendary Unique equipment? For example, would it be massively more powerful than the BiS Epic equipment, or just slightly more powerful?
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    For people that are buying the pre-order packs in dollar/euro - Will there be any adjustments in those packages by launch IF you open servers with harmonized prices for other currencies?
    e.g: Buying a package now with 9 months of game time and 16,250 embers can be up to 6x more expensive if people get those by launch on a harmonized price for a SA/BR server
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  • HjerimHjerim Member, Leader of Men
    DomThaor wrote: »
    Will there be collision control between Players in Ashes of Creation.

    For example would it be possible to form a line of tanks to block certain floors in a castle, where you dont just run through like in other mmorpgs and where you actually have to kill the tanks or break the line to pass through this defenseline? To add a tactical component.

    Yes this will be a thing! Shield wall will possibly be a legitimate tactic
  • CoconutBanditCoconutBandit Member
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    Greetings from Hawaii! My question is will there be titles that are earned by doing evil things? Two examples would be a mayor taxing their citizens too much earning the title of Tyrant and a player hindering religious quests earning the title Heathen.
  • LyonLyon Member
    In a world where flying mounts will only be available to a few persons will flying mobs be a thing there? Like not flying slightly over the ground i mean flying higher in the air. And lets say i would be one of the chosen few persons that owns a flying mount will i be able to fight during flying and not only mobs but other players too? Will there be any dmg reduction or advantage then from someone flying to someone standing on ground? On the other hand for the ppl who cant fly will there be quests to kill flying mobs and if so will ppl maybe get a temporary flight mount to do so? It would be sad to see the game missing out on something that has such a huge creative potential like flying mobs.

    And pls can we get more ingame 4k Wallpapers?

    P.S.: Hi Toast
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    XVI wrote: »
    What will you have for people that like to get achievements and collect things? WoW has things like battle pets, cosmetic armor and weapon appearances, and mounts to collect, that are usable across different characters on your account. What will Ashes have to collect?

    What will you have for people that like to go everywhere, do everything, and complete everything? Completionists & achievers. Will you have a formal achievement or trophy system that rewards people for reaching a certain level, accumulating X amount of wealth, defeating a boss encounter a certain way, etc.?

    The answer to a lot of your questions is yes: May I suggest:

    So that maybe you can refine your question to get something more specific answered!
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  • I seen a video about how pantheon was dealing with best in slot items. They were planning to make stats very situational meaning the best in slot will change depending on the situation. I am wondering what were your plans to encourage diversity?
  • George BlackGeorge Black Member, Intrepid Pack
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    What are the risks/drawbacks of a player using a mount to speed from point A to B, without adventuring in the world?
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    DomThaor wrote: »
    Will there be collision control between Players in Ashes of Creation.

    For example would it be possible to form a line of tanks to block certain floors in a castle, where you dont just run through like in other mmorpgs and where you actually have to kill the tanks or break the line to pass through this defenseline? To add a tactical component.

    Yes - Player Collision is confirmed:

    There are player and spell collision mechanics in Ashes of Creation.[76]

    Inertia and momentum physics will help prevent blocking doorways/access points. This is based on a character's direction and movement speed, and can be used to push people out of the way.[77][76]
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  • the companion app can we got more detail and what can it do beside farmhands and games in the tavern please
  • Any update on the book attached to a chain for a melee weapon?
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  • Do death penalties stack, like corruption does?
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    About classes.

    Traditionally, classes in games are either generalists and boring to play with, or very niche, distinctive and very fun. But this also makes the class viable only in one content not the others.

E.g. in some games, assassins are good at 1v1 or small scale PvP but not very welcomed in PvE and big scale PvP with the lack of AOE/CC as a DPS.

    Keeping that in mind, would AoC consider having a system to let players have two second archetypes, one active, one saved and can be switched to in the city of which they are a citizen. And if they want to respec any of these two, they can do the quest thingy? This way, players who play niche classes can also enjoy a wider variety of contents that AoC provides.

  • EveAEveEveAEve Member
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    It’s awesome that you have systems in place to keep the game fresh with how modes can evolve, change, and be reset. What systems do you have in place to help keep things fresh in terms of the life cycle of guilds? Is there anything that will help to keep an old behemoth from getting complacent and just sitting there with stagnant enemies and relationships or is the mode system itself supposed to do that? How is a guild overturned and what happens to its members when that happens (are they scattered throughout the map, do they need to forge new relationships and new guilds)? Are guilds intended to be kept small and must then be constantly forging relationships with other guilds to be strong or maintain shared control over a node?
  • MethmedMethmed Member
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    Hi Intrepid,

    I am developing a community tool named 'Ashes of History'. Its intended purpose is to catalogue the history of each respective server by allowing users to describe an event, pin it to the map location(s), add links to video snippets, define dates, add guild or player references that were involved in the event and even link it to other events etc.

    That being said I also understand that Ashes of Creation has some form of history tracking in the Scientific Nodes' library building.

    My questions is two-fold; will the game already contain in-depth history tracking features, thus making my project irrelevant, and secondly is if such a tool would be allowed by Intrepid? I am investing a lot of time and effort and would be sad to get a 'cease and desist' after launch.

    Thank you if you answer my question.
  • Hi from France!
    One great thing about BDO imo is the gear not being outdated updates after updates, making poeple less rushing and more enjoying other contents the game has to offer, will AoC take this path aswell?
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  • What is the most difficult part of gathering data from Alpha testing?
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  • Hi,

    When purchasing housing, I know you said before about sieges causing housing to be destroyed and no longer used. Will there be some sort of compensation for that? Or will there be a type of housing that cannot be lost?

    Thanks for all the hard work :)
  • A question about Classes and Religion:

    Even if they change it later, will Clerics need to keep a religion, at all times - or to begin the game with?

  • I have no expectations for this game to be ported to console, but will there be controller support added to the game at some point?
  • Please clarify the extent into which class identity will extend. We know you intend to put in Skeletons for the Necromancer but how do other classes achieve class identity?
  • Do we know if there will be matching freehold building cosmetics for other buildings? Say you bought a house cosmetic (Nov 2020) and want the stable or blacksmith to look the same and not have one bright orange house, how will you guys be handling that? Thanks!
  • Any new information on more A1 keys?? :D
  • any chance for IC and OOC tags that anyone can see? maybe a place to write a character bio that is visible in-game. would do wonders for RP players.
    something like a change in name color for being in character would be awesome!
  • Will there a community bulletin boards in nodes, so players logging in will know what’s needed and know what to work on? “Collect stone” “collect wood” “make weapons” etc.
  • How will skills scale with the different attributes (str dex int etc) will it be tank skills only scale with strength, or will certain skills scale with other attributes too allow for more diverse builds?
  • With the corruption system a non-combatant does not become combatant when they attack a corrupted player per your chart, that means a corrupted player can't even fight back to defend themselves as they would become more corrupted if they kill the non-corrupted player who initiates combat. Is this your intention?
  • In terms of level grinding will it be mob grinding base similar to lineage 2 and quests give some exp but used mainly for rewards or more quest grinding like WOW or Tera where questing is just as fast or faster than mob grinding?
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