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  • CrowigorCrowigor Member
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    After the termination of cooperation with MY.Games, the CIS community is concerned about two issues.
    Will the Russian language be available at the start of the game and will there be regional prices for Russia and the CIS countries?
  • Would we see PVP zones inside AoC? If not now maybe later in expansions or so?
  • ButterknifeButterknife Member
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    Will there be an option to turn down the graphics of the skills and attacks when in a large scale battle as it could cause difficulty in understanding what is happening around yourself ?
  • ButterknifeButterknife Member
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    Will there be any effect on the other nodes in the server if one of the nodes in the server reaches metropolitan status ?
    Many people would be attracted to the best/most developed node on the server so will there be a cap on how many people can become the citizen of a node ?
  • Will pvp ranks be introduced in the game, like in ever quest 2?
  • Hello Intrepid Studios Team! Tell us when there will be news about the transfer of accounts from
    When will there be regional prices for the CIS?
    There are also people in the CIS who are waiting for Ashes of Creation)
  • Is 10k players on servers is enough ?
  • I Mostly play for Immersion, Will we be able to to have full Control of the UI ?
    And will we be able to make and use Addon's or mods made by the community like in Elder Scrolls and WoW
  • Will building skins be customizable, like changing color/material of walls/floors?
  • Hi, AoC!
    I want to type Japanese on chat box.
    Are you planning to let us use Japanese and other language?
  • Talking about augments of the second archetype, will be the same four augments for every primary class?

    For example, a fighter who picks mage as secondary archetype will have the teleportation and the elemental augments. If I choose a bard as my primary archetype and a mage as my second, will I have the same teleportation and elemental augments or will be different ones?
  • KrowTheVekKrowTheVek Member
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    Lets talk about Thieves and PvP.

    What is this interaction. Are you able to steal from a guild's storage during War Periods, Castle Sieges?

    (P.S I want to know more about the religion aspect. Especially Vek Religion who do we look for Guidance)
    Murder of Crows GM
  • Will having multiple processing alts allow you to process a larger volume of materials?
  • Will there be a streamer mode/safeguard for streamers not to get sniped?
  • Thank you for the opportunity to submit a question!

    I would like to know if there would be an official Ashes of Creation app made by Intrepid Studios for this game?

    Things that this could be used for to great effect would be some features we have seen in other games apps:

    -Communication with our guild mates or in game friends/family list via a chat or message system

    -The ability to be alerted to in game events like sieges starting on our nodes, or player created events

    -Getting notified when our auctions or items sell or getting notifications when we get mail in game

    -Being able to access our characters paper doll or equipment list remotely

    Of course this is not a complete list of the possibilities but I am just hoping for a way to interact with the realm while I cant be home on my computer. Mobile app integration and smart watch notifications of in game events or happenings would greatly help me stay in touch with the realm I love while I have to be away or at work.
    “There’s absolutely no limit to what plain ordinary working people can accomplish, if they are given the opportunity, encouragement and incentive to do their best”.
    -Mr. Sam Walton
  • Will there be a mechanic for "empty" or "decoy" caravans?
  • How do you plan to make the potential rewards for defending a caravan appealing to players when picking a side for caravan PVP?
  • HakaijuHakaiju Member
    edited February 23
    Will it be possible to raise the item level of your gear? Not meaning enhancements.
    For example upgrading my +15 Lvl 45 weapon to +15 LvL 50

    Otherwise gear will get more or less useless with upcoming expansions and max level increases (apart from breaking them down for materials)
  • Will there be gear for artisans that boosts their abillity to craft/gather stronger items?
  • Can our heads turn separately to our bodies?
    I wish I were deep and tragic
  • Question about cosmetics.
    If you have any cosmetic, ex: armor, and you implement it in your armor with your main, you can remove this skin and use it with your alters or this cosmetics can only be used by your main?
  • SqueezySqueezy Member
    edited February 23
    From a crafting perspective, will it be beneficial for guilds to focus and specialize in one area or chain of crafting in order to maximize efficiency? Example: lumberjacking, "wood processing", ship building. Or mining, smelting, blacksmithing.
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  • In many MMOs in the past, certain class' skills/abilities have been locked behind weapon choice. With Ashes being very open to variety within each class, will that same system be in place? Will the ranger class all but force you to use bows in order to use the majority of your abilities, can I use a two handed weapon and still utilize my rogue abilities, and can I use a bow as a fighter? To summarize, can I build classes to my liking by sacrificing one or two abilities but not losing out on the majority of the abilities for the class, or in some cases will the classes be locked to certain weapons but differ on pathing chosen by the characters by them spec-ing into different trees? Thanks
  • Are there any plans for south east asia or australian servers for a1 or a2. Loving the look of the game so far and can't wait to see people try the alphas
  • Is it possible to offer a rough estimated date when Alpha 2 would start?
  • Like many others, I'm really interested in knowing more about dual-classes.

    If someone roles a class like "Rouge / Cleric" Will they get access to hybrid abilities that only that specific cross would have? Or will it be more focused as "You have all of your rogue abilities and you get some cleric spells also"

    I think having unique hybrid abilities (even just one.) would be very very cool, thank you for doing this and all your hard work on the project.
  • Characters will have levels, with an increase in the level, new powers will be issued, but will the characters have a system of achievement points, only not depending on the level, but pumping regardless of the character's level, for example, for completing quests, opening collections, opening new locations, as it was in Ever Quest 2, it was a very interesting system for pumping achievement points !!!!!
  • What will be the system for crafting items, I just would not want it at all, I really would not want it to be random (my father-in-law at this level I improved the item, and with each next level the chances decrease) this is a bad crafting system (((as is now done in many games.
  • Will it be possible to change the look of the character (armorwise) also by collecting specific items or only possible depending on your crafted armor, costumes and armor you get as rewards? E.g. would it be possible to wear also light-armor-looking parts on a "heavy" Guardian or could I imitate wearing "heavy" armor as a "medium armor" rogue?
  • HurtmeiHurtmei Member
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    Does the names of the classes matter and give you a feel for the class? Or are they just meant to sound cool? Like will a paladin feel like a paladin, will a shadow Guardian actually use shadows, does a soulweaver have something to do with souls etc etc
    (i know how the archetype system works, which is why the names confuse me)
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