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    Roughly what phase of alpha will we see the augment system start to be fleshed out into a playable state?

    Al;pha 2
    Where are you getting that information? It's not on the wiki. Was it in a recent interview or something?
  • Will Classes(architypes combinations) have their own unique passive perks and mechanics or only skill morphs?
  • Is open world pvp the final decision for how pvp would work in this game? Would other iterations, such as zoned pvp, be considered?

    To elaborate - zones could be comparatively sized with pve zones, and provide a lot of incentives (rare loot drops or resources, more currency drops, higher xp gain, etc.) which would then motivate players to WANT to participate in pvp, as opposed to the current system where there isn't much of a choice if one wishes to experience the game with pve only.

    As it currently stands I would stop advertising the game with the concept of flagging, as they are more statuses than a flagging system.
  • Will ships (however it's implemented) be able to bombard or siege a node/castle in the event of a coastal node/castle siege?
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  • When nodes are destroyed from sieges, will the NPC children go to an orphanage in the closest adjacent City/Metropolis and be able to be adopted by a player who was from the destroyed node, to stay at their new freehold as an apprentice? With a system where the player must put resources into providing for the children, and in return, receive some NPC assistance for the freehold? Who can be assigned tasks, that are done at a slower rate then the player would themself? Like if it takes a player X time to smelt iron ore, the adopted apprentice does the task at X/5. And after several seasons of training (few months game time) the youth apprentice becomes an adult and can be hired for an even higher cost to preform tasks at X/3 rate?

    Just wondering if this is how Steven's orphanage system will work?
  • Hi. If not already talked about can you provides us with news details on the come back of alpha 1 acces packages in the shop ? (Avaibility date, price, limited quantity to buy ? ). Ty
  • Could you share more about the narrative direction, and the role it will play in the game?
  • How will it be like for players from other regions (specifically brazil) to play the game, can we play on NA servers and is that going to affect the regional price? Also are Intrepid looking to hire a regional community manager, I am very good at networking *wink wink* ;p
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    What preparations are you making to handle the volume of feedback that you will get when the NDA drops?
    For instance, do you want to give us guidance on which aspects of Alpha testing you want feedback on to reduce off-topic discussions until you are ready to address those game mechanics?

    Thanks, Mack.

    Will players be able to choose to not play on a server where early backers get a head start?
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    Will players be able to choose to not play on a server where early backers get a head start?

    Flip side of the same coin; will early backers be able to choose to forgoe a headstart and play on a server that doesn't have head start players?

    Yes, it has been confirmed that headstart servers will be identified if you don't wish to play on them, and if you have the ability to take part in headstart, but choose not to, you don't have to start playing early. Just wait till public launch.
  • For the Beast Tamer sub-class, will there be the same kind of system that WoW had with the Hunter class where, when you get a creature to low health you could possibly tame it to fight for you? Growing up playing Wow, that moment really stuck with me and I havent seen other MMOs attempt that same kind of thing again. I look back on it that moment fondly. I was hoping to put endless amounts of time into playing the game and as I consider my options I couldnt help but hope for an answer about that. I plan on putting most of my extra time into Taming and I was also wondering if playing the Beast Tamer class might have some kind of passive skill making Taming a little easier considering its connection to beasts? Thank you guys and keep up the great work!
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    It was previously stated that there would be no world recruit system for instances, I would like to know if there would be a system integrated into the Guild/Alliance System to aid in the planning of events within the game?

    The system itself does not need to be advanced in a design you could even use a notes system with a date, event name, Organiser, Description. (Separate tabs for events, Items players need, etc)
  • Hi, greetings from Indonesia. I'm really hyped up when i see what this game want to offer.

    I know there is a plan to open SEA servers. Can we know a bit more detail about these? Something like, when will it open just rough estimation? Or maybe something like, will Intrepid works with SEA publisher or will it open an office like it did in Europe? I know it might be still up in the cloud, but if anything it would be nice to know.

    Thank you.
  • Regarding artisan specializations:

    Will mastering a profession mean you can do everything within that profession? For example Animal Husbandry. Will a master in this profession be able to raise/breed any kind of creature with all available options, or will they need to specialize in say breeding mules at the expense of not being as good at say breeding combat pets?

    Basically, will masters be limited only by what recipes they know, or will there be clear differences in what two different masters can (or cannot) do?
  • When, if ever, will we get a rogue style pre-order pack? All of them so far look more like mage and warrior packs so I would love something that is more suited for a rogue.
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    Hi Team!
    In last month's Stream, Steven mentioned that marriage would essentially add a +1 to a Family. Does this only apply to the "Head of Household's" Spouse or can you ultimately double the family size if every member ties the knot?

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    Is there a rough timeline on when we will get new info on more classes? Im really eager to see more about rogue and fighter as Duelist is looking like my class and im interested to see what they will be able to do!
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  • Hallo! I love trophy hunting in games! Will this game have a large number of achievements for players to earn? I like the idea that some of the highest level achievements having a physical trophy reward that can be visually seen by all at the players free hold location.
  • Im curious about the other countries specially for Turkey you guys planing special pricing for them is it clearly playable from all countries ? We as a players from Turkey really want to play a good mmorpg because as a community we in love with it like you developers of this game. I will be very happy if you guys give attention to Turkish community.Thank you for the hype us this much and good quality work.I hope we all will be play it grind it and role play it together.
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    I'm curious to know more about skilling leveling. I wanna mine, but typically how much time would need to be invested to just level up my mining?
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    How are you going to handle the vast amount of supposed customization that the augment system will provide, as in will all abilities be compatible with every augment, or will they each have specific augments they can be equipped with?
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    Perhaps a wander/walk through any of the towns?
  • How much do I really need to PvP to get rich and enjoy the games content? Will players be able dedicate themselves to gathering and crafting and still be able help their guild in a meaningful way with their PvP grand battles (such as providing them with valuable resources)?
  • Will Bards have the ability to play their instruments in public? (Like a mini-game of sorts)
  • Are there plans to implement a shop system kind of like the tavern system where one could sell crafted armor & weapons etc.?
  • Will there be abilities, player or NPC, that can only be used indoors or outdoors. Such as an Arrow Volley can’t be used indoors because ceilings.
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  • Aloha,
    Based on node/stronghold/city progression I read that it’s influence as the node progresses in level is based off the look of the race cosmetically. Does that mean typically your guild mates should be of the same race to heavily influence the node a certain way?
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