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  • Previously when I asked for the crafting system, devs mentioned that it will be influenced from the star wars galaxies and I was wondering which aspect of crafting from SWG most likely will be present in here? Cause I think it will be pretty cool to have system similar to experimental hitpoints system from SWG.
  • Is there any possibility of having beekeeping? For that sweet honey.
  • Miinstrel wrote: »
    Is Verra 'round'? i.e. can you sail west from the western continent and arrive on the east side of the eastern continent?
    "The world of Verra is not flat,[3] but it cannot be circumnavigated.[4]

    The Verran planet is not flat. You may not see a curvature on the horizon in this, but from a lore perspective the universe in Verra does adhere to some basic physics and laws of physics that we experience in the real world, which means it is not flat.[3] – Steven Sharif
  • JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack
    Are there plans to implement a shop system kind of like the tavern system where one could sell crafted armor & weapons etc.?

    Yes. Confirmed. Players can have both stalls (NPC run) and Store (Player run)
    Make sure to check out Ashes 101
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    Will there be true pet builds for the summoner, i.e. pets doing 100% (or close) of the damage? I have always wanted to manage a host of different pets simultaneously and work to buff/equip and otherwise enhance them.
  • Hey loving the development of the game so far.

    I have a question regarding the sheathing of weapons. Will we be able to choose where our scabbard is such as being on your back rather than your hip? Also wondering could it apply to quiver placement.
  • What environment does a node need for it to be a specific type? (e.g. What environment does a node need to have for it to become a Divine node etc)
  • hi i would like to ask,what re you guys countermeasures for world event abuse?for example,if a server discover how to trigger the dragon world event(the one shown in the node series),wont this event be duplicate in other servers to give them advantages?
  • Question: When buying packs you get (x) number of months of game time, does that auto start at launch? or Do you get to start it when you chose? or Can you chose --when-- to use each month?
  • When will you present a video showcasing another class? #rangersquad
  • diamahtdiamaht Member, Settler, Founder
    I tend to play Ranger/Hunter pet classes in most MMO's, I've found some pretty descriptive info on the wiki about Summoner pets but it doesn't talk much about Bow class pets.

    To be specific, in other MMO's bow classes can use a pet to go in ahead of them to mitigate agro and damage or to help with a heavy initial alpha or cc. Will we be able to use pets that way in Ashes?
  • PercivalPercival Member
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    Dear Devs, which of the systems you are currently planning to implement in the game causes you the most problems and what does it result from? Thank you and have a nice day.
  • Seeing as animal breeding is going to be a (major) thing (for me) will there be breeding limitations like only same species? Or genus? Maybe familia? Or are we gonna go crazy and say you can cross sentient plant based monsters with birds or mammals? And will there be a chance to fail breeding's based on how well the parents mesh or not? I know it's technically two questions.. sorry just wanna know the limit to breedability and if there's a chance to fail a breeding
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    Please mister Steven..... May you please release Alpha 1 for sale again for those who just found this amazing game!!! I bought the Alpha 2 pack but I just cant wait any longer!!! PLEASE SEND HELP
  • The governor of a Divine node is the citizen with the most service oriented quests. Can you tell us if these quest are group or solo focused?
  • Given that Intrepid now wants to do guild pre-registration so guilds are all together; does this mean name reservation has moved to Beta to prevent duplication of effort and a reduction of manpower for the registration window?
  • How can you make sure that the servers will run smoothly when thousands and thousands of players will be playing at the same time? And in the case of a server dying out, is there a possibility of changing into a different server?
  • akabearakabear Member, Founder
    Is there any feedback that can be shared from the recently completed Alpha-1 preview pre-test 2 (Feb 19 - Feb 22 2021)?
  • I'm not sure if this has been asked, how are you going to keep players from crashing/inflating the economics, in the regards to the auction house?
  • SnowyPoupaSnowyPoupa Member
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    How deep is going to be the customization level we will have as players?
    Considering addons are not supported in game how are we going to have the ability to fully customize the UI to our needs?
    QOL Features like 3d Frames, Customizable combat text for example are we going to be able to modify them?
  • XohmXohm Member
    Will The Summoner Archtype Be Ready In Alpha 2?

    Also, Do The Months Of Play Included With Our Packs Start In Alpha And Or Beta?

    Xohm ( Zah mm)
  • your masteryour master Member
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    may be it is a kind of old questions but are you going to motivate pvp somehow to make people not only grinding? May be long respawn of bosses, locates bosses on fields not in instances. In some games it was everytime amazing to discover world and find a group of strangers which are going to kill a really hard monster. Or something like forts with reall unique bonuses and siege every week or some days.

    thank you.
  • Will a single guild be able to have different types of nodes under one umbrella? For example, a Scientific Metropolis but, a Militaristic town attached to it? How will guild members of different interests be able to explore those interests in a guild?

    Can Bounty Hunters group up and claim a bounty together? Sharing the reward? Or must it be a solo thing?
  • Hi,

    I backed the game on Kickstarter obviously a little while ago now, and I'm only now in a position to look into the game itself. I bought the Pioneer level pledge which lets me access the Closed Beta Phase 1 and other benefits.

    My question is; how will unlock the ability to gain entry into the Beta (I know this is probably still several months away but I want to get it sorted ASAP), and how will I unlock the in-game Kickstarter exclusive rewards ?

    Cheers !

    ps. the games is looking freaking amazing so far and cant wait for what this year is going to bring :)
  • When I get to a high level and the node changes, Will I be losing the low/mid level experience of that node because it will be too easy or not worth? Or all nodes at low/mid levels will be similar (so you will always get that experience, with a different "skin") and the big differences will be on the high levels?
  • Hi again everyone! <3 Thank you all so much for sharing your questions with us in this thread - Q&A submissions are now closed, and we’ll see you at 11AM PST tomorrow for our live stream!
  • If road placement is already decided, even if not visible before the node reaches a certain level, then building a freehold on those areas will be impossible, how then will you avoid people 'mapping' roads by trying to place freeholds?
  • BlipBlip Member
    DomThaor wrote: »
    Will there be collision control between Players in Ashes of Creation.

    For example would it be possible to form a line of tanks to block certain floors in a castle, where you dont just run through like in other mmorpgs and where you actually have to kill the tanks or break the line to pass through this defenseline? To add a tactical component.

    If you watch the video where they show of the citezen / node system where they vote Steven to be mayor they body Block some of the Devs to Try and prevent them from boring om someone else.
  • As a new player that has only "touched" MMORPGS and is still confused by it

    will there be a sort of extensive "training" or sort of tab that shows new players what every thing does?
  • LeiloniLeiloni Member
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    What are the names of the "minor races" that are associated with the Tulnar? Thanks!
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