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  • Hello IS team! My question is, what (if any) in game meaning will a character's surname/family name indicate?

    I am curious if parts of a characters name or title can be changed to represent in game achievements or connections. For instance a family name shared by the 8 characters in an in-game family. Some other possibilities are: a surname shared by all characters from a single account, a city name shared by all characters from a single node, a title earned from achievements, a family name can be shared by all members of a guild.
  • Will there be some form of indication, how good a player is? Like achievments or Gearscore?
  • What is your plan for frequency of balance changes across various systems?
    Class power/Node perks/Racial feats etc.
    How will you address various "metas" that arise?
  • Is there any rough Idea of how the speed of Combat shall be?
    In the preview videos, especially on the Mage ArcheType, some animations looked quite long.
    I fear that when i cast a fireball and hang in the air for a while, people will just have plenty time to stun / kill me.
    I understand that its just a first look at it, but is there already an idea of how long a fight will take? Will the animations be locked?
  • As this game will be focused on a lot of intrigue, rivalries between guilds and nodes, as well as there being a very real merit to mercenary guilds existing, have you considered some type of system where you can hide your identity, so that you can for example do assassination missions for other people or the likes?
  • Will you need to have early access in order to premake your character before the game fully releases? (sorry if this question is already answered)
  • keyframekeyframe Member, Pioneer
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    In the past you've talked about how augments will be tweaking or bringing flavor to primary class abilities (teleport vs charge), your philosophy of bringing the player not the class, and how classes without Tank or Cleric as their main archetype won't be considered tanks or healer. With all that in mind my question is this: If you wish for players to not be brought for their class, shouldn't some of the classes without Tank or Cleric as their first architype have the option of participating in a non-damage dealing role?

    I remember you guys talking about all this from previous livestreams, but if I'm mistaken I apologize.
    However in that case, can you go into more details about how the different classes are going to actually feel unique, instead of eight classes with eight different flavor options? As from what we've heard so far, the system in place seems like there's only going to be minor changes to abilities, and nothing to make your two archetype selections actually feel like a class instead of a talent tree.
  • When an Alliance finishes the takeover of a node settlement, which guild becomes the owner?
  • Neurotoxin wrote: »
    When an Alliance finishes the takeover of a node settlement, which guild becomes the owner?

    Guilds don't take nodes. The mayor is decided based on the node type.
  • How do you ensure that a player whose node is destroyed does not become so discouraged that they quit?
  • NourNour Member
    What are your plans for Egypt, or about the MENA region in general ?
  • Is there going to be like open beta so you can try out 8 or few archetypes because I can't decide what do I pick. I'm thinking Summoner, Mage or Ranger and don't want to feel when I start playing the game that I picked the wrong class or atleast more In depth look in classes than those videos that shows you level 1-10.(Or some kinda of Trial character that you can try out before deciding this is my class.)
  • Will the archers' arrows run out or will they have infinite ammunition, and if so, will it be possible to craft them and will there be any rare arrows (legendary or epic, with interesting effects, bonuses)?
  • What can the player do alone in the game? (crafting, resource extraction) and what else can be offered? For example, farm names (strong mobs) in dungeons or instances, from which valuable items will drop, maybe something else?
  • Can you please elaborate on Combat 2.0 and if that involves being stuck in place when attacking in melee.
  • Can you please specify the character limit on Guild Names?

    We are building a brand over the next couple of years - and we recently established a Guild home-in-waiting for Ashes in another major title, but the 20 character limit leaves us exactly 1 short. We don't want to re-brand or have to misspell our name at launch.
  • This may have been answered before however. Will there be tools to allow player organized PVP. Example:. A summoning Stone to bring everyone from your guild to one location and organize yourselves into parties and PVP another guild who has also summoned their own guild at whichever location you so desire.
  • Will each race have unique animations for generic things like walking around, auto attacking, or standing idle?
  • DracobringerDracobringer Member
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    According to what the wiki mentions so far, guilds may not be able to 'respec' their guild perk points after using them.

    Will guilds never be able to 'respec' their perks or can we see what all of the perks are pre-launch so we can plan what route we would like to go from a GM perspective?

    Thank you, we would really like to ensure we don't have to create a new guild just to ensure our perk points are where we want them to be long term!
  • Can I still be tab targeted while in Stealth as a rogue archetype?
  • JahlonJahlon Member, Intrepid Pack
    If the node your freehold is in is successful sieged, can you loot/pillage your own freehold?
    Make sure to check out Ashes 101
  • Would there be a system like titles that other players can see? If so would there be special buffs they give if the player maybe got it from a quest?
  • Hello dear ashen creators!

    I have two questions related to each other.

    Can we protect our property/guild base with guards?.. and what I'm most interested in... do we have lore wise the possibility to have guards related to our class? For example necromancer could have skeleton or zombie guards.

    Best regards

    The Dark Wanderer

  • Being an old fan of City of Heroes, is there anyway to customize our abilities outside of applying a secondary archetype?
  • Hey there! I was wondering if we were going to have a collections similar to WoW where, even if we make an alternate character, our achievements/titles/mounts we've unlocked on our mains would be accessible or if there's a similar thing in the works?

    Bonus Question! I have a friend who's very much into the more Tech side of the game, Do you have any more information on things like the Potion Launcher and what class would wield it, or if there's anything in the game planned to have that kind of aesthetic?

    Thank you so much!
  • Will there be any areas(nodes) where corruption is negated completely.
  • Neospy77Neospy77 Member
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    My question is fairly simple but vast in scope.

    Will there be climb points in a siege?

    For example: I know that there will be collision, so a shield wall might be blocking a door to a castle siege. Can there be a crafted grappling hook to climb over a side wall, or (personal wish) a climb point for rogue class that gives them a chance to sabotage and/or spy on the enemy forces?

    The rogue class is slated to have the ability to find hidden items/paths in a dungeon, this would be a natural extension. This would also give rogues and other sideline classes involvement before the doors fell. This also fits historically into warfare.

    This will make defense more dynamic. The defense will want a rogue or two of their own to guard or counter the attacking forces. Defense forces will have to monitor their walls, not just bunch up at the main door and afk.
  • PVP Related Question.

    Can tanks block single-target spells with their shields?

    Bonus question : Dual Wielding Shields, yes or no? I'd really like to play as Infinity War Captain America.
  • RavudhaRavudha Member
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    With the achievable in-game cosmetics, do you generally plan to have fewer than, equal to, or more than the number of cosmetics available in the store?
  • With Covid having a massive impact on our country and the timeline of the game understandably being somewhat behind now; is the plan to have fully analyzed and dissected all of the information from the alpha one, and to have begun making improvements on the issues found prior to announcing any alpha two or beta test dates? If not, any rough estimate of when those dates might be?
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