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  • Will we be able to bind and unbind equipments to character. Or an item that prevents dropp and exp debt upon corrupted death.
  • FhinFhin Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    guys, I, my guild, the entire Ashes community needs to know!
    Was the announcement for this month's livestream late because Margaret was on vacation? ^^
    And if so, is it fair to say the project would be doomed without her?

    Love you all, keep up the good work <3
  • Will seasonal weather cycles be split by hemispheres (N in winter while S is in summer) or will the entire map be synchronized in what season it is going through?
  • Will the game have a transmogrification system similar to WoW's for non-purchased/earnable cosmetics?
  • NyoTheDevNyoTheDev Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited July 2022
    What are you trying todo to prevent launch day Login issues so everyone can play but without locking the server so we can play on the same server with firends that join later the day.. Every other MMO simply locked the servers and even after days and weeks you can not simple invite a friend to your server..
  • ultraredultrared Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Will there be a cap on how many times an animal can be bred in animal husbandry?
    "Crafters make the best shit" - Steven Sharif
  • Will your secondary archetype choice effect what passive skills you can choose from?
  • With leveling set to take a while, will each level have a reward attached to it? Such as learning an ability, a talent point, or perhaps class quests ?
  • When it comes to Castle nodes and Castle seiges, are the weekly node events/monthly Castle seige a guarantee? Or is it possibly that a seige/Castle node event could have no challengers and they don't take place?
  • With how complex the class choices are, will we be seeing various support styles emerge such as Everquest had with its class design philosophies? I'm a bard at heart and would love to be able to really have that jack-of-all master-of-none feel with how I support my teams utilizing the cross class aspect of the design.
  • When can we learn more about ranger classes? I have seen very little on it. I know some of you don't care!! But.... I'm a ranger for life. :)
  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    Will you be able to bypass mobs easily when on a mount?
  • Hi, I have a big question for the upcoming stream. So, people are really wondering about the cosmetics, and are not happy, cause they don't understand. Are the cosmetics able to be instantly obtained, or not. I was wondering, say, you have a saddle. And that saddle is in a cosmetic, will you be able, to. Gain that saddle in game even if you don't have the cosmetics? People are concerned and confused I have noticed, that, that saddle is an only a cosmetic option, and you gain it instantly, with out any work or effort, and that you can't get it anywhere else besides the store on AoC website. Also, you won't be able to gain said saddle in game, because it's only a cosmetic. And, are we, as players, able to get the saddle even if we have no cosmetics? Are the saddle cosmetics a skin, ((say, that skin, (cosmetic look you bought) is a Minecraft skin, that you would use on your character to change the look of the player. And it be that a special skin that you can't get anywhere else?)) And that you just click a button, if you have said saddle in game. And change the appearance of it to the cosmetic that you bought? I know this is along question, but people are repeatedly asking this, I just wanted to put it in context for you to understand.
  • PapedipupiPapedipupi Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    After the release - will there be new level caps after a DLC/Addon/Patch? If yes, will old equipment be useless?
    For me it was one of the most stupid things after each WoW Addon - obviously there should be better gear in raid/group content at max level but not before
  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    lemulet wrote: »
    Outside of the objective -based PVP event and prime time, will there be some form of guild wars where you can attack a declared guild without corruption consequences?

    Yes that's the plan for guilds
  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    Zarak wrote: »
    Will we be able to bind and unbind equipments to character. Or an item that prevents dropp and exp debt upon corrupted death.

    Def no. The dont want safeguards and goes against the corruption system.
  • VryceVryce Member
    Will there be any events in game made for real life events, like it was done for exmaple in Guild Wars (Hallowen etc.)?
  • When it comes to the new map changes, will the two main continents be divided even further to promote naval and sailing across land masses?
  • Happymeal2415Happymeal2415 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    End of last year you guys showed off some of the optimization work you had done and mentioned maybe pushing from 250v250 to 500v500. Any progress to report on that front?
  • Regarding Animal Husbandry, will we be able to neuter animals before selling them on the market so their genetic makeup can't be used by other breeders?
  • Happymeal2415Happymeal2415 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Dawmery wrote: »
    Have you decided if you are going to bring the potion launcher to the MMO as a usable weapon? It's a fun concept and I'd love to see alternate ranged options to the usual bow/crossbow.

    Last we had heard it was being considered as the "cannon" on boats
  • AnimeaddictAnimeaddict Member
    edited July 2022
    When will the next phase start? Or if possible when will beta 1 and 2 start? Also I know there will be a option to have tattoos as gear will there be cosmetic options for them as well

  • Last stream Steven mentioned free holds, in-node static house and apartments plus an additional fourth housing option of "Inns". Can you provide more clarity on what inns are and what their function will be?
  • ChaosFactorChaosFactor Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    What sort of ideas does Intrepid have in mind to make crafting/harvesting unique from other games?
    Of course the harvesting/processing/crafting triad are already fairly unique. However things like how you collect materials, how they present themselves and how you train in the skill are nearly identical in all MMORPGs.
  • Question about Customized NPCs!

    Will players be able to create their own NPCs? Specifically, I loved how Dragon's Dogma made everyone make one. Then you could globally share it among your friends list. This NPC was basically an AI player. It leveled, you gave it skills, armor and weapons. You customized how it looked.
    I was wondering if y'all had any plans for something along this lines in the future of the game?
    I made an article in regards to my thoughts about this incase you wanted more in-depth information.
  • kryPrimkryPrim Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    - We have now seen 2x moving ships, let's get a little insight how far the system is ;)

    - And can we get some insight where currently the node level 4/5 is?
  • What kinds of gameplay loops will there be for 250 vrs 250 siege to reduce full ball zergs and have more strategy involved. For these kinds of fights will there be reasons to hold/defend multiple points at the same time so a 250 zerg isn't effective to win the siege?
  • Will there be a "global achievement" announcement system a la Entropia for major "firsts" or other big achievements?
  • BremoreBremore Member
    edited July 2022
    Question on Artisan Classes

    Does each of the Gathering class masters need a separate dedicated master processor or will some processing be combined due to needing a freehold to process materials?
  • Will freeholds be built on curated plot locations that open up “for sale” in order to preserve the aesthetic of the environment?
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