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  • GimlogGimlog Member
    In the last dev updates , Steven said that Freehold will be a monumental investment to achieve because of the processing.
    Does he made a reference to the acquisition of the based freehold plot or to get the hight grades processing workshop on a freehold?
  • ZarakZarak Member
    Zarak wrote: »
    Will we be able to bind and unbind equipments to character. Or an item that prevents dropp and exp debt upon corrupted death.

    Def no. The dont want safeguards and goes against the corruption system.

    Binding/unbinding will be costly and only worth using on end-game equipment as to incentivize high level open world pvp.

    The item that prevents dropp while being corrupted can be argued as counterproductive for the bounty system but tweaks can be done. The fear of noobs/rp players getting farmed is too high and unhealthy for a self proclaimed pvp mmorpg to protect imo.

  • GaullGaull Member
    I have seen Py'rai concept art with firewood stacked outside the home. Is it really okay to be a Py'rai lumberjack --and if so, would I generally find more resources in a heavily wooded biome?
  • GizerdGizerd Member
    If we are allowed to master only a few professions within an artisan class, will a single freehold be able to support every profession we choose to master? Ie. Can you have a Weaponsmith Table, a Armorer's Table, and a Carpentry Table all on the same Freehold if those are the three professions you've chosen.
  • Have to say, right now my only question is the biggest one. Alpha 2 launch window. Even if its very loose like "we hope to have a test server live in the next 6 months, maybe"
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  • GizerdGizerd Member
    If we are able to set our personal chests, our Freehold, and our houses to let guild members or individuals access them, does this negate the necessity of a family for shared storage purposes? I understand the Summon ability is still powerful, but Artisan families would be more role-playing than efficient crafting circles.
  • Please could you elaborate on what if any restrictions are in place for freehold skins sold in the monthly packs? I.e. are they restricted to certain buildings? Could you update info on the existing and new models with said restriction if so?
  • robotjrobotj Member
    How much freedom will we have with the unit frames and nameplates? Lack of customization with the UI can make healing very tedious and too much of a chore if frames are anchored on one area of the screen.
  • With the different cultural backgrounds that are provided with different races and subraces, what level of ethnic diversity will be given to the European heavy races, like the Dünir?

    Example: Will PoC skin tones be locked to the Nikua?
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  • YimmYimm Member
    Will AoC have have a consistent flow of instanced raid encounters for those of us that like raiding with a static team? Like, a new instances raid every 4 months etc
  • ButtercupCloverButtercupClover Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    It's been said in the past that blueprints and schematics for crafters can be gained from dismantling boss gear. Is obtaining the item drop going to be the only RNG in the process or will deconstructing a blueprint have a chance to fail?
  • Will a web API be available for people who are building community websites/apps?
  • SnowElfSnowElf Member
    edited July 2022
    Alpha one consisted of (3) Archetype classes. How many Archetype classes can we expect to tinker around with the release of Alpha 2?
  • Question about bosses and boss fights.

    How will you handle bosses and boss fights in the game? Will they work or function like bosses we can see in Final Fantasy 14/World of Warcraft where usually the boss has minimal movement while casting abilities and being surrounded by players or perhaps they will be like bosses from games like Elden Ring or Dark Souls where the boss is acting very aggressively towards players, launching fast and powerful attacks which requiring players to actively dodge through out the whole boss fight? Bosses from games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring are usually in constant movement, jumping on walls and what not.

    In short, will the game include standard FF14/WoW style bosses or Dark Souls style bosses? Or perhaps we should expect both styles to be in the game?
  • AK47VAK47V Member
    can we kill NPCs and put them on a cool down system for few hours to deny hostile nodes of using that NPC, also if it's possible to hire NPC guards to protect merchant NPCs in the nodes.
  • shadowraze96shadowraze96 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    How much freedom will we have with gear vs class fantasy? I understand the different types of gear like heavy, medium and light, but what about certain weapons to different classes. Will their abilities be changeable for a caster to switch to a melee-caster type by simply switching to melee weapons?
  • ShoelidShoelid Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Is there a limit to the amount of guilds you can be at war with? Or perhaps some element of friction behind the act of declaring war.
  • edited July 2022
    Will there be some sort of Bestiary, or encyclopedia, in game to look at all the animals/monsters you've discovered alongside, vegetation/minerals and unique locations you may come across. Lastly, will there be rewards attached to how much you've discovered, or some achievements?

    - Thanks

  • KanseiDriftKanseiDrift Member
    edited July 2022
    I have a question regarding raiding.

    Raids, regarding other MMOs, are one of the major drawing factor of PvE MMO Players.
    However I am curious about the Death Penalties with raids. IN plenty of other MMOs, players wipe hundreds of times over for months on end to clear some high difficulty raids. That's a lot of deaths and with a lot of deaths causes heavy penalties.

    I fear that these penalties may encourage players to simply disband after 1 wipe due to the debuffs of dying.
    Dungeons may also adopt this attitude.

    Making 1 mistake and causing a wipe only for everyone to leave after 30 minutes of spamming in city chat to get a group together is not an enjoyable gameplay loop.

    I want to know what your plans might be regarding this example.

    -Thank you, and have a great day <3
  • New the the forum and all, but my question is the following

    -Concerning Beta 1 and Beta 2. Are you guys still planning to have them be short betas or have you guys deviated from the original statement of them being only for a few weeks when we are in the beta stages?
  • RyveRyve Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Is the 40-50% increase in power that comes from gear at max-level based on based player stats with no gear on, or is it the lowest tier level 50 gear versus the highest tier level 50 gear?

  • Are you able to remove/destroy blockages caused by weather changes? eg. throwing a fireball at a pile of ice to melt it
  • During monster coin events, will the hate lists for NPCs restrict or affect the buildings players can target and disable?
  • GurzGurz Member
    I had a question about if will be possible to ppl learn x y quests/mission in alpha/beta and use it for their advantage on launch to build up certain nodes and events happening the way they desire instead of being unpredictable which can be something bad or good? Because probably big guilds or big streamers like asmon if want to try it, can make it happen with the help of viewers.
  • AzalezAzalez Member
    Hi Steve!

    You've said that you see elemental magic to include light/dark/planar magic. As an Acolyte (Mage-Cleric with life-death augments) could I make a build where I strictly specialize in light/dark/planar magic where I don't have to use fire/water/elec magic? I personally see the latter as "elemental shaman" magic, and not the theme many of us are wanting to go for.

    Thank you!
  • DrunkninjaDrunkninja Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    When designing game expansions, will they be map expansions with more node areas, more advanced dungeon locations on the existing map or both?
  • With player collision, how will you balance melee players (+ summons) with ranged in raids or parties with smaller mobs.
  • edited July 2022
    Q: Do you have any systems or features in place to prevent (or limit) streamers from taking gold/equipment from their viewers(or friends in the case of non-streamers) basically for free? For example, bind-on-pickup, AKA soulbound.

    I would imagine that to implement such a feature successfully would require a great deal of creativity. Solution is probably NOT to simply limit player-trading.

    I want to know that when I inspect someone w/ a rare piece of gear, he or she has EARNED it for the MOST PART ON HIS OWN. Even better if this applies to everything else that's rare as well. I would love it if there was a system in place to limit how much a "viewer" or "friend" may trade items for free to a another player (for whatever reason, like exposure.)

    This question stems from the genuine feeling players like me get after obtaining a very item or gearpiece.
    This "genuine feeling" gets nullified when someone like Asmongold can simply go into a raid with 39 of his viewers and gets full BiS in a 10x to 20x shorter time frame than everyone else. I want to get excited when I see something of rare quality, and not question that excitement like I did in WoW classic++.
    I'm sure you guys saw Asmongold stream his gear enchantments in Lost Ark. Hundreds if not thousands of trades were made to him. Such a joke!

    Not just streamers, but for people with a lot of friends as well. Every individual player should have to put in majority of the work to earn their stuff and their "viewers" can only contribute a limited, finite amount to their characters' overall competency.
  • Will monsters and enemies which have the intelligence to form their own societies (like goblins) have the ability take over and develop Nodes for themselves if given the chance?
  • DolyemDolyem Member
    edited July 2022
    How will you address the possibility/inevitability of players purposely having low level characters with max level professions to provide themselves a certain "shield" against being ganked via giving more corruption, negating the "risk vs reward" idea. This can also be applied to Mule running.
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