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  • resignresign Member
    Are you and your team using the open wiki as guidlines while building the game? How accurate do you think the quotes are which are linked on the wiki? some are a few years old. Maybe some of the design choices are different now?
  • TatianaTatiana Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    Snekkers wrote: »
    I have a question about Sound Design.

    We already know that you don't want to make voice acting in questlines. That being said, I'm wondering what is your plan to bring life to nodes, so they won't feel empty and make sure that node sounds match the quality of environment sounds. Also how are you going to mark a node progression in this sound design?

    curious about this as well, i worry it might feel empty due to a lack of any voices at all
  • ApokApok Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Will future expansion's loot replace everything as far as endgame goes, or will AoC have a structure in place to where gear will stay relevant through expansions
  • EmberflameEmberflame Member
    edited July 2022
    Do you have a definitive line on how to prevent too much scope creep from affecting the design process? Every project could always use ONE more thing it feels like, so how do you combat that mindset with staying on a clear path to launch?

    Thanks, and keep up the awesome work. We all appreciate it.
  • Ashes will probably be on the same volume scale as New World when it comes to launch, that being said what does post launch look like for servers. When servers reach peaks of half capacities will they be merged or will server transfer be available?
  • Will there be in-game tools for keeping track of where you store your items?
  • how do you make sure that new players that dont already have a huge guild fall to much behind like we saw in new world? And will there be features that makes it easier to meet up with new ppl l?
  • Will you be able to interact with the map? E.g. open hidden gates by finding a related button or solving puzzles?
  • Could you tell us any more of the artisan classes you are planning to be in the game? For example we only know of 2 processing professions so far.
  • CastaiCastai Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    In what ways will it be worth it to destroy a metropolis-level node given the many weeks they take to advance and all the in-game benefits and content they provide?
  • WaryaseiWaryasei Member
    edited July 2022
    Will we have a collectible tab for mounts, pets and skins (and other collectibles) in which we can track our collection/progress (like WoW does) ?As a collector I would love to have a tab to track this (without store cosmetics in it since this is not really a collectible since you actually buy and not collect it) and maybe get achievements. Also as a collector I am not fond of the idea of limited time collectibles (excluding the store ones for obvious reasons) that I might miss because of different reasons and have no way of getting them back, will this kind of cosmetic/mount/pet exist in game ?
  • IshkaIshka Member
    Regarding PvP combat, what can we expect in terms of "skill management" ? At the end-game will we have a small amount of active abilities with short cooldowns where most of the fighting lies in the "action" ? Or a decent amount of abilities, with self buffs from our archetype with longer CD that we need to play around, that incentivise thinking ahead of the "ressources" we use, and how will it impact in a longer fight duration with power spikes and moments of weakness ?
  • AmetsAmets Member
    I’m afraid that big corporations will trust the game and make their own rules such as Eve online, Albion online, BDO.
    Is there any features that can stop those perversions and let the smaller guilds have a nice content?
    Thank you

  • MaiWaifuMaiWaifu Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Assuming that each server develops differently in nodes and population which can effect what content each server gains access to first.

    Are there any plans for long-term GM engagement to act as a DM handcraft questlines and stories for individual servers based on how players have impacted the world?
  • BetaBouy wrote: »
    New here just joined 😎 I have tested so many games like Everquest SWG Neocron Wow SWTOR LotR ESO where I currently reside. What attracted me here is the Unreal Engine 5 and was wondering where the minimum and recommended specs for this title?

    This link may be helpful for you:
  • ZiggZigg Member
    For a good dose of hopium, could you expand a little bit more on types of augments for secondary classes? As in, will all those who subclassed in cleric be able to change a dmg ability into healing, or inversely convert healing abilities into damage, or those subclassed in tank be able to add a threat effect to their primary skills.
  • JohnSnow98 wrote: »
    Will we be able to be an offensive ice/water mage? Or will it be like in all other games that the mage only has fire damage?
    To be more specific, I want to be a Mage or Ranger/Mage that uses Ice powers. I don't want to be an elementalist, it's pure ice or water skills.

    There will be elements (such as Air, Fire, Water, Lightning) in Ashes of Creation each with their own resistances.[32][33][34]

    Other elemental influences may include Darkness, Light and Planar.[34]
    The Mage archetype offers four elemental schools as augments to a character's primary skills.[32]
    Elements may have more influence in certain seasons and climates. For example, frost abilities may be stronger in winter. This affects both PvE and PvP.[35][36]
    This link might help you.
    This link may help you:
  • Telperion wrote: »
    Hello there.... oh wrong world. anyways, what would you guys think of legendary weapons with unique stats and abilitys spawning through Verra on special places like weapons of the old Gods or so, a fire Hammer spawning in the deepest vulcanic dungeons, or a growing staff of life in beautiful forest places. Every weapon could be unique and only held by 1 Person at a time, after like a week or a month or so the item would be returned to a random location for the next one to achieve it. (although everyone who once held those legendary items may use the skins of those on his other weapons, but cant use the stats and abilitys of course). Those items could be the best in the whole game but hard to achieve since you need to work your way through hard dungeons to get it and be lucky enough that no one helds them at the moment and they spawn at the right location (every weapon could have lik 3-5 places all over the world to spawn) sry for that long question in bad english but i think such special items add a lot of spice to the universe and a lot of players would raid tirelessly for a chance to wield them for a while, at least i would.

    This link may help you:
    This link may help you:
  • ShinasoShinaso Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Will the weapon skill tree be all passives or will it come with active skills?

  • Hello.
    Will there it be a quest for a guild that needs any individual player of the guild to complete a certain mission in order for the guild quest to advance farther?
    If someone doesnt complete hes individual quest.. Then the guild quest is on a halt until he is kicked or the leader replace hes quest with a simpler one that the member can actually complete.
  • TengsTengs Member, Alpha One
    In regards to the marketing;

    The game has been fullt funded through Stevens amazing dedication and comitment to this game and its development. But experiencing that the marketing often centers around the months specific skin packages and giving it more "flesh"/backstory.

    My question is therefor is why take this approach with the content/marketing/sales? As it leads to many people (for better or worse) feeling they get left out.

    Other than that, take care and have a great stream! Looking forward to playing the game one dat 😊
  • TengsTengs Member, Alpha One
    Emberflame wrote: »
    Do you have a definitive line on how to prevent too much scope creep from affecting the design process? Every project could always use ONE more thing it feels like, so how do you combat that mindset with staying on a clear path to launch?

    Thanks, and keep up the awesome work. We all appreciate it.

    This they answered last year on a interview with Asmongold I think. And if I remember correctly the answer was that they have a set amount of things they want to achive and then the game will launch.
    Everything extra like "oh that would be super cool to add", that is been pushed into future updates.
    BUT I wanna stress that Steven has said over and over, they are taking their time making sure the game becomes as good as possible and as "right" as possible, not falling into other games traps.

    Hope that answeres your question. Cheers 😊
  • coatimundicoatimundi Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    How are the AIs going to work? Is it gonna be the classic standing around waiting to be killed coupled with I'm a random npc that only walks from point a to point b? or do you have something more intuitive in mind?
  • VaknarVaknar Moderator, Member, Staff
    edited July 2022
    Hello again glorious Ashes of Creation community! Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared a question with us for this month’s stream. Q&A submissions are now closed, and we’ll see you at 11AM Pacific on Friday for our livestream!

  • GathoderizGathoderiz Member
    edited July 2022
    Hello !

    First, is it something that will be in the game, that for certain questlines to be available for you, you need to meet certain criterias ? ( Previous questlines, monster kill counts, etc for exemple )

    I would like to know if once we have completed a questline, we will be able to see the requirements for that questline to appear, so we can share that with our guild members and friends ( only when we finished it )
  • Shinaso wrote: »
    Will the weapon skill tree be all passives or will it come with active skills?

    it looks to be all passive, based on on-hit modifiers from what we know up to now.
  • Is there any thoughts to make some systems like "64 variations of classes or 100+ nodes" more simple or make less nodes for the shake of development time?
  • VyvanceVyvance Member, Settler, Kickstarter
    Desert biomes are usually sparse and uneventful which often makes them my least favorite biome in games, what plans do you have to make Verra's deserts more exciting?
  • KDecisionzKDecisionz Member
    edited July 2022
    Will there be Hard single player content like WoW's Mage tower that can unlock a cosmetic to show your understanding of your deep understanding of your class. Will there also be a Quest within the game that may require a discord community to decode it to continue to the next step of the quest.
  • ashoneashone Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    will fishing be affected by bait type,?
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