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  • ImmortalityImmortality Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I had a question regarding the caravan system.

    What's the incentive to use one? If i'm chopping down trees in one place wouldn't transporting it be safer/faster to do that via a regular mount? That way nobody "knows" i have loot. Yes you can't carry as much but a players inventory is substantial. What incentivises players to take a caravan over their mount?
  • T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    If I started by Pre-ordered the starting $75 pack for the game, would I then be able to upgrade to a higher tier pack with the difference in cost. Or, would I just have to buy a higher tier bundle for the same price from there on out?

    When you upgrade you just pay the difference.
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  • In July's stream, Steven mentioned free holds, in-node static house and apartments plus an additional fourth housing option of "Inns". Can you provide more clarity on what inns are and what their function will be?
  • AndyDAndyD Member
    edited August 22
    Can players affect how large their hit boxes are by specifically designing smaller or larger characters, including choosing smaller races? For example, is a Dünir dwarf harder to hit with an action ranged attack than a Kaelar human, and could this be manipulated in the character creator?
  • leameseleamese Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Can we expect the world to be rendered out off vision? I find it really sad to see the world being rendered when 30 meters away. It takes away the beauty. How will this be for high end systems and low end ones?
  • DizzDizz Member
    If dps meter can have negative effect why combat log? It's just the difference between auto and semi-auto still providing tool to player to calculate dps to dps/build check others.
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  • Will the maximum amount of character slots be per server or for one acc?
  • Beside all the graphical and technical stuff I miss the Lore content. Will there be some information about the culture of the different races, how the interact, which goals they have, are there alliances and so forth?
    Will there be a main story and iconic NPC characters?
  • SunScriptSunScript Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Will Jeffrey Bard or other former Intrepid staff be allowed to form and join Guilds in Ashes?
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  • T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Why wouldn't the Tulnar view those coming to Verra as invaders?
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  • Balrog21Balrog21 Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    How many dungeons will be in Alpha 2?
  • Are the Mariner Classes planned to be implemented at the start of Alpha 2?
  • DiamahtDiamaht Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    Dungeon resources aside, how will resources be spread across the map? Meaning what resources will all nodes have, compared to what resources will be specific to certain parts of the world?
  • TheFatkage wrote: »
    I'm newer so perhaps this has been answered though how large will the largest ship be and to piggy back off that will there be ship warfare?

    This link may help you:
  • In the past, I know the team has stated that pvp will be more balanced around group play,, but I was wondering if there'd also be balance in 1v1s. Will each class be relatively equal in 1v1 pvp, or will there be a few classes that are better in 1v1. Group play sounds difficult to balance around - but will each class there be relatively equal, or will there be classes in general that excel at PVP or certain activities? Also wolf tulnar please :P :P :P

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  • Nefficles wrote: »
    I know we've been told that crafted gear will be some of the best stat gear in the game, but will its looks be on par with the stats it provides? Will there be armor sets that have particle effects?

    "Particle effects are used to denote the importance and rarity of some weapons.[15]"
  • Jazerious wrote: »
    If the bounty hunter system will only be introduced at a much later part of node development (If they choose to build it), does that mean that until then there is no other way to combat griefing?

    Corruption will still apply, regardless of node development. You can still fight corrupted players, you don't need to be a Bounty Hunter in order to do that.
  • mobtek wrote: »
    Will travelling merchants/crafters be able to set up stalls near-ish to content areas to support your guild, could we buy a merchant license to sell our services, (repairs etc) from the node that allows us to do this? (with the caveat of not too near dungeons etc)

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  • Lovewell wrote: »
    Regarding the appointment of militaristic mayors, what is stopping a group of friends from entering the free-for-all arena and throwing it to let another friend win?

    You and your group of friends who are doing the same thing.
  • In today's reality of the game industry is very developed various services with the sale of game values for real money. Often these people use bots for farming game currency or other resources, including character boosting. I have a question: how much you are concerned about this issue and what measures you intend to take to keep the ingame world untouched from such figures ?

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  • Question - Game Integrity

    Some MMOs whilst not directly P2W in game are indirectly P2W because they don't take harsh enough action against gold buying, will you be more harsh on these players than other MMOs to maintain the integrity of the game in ashes?

    - Will you permanently ban players who buy gold from third party websites?

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  • Slewzy wrote: »
    with botting and boosting services being an issue in other MMORPG games what are your intentions of combatting this with Ashes Of Creation?

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  • Sorcres wrote: »
    Do you have in plan, to have "Player Support" for more languages?
    If yes which languages you will be supporting?

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  • Roofian wrote: »
    i readed that one of the punishments for killing a green one is the reduction of stats, i asume this is to dissuade max lvl ppl to abuse ppl not able to defend themselves, but don't you think it could make killing ppl not fun? is ok if you want to protect ppl with less lvl than corrupt players, but if i am max lvl and i just kill max lvl players because i'm better than them, why the game should punish me with stats reduction? in that case players should punish me by isolate me from the economy or something like that
    i think this will really dissuade people from killing others, making the bounty hunter feature almost useless making military nodes lesser interesting compared with others, so i think it will be better for the game saying that there won't be pk's because that scares casuals

    If they fight back, they won't be green any more, and killing them won't give Corruption.
    If they don't fight back and you kill them anyway, that's on you and you take the Corruption hit.
  • daveywaveydaveywavey Member
    edited August 22
    Tardagan wrote: »
    What is your philosophy on how quickly a player can get killed in the open world against an equal level player? One of the combat showcases got me worried that I might die to a ganking player in a matter of seconds if I glance away from my screen at any moment.

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  • FaiezRs wrote: »
    Will we have South East Asia server on launch and also, can "SEA" people play/join Alpha,Beta tests.

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  • I had a question regarding the caravan system.

    What's the incentive to use one? If i'm chopping down trees in one place wouldn't transporting it be safer/faster to do that via a regular mount? That way nobody "knows" i have loot. Yes you can't carry as much but a players inventory is substantial. What incentivises players to take a caravan over their mount?

    "Mules can carry roughly 10 times more than backpacks. Caravans can carry roughly 10 times more than mules.[28]"

    100x income is likely to be a strong incentive.
  • Xtweme wrote: »
    A billion questions...

    This quote may help you:

    "In order to accommodate a variety of questions from our community, please only post ONE question below, and the more direct and succinct the better (think one to two sentences)!"
  • odishyodishy Member
    In regards to balancing large guilds against small guilds with large guilds giving up combat power to expand the guild size.

    What is to prevent several guilds just acting as one guild in discord. This is very common in other games, basically the guild leader will use alts as the leader of the other guilds.
  • odishyodishy Member
    So Alpha 2 release date...

    Under/Over of 1 year out?
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