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  • BojoBojo Member
    Will mounts have buffs and debuffs depending on the mount type itself? For example, will a horse have a buff on the plains and a debuff on the mountains?
  • Is tanking as a Holy Trinity role solely the domain of primary archetype Tanks? Same with Clerics and healing.
  • What ship/building size restrictions are the monthly cosmetics subjected to?

    Last update on this topic was Jan 19, 2022:

    Basically, "[we are still working to answer this]"
  • AdonexAdonex Member
    What do you have in mind for keeping track of a server's history of events? For example, can we expect to have a grand book that communicates the server's stories from its opening to present day?
  • TheFatkage wrote: »
    I'm newer so perhaps this has been answered though how large will the largest ship be and to piggy back off that will there be ship warfare?


    Hopefully these links are helpful for you:

  • I understand that we don't want people to be able to master all of the artisan/crafting classes, but will there be any avenue for people who might want to switch which class they master? Such as getting to a certain level in a second class causes me to lose experience in the primary/mastered class?
  • Will we be able to duel wield great/ultra great swords? Why not?
  • angelicshiyaangelicshiya Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I want to be a summoner main, but also a healer (necromancer). You stated that summoners can have three out at one time. I have literally zero interest in having a tanky summon or dps summon. Say I want to invest my summoner stats/point or however your summons get stronger in my heal aspect. Am I allowed to summon for example three light fairies that throw out different heals, or am I going to be forced to spec into a tanky, dps, and one heal summon?

    Uniqueness and variety is what players want, not cookie cutter playstyle where every class is almost the same.
  • With the node system creating a dynamic environment will there potentially be content that will never be discovered by the players?
  • HatchetHatchet Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Now that the game has been in development for over 5 years, how much of what was promised in the kickstarter pledge tiers is still valid or expected to be implemented?
  • ReitekReitek Member
    Music is essential when discovering a world and allows optimal immersion!
    I would like to know more about the game's music and the different themes. (violins are extraordinary for conveying emotions)
  • FantmxFantmx Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    What planet did the Ancients originate from?
  • McKaySamaMcKaySama Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Are certain weapons unavailable depending on which archetype you choose?

    For example, could I be a warrior dual welding Harry Potter wands?
  • JudethJudeth Member
    Do you intend to make a game that will stand the test of time? Rather than closing the doors after 10 years like some other mmos.
  • Will it be a valid option to play as a non citizen (Nodeless) as an alternative playstyle like an adventuerer in a tent, a traveling merchant or maybe even a bandit? How could such a playstyle be supported?
  • HathamHatham Member
    edited August 23
  • Between alpha 1 launch and it's announcement were 6 months. How much time do you plan to have between alpha 2 launch and its announcement?
  • All the races so far look very rugged or clasically beautiful. Is there any plans for a more cute oriented race?
  • Will there be ammo that needs to be crafted in Ashes of Creation within the naval system or will it be unlimited and based on the potion launchers that are built on the ship? Will ammo also need to be crafted for ranged classes like the ranger or will that be unlimited?

  • KaptureKapture Member
    edited August 25
    World Question: Will we be able to discover ("legendary") loot/gear/treasure that has significance, that is not revealed by the dev team and is unique to the player that discovered it? (on land or at sea)

    Naval Question: Will there be racial ship designs (ex: elven or orc ship designs), or just generic ship designs? Will there be fishing focused ships??
  • SumpSump Member
    In Alpha 2 will there be any open world mounts to gather instead of just vender mounts?
  • MirroMirro Member
    edited August 23
    I read a lot of Questions around the hole Game not only especially the Alpha 2, so i don´t know is there a Class in AoC for a Group evacuation like evac in EQ2?
  • NiyaNiya Member
    How much minimum constant online is needed on the server so that the server does not degrade (corruption does not spread to the whole world, nodes do not degrade)?
  • KirbieKirbie Member, Settler, Kickstarter
    How do you plan to border the map and node siege events? Will it just be an invisible collision wall or something more visually indicative or immersive?
  • TryolTryol Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited August 23
    How will you implement difficulty scaling for bosses in the open world where multiple groups of varying strength and skill can fight them - or preceding bosses to them - at the same time?
  • TryolTryol Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    I love how the open world bosses are designed without any scaling in mind, but this brings up a concern.
    Will there be some kind of measure to prevent high level players / guilds to farm low level open world bosses which are clearly not intended for their level?
  • Will we be getting a preview of the Summoner Archetype anytime soon? I would love to see how summons and the class aesthetic looks!
  • Summoner has been said to "fill in the gaps" in a party's role composition. What exactly does that mean in practice - are they capable of speccing to be pure dps, pure heals, or pure tank, or instead are they supposed to be versatile, doing all three at a lesser level as needed?
  • Will your secondary archetype choice effect what passive skills you can choose from?
  • Hey Steven, Regarding PvE, will there be global respawn timers for every "boss" or lockouts for people/guilds who intend to farm them (Potentially random respawn locations?). Also, for character building, how rigid will our class roles be. Will the holy trinity dps/tank/heal be a must or will other potential comps have a chance to shine?
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