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  • darthadendarthaden Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Will there be a NDA in place during any spot tests before the launch of Alpha 2?

  • darthadendarthaden Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Azherae wrote: »
    When a Guild War is declared, are the Objectives for ending the war decided by the players involved, or by an automatic system built into the game's design?

    Follow up to Azhera's question. Will there be any costs that come into play or any other types of limits on how often you can declare a war?
  • Could a summoner summon aquatic/flying summons and fully commit to being a magical pirate.
  • darthaden wrote: »
    Will there be a NDA in place during any spot tests before the launch of Alpha 2?

    The wiki has it saying there is no ndas at all for anything post alpha 1 - idk how correct that is but the wiki has it.
  • zeezzeez Member
    In dealing with mounts as well as pets, will they always be tradable? Or is there a point when they become bound to a single player?-ps y’all are awesome 🐼♥️🍀
  • CTheOracleCTheOracle Member
    edited August 2022
    I have several questions that I would love an answer to:

    1. Will the Divine Nodes reflect the style of the religion that players contributed the most towards its development, similar to the racial influence?

    2. Are you able to confirm if potion launchers are going to be in the game as a ranged weapon, not just as cannons for naval combat?

    3. Will there be options to craft gear augments with crafting that say as an example; could an alchemist could craft some sort of gear augment to affect potion launchers?

    4. Will certain classes/archetype combos be able to perform a role outside of the role they are labeled as, in terms of healer, tank, dps?
  • - Could Taverns, land plots, even camp sites be enabled to and/or provide a type of enhancement or benefit to professions like cooking for example? Or even to classes like the Bard, while playing music/singing/dancing to buff/restore stats to players?
    - Will consumables have adverse effects? Also could certain foods/drinks counteract these negative effects, if in fact there are reactions to these?
  • hapyhapy Member
    edited August 2022
    I read on wiki that mobs will drop raw materials.
    Will organized parties be able to get all materials required to craft their equipment by farming open world dungeons and hence skip gathering profession entirely?
  • GrilledCheeseMojitoGrilledCheeseMojito Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    You've mentioned that Ashes will use methods to deter zerg tactics, but also that it will have a large max guild size, so can you give any idea of what number of players is considered a 'zerg'?
    Grilled cheese always tastes better when you eat it together!
  • Will costumes/gear be gender locked?

    An example is the Flawless Finery Costume which appears as two separate styles. Will both genders be able to choose between the masculine and feminine appearance or will characters be locked to one option?

    If so - will this be a common thing or just reserved for the odd set every now and then?
  • What sort of plans or ideas do you have for the metro power of the military node?
  • XtwemeXtweme Member
    edited August 2022
    Question 1:
    Will there be "proficiency" to recipes? Like will there be a system in place for one craftsman to be more proficient in a recipe compared to another craftsman, if they put in an immense amount effort to study/practice/grind said recipe? And if there is proficiency, what sort of increase will we see? Stats up, time reduced to create the item, or... something interesting?
  • XtwemeXtweme Member
    edited August 2022

    Question 2:
    Was wondering if you guys could address a concern of mine. I'm curious how hard is it to master an artisan profession. I know that you will have to put in time and effort to grind it out, but will it be impossible for me to do so if I have to attend college classes as well. I would love to grind the game, but at the moment I will have to also focus on studying, therefore all my free time will most likely be put into grinding artisans, but will that even be enough for mastery, or will that only be possible if I were to be like the many that are able to play and grind almost 24/7.

    Question 3:
    Having learned that you've created an environment for crafters and the idea of a need for people to repair armor has got me super excited. So what I wanted to know is that for gear that may be purchased or looted, will those also be repairable? Is repairing only possible if you have the recipe for the item you are repairing?

    Question 4:
    While I truly love the names being embedded into armors, does that mean that armor can not be modified by another craftsman? And if modified, would it overwrite the previous creator, or just mention that it was a modification? Does this also correspond to other professions and not only blacksmithing?

    Question 5:
    I don't know that much about the lore, but will there be some sort of iconic prayer for each god that could play into the RP of the game, like for example a prayer when you want good luck, prayer before eating, etc.

    Question 6?:
    Kind of a request but like no stress :smile: , is there a possibility of showing that you are a believer of two religions? Not in a way where you are able to progress with both religions, but just to display the fact that you believe in another religion as well. Because I would love to RP with the idea that since I'm a craftsman, I believe in the God of Creation, but I also believe in the God of Fate, because of some reason like "my craft is good because fate deems it" or something :sweat_smile:
  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    hapy wrote: »
    Will organized parties be able to get all materials required to craft their equipment by farming dungeons and hence skip gathering profession entirely?

    They answered this. Instanced dungeons wont be a a thing where you can progress (lv and items), thus avoiding the open world dangers. Dont count on it.
  • Do we use the same skill points pool for weapon skills, primary archetype skills and augments?

    (My name is pronounced "woo-ching-yee-a" - ty! <3 )
  • RhoklawRhoklaw Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Due to future expansions, one can only assume that the "world" of Verra will be flat, in regards to sailing. Will there ever come a time when the world will be made spherical for "trading" purposes?
  • What kind of system requirements can we expect for upcoming versions of the game?
  • On release or in the future, are you planning on having a free trial for the game? The restrictions could be similar to WoW's free trial which allows players to play up to Level 20.
  • With certain games like new world having this issue. What is going to make nodes that aren’t centralized popular. Will nodes closer to the edge of the map have better or more unique aspects to them or are we going to see less of a reason to have a centralized node being way to popular
  • Which crafting profession will handle barding for mounts?
  • hapyhapy Member
    hapy wrote: »
    Will organized parties be able to get all materials required to craft their equipment by farming dungeons and hence skip gathering profession entirely?

    They answered this. Instanced dungeons wont be a a thing where you can progress (lv and items), thus avoiding the open world dangers. Dont count on it.

    yea I meant open world dungeons. It is said on wiki that mobs will drop raw materials, so I wonder if it is possible to farm everything you need to process and then craft
  • What is the maximum hair length and will long hair still show with a helmet on?
  • Can we have somet taste of a spellsword class? \[T]/
  • Will there be options to redesign your character or race change in game? And if so, will it be a paid feature?
  • What is your philosophy on how quickly a player can get killed in the open world against an equal level player? One of the combat showcases got me worried that I might die to a ganking player in a matter of seconds if I glance away from my screen at any moment.
  • Regarding sieges and wars, will there be an option to "betray" your side, maybe opening the doors so the attackers can easily enter?
  • Will we have South East Asia server on launch and also, can "SEA" people play/join Alpha,Beta tests.
  • ChaosFactorChaosFactor Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Hello again Intrepid!
    My question this month is about cosmetics.
    Steven has spoken in the past of the value of assessing the degree of danger from a combatant from a distance. That way you can gauge if they're worth fighting in a high stakes situation.
    Will transmog or costume packs corrupt our ability to do this?
  • How many people do you now expect to be Testing During the alpha 2 stages? as it was stated 10.000 in 2017 obviously this will no longer be accurate but just out of curiosity.

    Cheers keep up the good work

  • In retrospect to competitive PvP, we know arenas will exist in one form or another. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3... But what are your plans for a ranking system, or a ladder to climb so to speak. What will you be doing for those who want to play competitively? Will there be plans to incorporate esports into this game for those that wish to pursue that type of notoriety?
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