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  • How exactly will the secondary class be switchable? Do have to visit a class trainer trainer of some sort and pay them? Will the switch have a cooldown?
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    Are there any plans for a Fist Weapon / Brawler Class ?
    Or does Fighter fit that bill ?
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    Could you provide the currently planned list of known Elements and Elemental Influences and their planned Resistances (which seem to not be per element but more elemental or physical)?

    Per prior statements the Wiki currently has Air, Water, Fire, Lightning and hints at the possibility of Darkness, Light and Planar.
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    If you have multiple characters/alts on your account, will you have to take up multiple slots in a guild or one, if you want all of them to be part of the same guild?
    Is this set in stone or up for discussion?

    I feel that it would be harmful for community guilds if they have to turn away people that like to make multiple characters. If one person takes up multiple slots it will be a disadvantage in multiple ways for the guild and this would seem in contrast with the social ideologies of the game.
  • ShadowVenShadowVen Member, Braver of Worlds
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    Will augmentations have the same affect across all tiers of a singular ability, or will each ability tier (rank 1, 2, & 3) be affected differently?

    Thanks again for the amazing work intrepid! <3
  • PhyleX wrote: »
    How exactly will the secondary class be switchable? Do have to visit a class trainer trainer of some sort and pay them? Will the switch have a cooldown?

    We don't have any cooldown information but this is what we have for switching:
  • Do the developers honestly foresee any programming/balancing problems involved with the '64 different Classes Plan'?

    I LOVE the idea! I WANT it desperately. (I'm clinging to it, really) But I also don't want to build up my own hype and be told later: "Sorry folks, we can only feasibly make 12 different Classes. Whoopsie-daisy."

    Stephen Sharif is my James Halliday (Anorak)


    “That is not dead which can eternal lie,
    And with strange aeons even death may die.”

  • Will there be a threat meter or some way of tracking threat in dungeons/raids? Is there a threat system in place for the tank to hold aggro?
  • Question: Will holidays be apart of the world of Vera? If it does will the game feature unique ones to the lore or will they be similar to ones we practice?

    @Lore Dynamic

    I love your quote btw ;)

    That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.
  • Thanks so much for doing these Q&A's you guys are amazing and AoC is looking amazing for it!

    Can you explain more how much a secondary class will influence your main class? You've mentioned the warrior charge becoming a blink several times when speaking on this subject, how many abilities might one be able to enhance like this, and could we get other examples?
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    Don't you think debuffing corrupted players could potentially ruin some of the games RP potential? Why isn't increased death penalty + bounty hunters in game enough?

    Ganking has the potential to lead to organic large scale PVP encounters which I've loved in past games, and it would be a shame to see that go.
  • When picking a secondary archetype.
    Are there going to be 4 augments per primary skill or Am I going to choose one augment for my entire class?
  • Will there be a threshold level of corruption before you could drop a finished item, or is there a percentage chance from the very first point of corruption gained?
  • I was asked to save this question for the next Q&A, so here it goes: How do hair and beards interact with equipment and attire?

    For clarity, I am asking if hair and beards remain while wearing headgear, if anything that clips or covers head hair will just disappear to reduce conflict, if there's a compressed / passed through look that head hair will have to retain their style while preventing ugly hair clipping issues, or if some combination will be utilized.
  • Good day Intrepid team!

    Glad to be back in an official thread, talking it up.

    Anyways! Here's my question.. So we've talked a lot about how castle and node sieges are going to work. I would like to safely assume that when combatants of the fight decease, they're going to drop a large majority of their gear, as it's a planned event, so why wouldn't they? If this were the case, does that mean it would allow for battlefield scavengers? People waiting on the horizon of the battlefield, prepped and ready to sprint in and scoop up some good loot. I think it's an awesome immersive concept and will also be a dangerous yet rewarding.
  • Will the world / oceans be dynamic enough to support an explorer style of gameplay?
  • BeOwningUBeOwningU Member
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    What will be the scope of tier 1 and 2 mount abilities or skills; specifically, will they have combat damage skills, combat utilities, or will they be more limited to travel utility and caravan application buffs?
  • How will animal husbandry and taming stay in demand in 5+ years time - will it take years to get mounts, do you plan to add more animals with expansions, or something else?
  • What happens when there are multiple caravans on the road? Do you pick a defender/attacker role for all caravans, each one separately, or can you only participate in one of them?
  • Will you ever tell us the 3 races that will make up the tulnar race? Q.Q
  • AsuraAsura Member
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    How do you intend to prevent overwhelming open world Raid Bosses with a high number of players and keep it challenging?
  • George BlackGeorge Black Member
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    Will land mounts and water mounts be a safe speedbuff, enabling players to push a button and skip all dangers until they reach their point of interest
    will there be challenges:
    summoning cast time (30s or more)
    expensive food
    permanent death
    permanent death without rez
    summon/unsummon only in stables/ports

  • Will we have AOE targeting cap ? many people just wanna aoe farm the whole spot hopefully crowded with ALOT of mobs
  • NerrorNerror Member
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    Will the mage/mage get the same four schools of augments that the fighter/mage gets?
  • should they choose to have no pets, what kind of effects can summoners employ?
  • With this many systems and 250 vs 250, how will you ensure to have servers as stable as possible?
    (sorry if this has already been asked)
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  • How many sizes of buildings/accessories will be available for freeholds, and will we be able to have more than one large building at a time?
  • I understand how physical skills like leap slam can have magical modifiers, but I don't understand how a magical ability like fireball could have physical modifiers. Could you describe the subclass modifers that a spell like fireball could have, similar to how you described the various leap slams?
  • XenantayaXenantaya Member, Braver of Worlds
    What are you doing to ensure that the dynamic content (such as dungeon difficulty increasing when a node becomes a metropolis) does not cause bugs, server crashes, or other unexpected results?
  • F4RCEF4RCE Member
    I am curious about what increased mastery of the gathering professions will unlock for the player. For example, will a more proficient lumberjack be able to cut types of trees that were previously inaccessible, or is it more that they will be able to extract higher quality resources from the same trees? I'm curious how tool use comes into play here as well.
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