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Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – May 22, 2017



  • Will there be non instanced dungeons and raids as well as the instanced versions? Sometimes along the lines of say the sprawling dungeons in Everquest 1 like Upper and Lower Guk or the Temple of Droga, with compelling reasons to go there like specific tradeskill materials or rare mobs/drops.
  • Hello Ashes of Creation, I am Ausar. My question is about character appearance. I was wondering if costumes are going to be the only thing impacting character appearance, or if different types of armor do too. For instance, would a mage wearing plate look different from a mage wearing cloth? (Assuming neither are wearing costumes of course). And if so, would a mage wearing higher level cloth armor look different from a mage with lower level cloth armor?
    Non question comments: I personally don't mind if costumes are the only appearance changers, because I understand that producers making different appearances for every armor is difficult, and that they have buffers, especially when everyone is wearing something different. But if costumes are the only things, I would at least expect there to be more costumes, and more armor.
  • Two questions from me, so...

    We have examples of the martial classes using a magical class as a secondary, but could we have an example of what a skill created by taking a magical main class with a martial secondary class would look like? (So, a Mage/Fighter, modifying their firebolt skill or some such with some skill from the Fighter, for example)

    And... Read all of this second one before judging it... Will there be breast sliders on female characters.

    I think adding this as an option would promote more modestly proportioned female characters, since, every MMO I've played which does not have this as an option, if you were to add a slider to these games, the default model would, most of the time, fall in the top 75%, at least, and often the top 90. (The mage from your mage video would be at about 90, for example)
  • When & How will the world map be revealed to us? Will we be able to see what the world looks like before discovering it so we can decide where we'd like to start developing or will it open up as we discover new areas?
  • Will there be a choice of different augments for the same skills and if so, do you know or have any thoughts you can share with the community on how easy it will be to change the augments of skills if we would like to test out different possible choices?
  • About how many nodes will the map start with? and is it only one node per zone?
  • You mentioned in a previous Twitch stream that it will be possible for your mount/pet to be killed. If they die, will we have to purchase/breed another one or will it be more like a cool down time before they can be used again?
  • I believe it would be very interesting if the nodes cratered to the xp the players received under the nodes influence..... so let's say a guild worth of miners and Smiths move to a mountain node. If most the xp the players are making in the zone the nodes monitors. Will the nodes as it levels cater to those Smiths and will the city forge have a hotter flame or larger forge then other nodes? Will the larger and hotter forge Grant bonuses to these smiths and miners? I believe it would be very interesting if everyone on that server knew you had to go to this one node to get the best arms and armor. So much so that the whole node is a mining smithing merchant town..... just a small dream as a PvE/Smith player
  • Hi @Intrepid Studios , will we be able to select what stats we want to add as another way of player progression? A system like Ragnarok Online makes it that players need to plan ahead of how they want to build their character from day 1. It also shapes how a player lvls up. For example a full Vit(Vitality/HP) player wont exert much dmg but will be able to tank more monsters and enourage Parties. I like punishing mechanics where Pure builds suffer in lvling and maybe Shines in late game or whatever the player wants to achieve in theory with items to compensate their weakneses.
  • My question:

    Crowd Control (CC) is a big part of combat in all MMORPGS; how will Ashes of Creation implement crowd control? Will "hard CC" such as stuns and knockdowns be chained so that a character remains CC'd or will the game offer temporary immunity to hard CC in between stuns, knockdowns, trips and other such abilities?

  • Hi everyone, I know Steven mentioned that Oceanic server will happen. My question is could he elaborate more on the steps taken to ensure there will be an Oceanic server on launch. There's a lot of players here that are still wondering if an Oceanic server will happen. Due to that doubt, they are holding back on funding and such. It would be great if Steven could make it official on live stream so everyone would be clear about it.

    Thank you
  • It's been said that a character can only be a citizen of one node. Is that citizenship account wide or can different characters on one account be citizens of different nodes?
  • What happens if subscription runs out, does your mansion, freehold or etc get destroyed?
  • Will ashes of creation have a meaningfull temperature? Could the temperature affect a battleground (pve & pvp) giving advantage to a side who's been there for Much more time? What i mean by meaningfull is like a situation were there's a huge snow storm when the Caravan leaves the node and IT Will take more time to the caravan to get to destination.
  • In the predator video we saw the stealth to have a slightly visible shimmering effect. Is this visible only to the player so they can track their own position, or will stealth look this way to other players as well, allowing an observant player to notice an incoming rogue?
  • Since nodes are such a huge part of the game and all citizens will need to pull their weight to have a flourishing economy, will there be a mail system implemented the leader of the node can send out at his will to tell them whats happening, wars coming up, what resources are needed, node quests that are scheduled and what not?
  • How is the marriage system going to work!
  • How is the gearing in this game going to work? How is gear achieved? PvE? PvP? A mix?
  • I just want to start by saying great Friday stream. Props to my buddy Aggelos for providing great questions and thank you to the Intrepid Team for answering them well too. It was very insightful and I would rate it as my favorite stream so far!

    My question for Monday is:

    How diverse is your intended Weapon-crafting / Armor-Crafting and crafting system?
    Can players name their crafted items?
    Is the skin of an item pre determined or random?
    Could I click Mace- Quality X, Damage X - X, Swing Time X-X etc etc. and receive two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT items.

    Mace 1
    "Bacon Tenderizer" - Looks like a meat tenderizer
    Mace (One Handed)
    150-267 Damage Per Second
    Swing Time: 2 seconds

    Mace 2
    "Fist of the Phoenix" - Looks like a fiery mallet
    Mace (One Handed)
    146-259 Damage Per Second
    Swing Time: 1.9 second
  • how harsh are the penalty of dying is it like a slap on the wrist like most mmo and you dont lose much or will you actually fear dying and that each life matters
  • Since there will be companion pets and you have said before that some will have gear available to them.

    What will these companion pets be able to do?
  • How do you plan to help cap level players who are apart of a node that gets destroyed, so that they don't have to re-"grind" to re-level up their node on lower level content.(Since the higher level content has disapeered , since the node is now lower level).

    Q2: Do you plan to have people available to do balancing in case, during deeper parts of the game things become unbalanced that were not found in Alpha/Beta
  • Will there be diminishing returns for stuns/lockdowns/interrupts/etc in pvp?
  • In regards to the raiding aspect of this game. Will guilds that want to raid be punished for starting on a server that doesn't push nodes that benefit raiding or will there always be a raid available? Something like WoW or Wlldstar is where I'm looking at, where raiding is progression based and will take awhile to complete an instanced raid.
  • Will the Demonic/Angelic Kickstarter skins also be the same regardless of the gender of the character? In other words, possible Demonic/Angelic feminine, masculine, androgynous, neutral features locked overall?

    EDIT: Nevermind, question more or less answered by your latest update post on Kickstarter. Thank you for the clarity!

    <blockquote>Both the Demon and Angel skins are racial skins, and not costumes. This means that armor and character customization (including skin color) is possible on these :)</blockquote>
  • will this game have a lot rng,for example in crafting or enchanting,or will it be more like "you've worked hard,so here's a guaranteed reward"
  • Q: After your latest Q & A with DeathsProxy I got rly worried. Will we see a player reset like WOW (Or other theme park MMORPG) every eighteenth month or so?! AKA Everything we fought for becomes worthless through higher level cap?

    - Sigvard
  • Why not consider to make a Beastmaster class¿ I love pure beastmaster clases <3
  • Will there be a global all-chat or will chat rooms be node-specific? I hope it's the latter.
  • 1)Maybe i missed it but how castles will appear? You only said before about sieges but what about constructions or smth?
    2)About Headstart - What maximum lvl players could get before off. launch? (lvl cap before launch or craft lvl cup)
    3)Are you going to show us FULL game on Alpha\Beta OR show us piece of game and on the off. launch change something(or full). I mean, I don't want to be prepared and to know all secrets before off. launch.
    something like "where will be Economic Node and Military". For me, I don't want to know anything about environment\locations\monster and etc. before off. launch
    4) How many portals will be at first? 4\5\6\10+? Will they be racial portals or any race can choose any portal?
    5)About "Predator". First you showed us GIF\video with 4 classes - Ranger, Mage, Fighter, Tank. Next was Predator's gameplay which looks exactly like Ranger, but you said it's Rogue first and Ranger second...clarify this plz.
    6)Could ONE guild take all government slots in Nod?(regular Nod, not castle's) How many slots players can take in government?
    7)I'm solo player, but i want to be master crafter\gatherer or smth. Can i do it WITHOUT guild and materials from Epic bosses? I mean - will there be 2 TOP TIER equipment where one will get from epic boss(include resourses wich you later use in craft) and second will be crafted through others methods?
    OR you can become THE BEST crafter ONLY when you enter TOP guild?
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