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Official Livestream Q&A Question Thread – May 22, 2017



  • Pet Functionality,
    I'm working right now on suggestions to this but;
    What do you expect your non summoned pets to beable to accomplish? I would love if you ride a bull around, it can smash down small objects blocking the road. Or if you have a pet pheonix, it can fly over pecking and burning people - lighting up a room - and if it dies then it has an animation of respawning from the ashes.
    I would LOVE for pets to be more than "useless creature that follows you around." Now they can be super weak, or only good for utility purposes, but having some <strong>ANIMATED</strong> functionality would be amazing, What are your plans?
  • Maybe these questions have already been asked, but still.
    Question on the clans.
    1) Will it be possible to add your own logo in the game?
    2) Will the activity of each member of the clan be displayed?
    3) Will there be a specific section in the chat room for recruiting? And will the moderators of the chat be in the game?
    Other issues.
    1) Will there be fishing, hunting in the game?
    2) Can I use macros in the game?
    3) Will there be in the game a statue of a character in nominations top 1 pvp and so on.
    4) Will there be an auto-path in the game?
    Thank you.

    P.S I apologize for the bad english.
  • So I like to play all three roles in MMORPG's. Heal in PvP, DPS some monsters while questing and tanking in a dungeon. Will I be able to freely change between all three speccs on the SAME charater, like we see with classes like druid and monk and paladin i WoW, or do I have to dedicate my character to a specific role?
  • Q. Do you have an idea of the rough size population of the server and is there any "soft caps/phased instances" to prevent overcrowding at starting areas etc
  • Will all metropolises look unique; Will they have different layouts?
  • There was discussion of weapons having a customization sequence during creation, such as the "Sword of Jeffrey" being a magical sword for one player and be a non-magical for another. Has there been thoughts to doing the same with making player-made spells/attacks? For instance, Mage1 can research and change a spell to have 2 parts ice and 1 part earth to make an ice/ground AOE spell. Mage2, on the other hand, takes time change the same spell with 2 parts ice and 1 part Shadow producing a stealth ice shard spell. This would allow greater customization of your character's stories and uses.
  • How does corruption stack? Per hit or per kill or per dmg treshold?
  • are stats like health,toughness,power,condition dmg etc. solely gear based or affect traits or something else those too?
  • when i use an AoE skill and accidently hit another player will i get corrupted?

    Scenario: open world killing a boar with an AoE Fireball and another player gets hit aswell

    or do i have to be in a PvP modus or something
  • Hello!
    My question is:
    Is AoC going to be a game where people that start play later on are going to be a lot far behind others in terms of gear, skill, etc and that would make those player useless till they get to the same level than others?
    To better explain, in other game such as BDO or AA people that started way later than other are really really far to be competitive due to the fact that gear scale waaaay too much... How are you going to make those new player be able to join the "action" asap?
    And how much a "top geared" player is going to be superior vs a player with "average" gear (like a gear set that is easy to get)?
  • Question about fishing: Will you guys be changing how important fishing is? Currently in MMOs fishing is seen as a side activity and anybody can do it and it's really easy to get things. How will you guys make it more so people who invest more time into fishing get more rewards?
  • How much the gear is gonna scale? Is a "top geared" player going to be extremely superior to "mid tier" gear player?
    We don't really want player be gods just cause of gear like in BDO or AA...
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">Akrias wrote:</a></div>Do females have body-physics?

    </blockquote> high quality question
  • Q/ can we change the game lighting to be more bright and colorful?
    right now the game got a dark cinematic look
  • good afternoon
    About the change of the time of the year and will not it be that wildly lag because of this?
    Attack monsters on the node the same question will be lag for example if the players will be 2-3 times more than monsters then everything will hang
  • Will there be puzzles, riddles and challenges that are rather confusing and challenging along the storylines narratives quests and even in open world explorations? the type of elements that makes you actually take your time and read the quests storylines and actually pay attention to the conversations by other NPCs and quest givers.
  • 1.) How will we know an interactive dev won't have a favorite player to spoil?

    2.) Can you show us short videos of: Destruction, Caravan Routes & a short PvP video from a Bards perspective vs. Summoner? (Jeff vs. Steve)

    3.) Can we get to know more about Corruption & Monster Coins?
  • How will the military work in the cities ? Will players have roles in it beside giving budget to get more soldiers ? Will we be able to take the lead of a small group to train them into an elite group that would follow us during a siege ? Or will the soldier only be bots doing bots things ?
  • Will siege battles involve NPC's? (like guards on the defending side and foot soldiers on the attacking side)
  • I asked on discord but the question get lost:

    Do you plan having arrows management and crafting (with quivers and maybe upgraded arrows), and if so, will you have other consumables (like magic stones, rage potion...) to cast specific spells ?

    Thanks !
  • Huge worries for me: lack of bandit-esque guild/solo play style. Opening up on someone in world Pvp is one of my favorite things to do outside of arenas. Seems like in this game you're catering to soft skinned people by not separating pvp and RP/pve servers but instead doing this via a debuff. I feel that if a player is opening up on another player their own level this debuff shouldn't apply. However, something like this for players ganking lowbies feels very nice. To me the idea of sailing my guild around pirating different colonies is a dream come true in an mmo. Virtually creating it's own content

    Not sure if any of you played City of Heroes but I did and that "negative xp" debuff was terrible sometimes stacking an entire level out. Are there going to be limits on the debuff or can we accrue 40 levels worth like in CoH?

    Battlegrounds! Are we going to see a token=gear system that reflects the same as pve gear. So I can gear up in pvp and do pve content effectively or am I going to get shit stats like resilience and versatility? And is instanced pvp even a priority to this project? I have seen many many games fall because of lack of instanced pvp due to devs thinking anyone wants to play massive map pvp over quick 15 min matches.
  • Open world dungeons was something talked about on a previous Q and A, I love that idea of not having all dungeons instanced but how would you address the issue of making multiple parties trying to complete one dungeon, for example if one party was 1/2 way done before another party started, wouldnt that party miss out on half the dungeon and need to wait until the mobs respawn or the first party is finished?
  • Underrealm race: 2 subraces or just 1?
  • You talked a little about the holy trinity, could you tell us what kind of healers we will see in game, often there are many different flavors of tanks and DPS'ers, but very often the healers only get the basic, priest burst healer, are we going to see a healer that uses HoTs, or damage mitigation?
  • Hello!

    Apart from the node and freehold systems you have, will the players encounter more static buildings, structure etc. in the world to fill it out?
  • It will be any Leadersboards for any type of races ?
  • Question about classes skillcap. How important individual skill will be? Can a highly skilled player (with the right class-subclass combination) clear a dungeon solo?
  • When we will see dwarfs in game, and Their beards will appear under the helmet?

    The weapons forge will be similar to dragon's age inquisition when you use iron have a color and steel other color?
  • Do you have a list of available weapon types in AoC? Will there be any class specific weapons?
  • Will alts have a shared bank mechanism similar to EQ2? meaning each toon will have their own bank space, but there will be a few boxes that will be shared with the account. I am hoping this will be enabled.
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