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  • Hey its Exis. Cant wait to get into the world
  • How's it going. Just got everything all setup. Getting excited for Fall and Alpha 1!
  • Hello I'm Paradoxically I'll probably go by Desso or something to that effect in game. Para's just my fall back because most dont know its a word. Im really interested in being a dwarf. Ngl they look sick. I played FFXI for 5 years and bdo for 2 years I was one of the highest levels in bdo for about a year. I've tried terra, wow, Eso, Pso2, ffxiv, trove, and a few others the only games Ive been a top player in though are trove and bdo.
    Looking through the guilds on the discord rn and I have no idea what Ima try and join.
  • Hi! I am a new member, checking out the forums, the game looks very intriguing, and I look forward to testing it out!
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    Suh Gamers! I’m Tommy Danger, and I’ve been a top pvper for a vast majority of MMOs! I’m most excited for PvP in Ashes of Creation and can't wait to slaughter and make friends!
  • Hey guys its me IYI your neighborhood ganker, and leader of CTH a smaller up and coming guild of friends looking forward to Ashes of Creation!
    "Imagine dying to a broken sword."

  • Hello, I'm Leneria, played pve on a number of MMO, mostly healer when such a class is available :)
  • Wow things are looking very promising.....
    Can't wait to get into discussions about molding the game into something we all can enjoy from all walks of life.
    I'm an older player but have loved MMO's from the very beginning (BBS gaming).
    My name is Melthorn hope to see everyone soon
    Melthorn thanks you
  • Hi everyone, i don't speak inglish very well but i look forward playing AoC...or watching alpha by steram. I hope to find hispanic comunity here.


  • Hi people! Im from italy! I discovered today Ashes of Creation! I loved it!
  • hello all from east coast usa, hyped and cant wait for AoC
  • Hello all. Pro lurker here.
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    Hello Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to the forums and to the AoC Community as a whole, but really looking forward to watching the game and the community grow :) Been playing MMO's for a long time (probably longer than I want to admit) and I've been looking for a game with that old-school MMO feel. I truly feel AoC will fill a hole that has been evident in this game space for a long time. Kudos to the team for taking the chance to bring us all something fantastic. Anyway its great to meet you all and I look forward to interacting. If you're into podcasts about the game, my best friend and I just jumped into the creator pool with a new show. Check us out of you're bored! Link to website in siggie. Be safe, be well.
    Kash, Co-Host - Loreseekers Podcast
    Twitter @LoreseekersCast
    Twitter @LoreseekerKash

    "In a world where you can be anything, be kind."
  • I am Hyprax, a dnd bard player who lost interest in mmos a long ago but who also got hyped by such a nice concept AoC has.
  • Hey everyone, nice to be a part of the AoC community! Been playing MMOs ever since the early days of Everquest way back when.

    This is the first MMO to reignite that old twinge of excitement I use to get with the genre and I can't wait to be a part of this from the early stages.
  • Greetings From Greece. Glad to be part of AoC community. Looking forward to enter this magnificent world!

  • Hey everyone! I'm smallbrains.
    I've just recently learned about AoC but am very hyped about the whole affair.
    Just checking in on the forums and then I'm off to the wiki to absorb all the knowledge I can there!

    I look forward to meeting y'all and playing the game.
    Just a guy with a passion for passion fruit.
  • Hey everyone! I'm Wolin. Very excited to be a part of the AOC community. Cheers!
  • Hello All here at Ashes of Creation and Intrepid Studios,

    I am AcidGene and for long I have sought new and exciting worlds to engage with.
    My First MMO was Ragnarok and since then I have pretty much played as many as possible. Yes I am a veteran gamer and being a gamer for the past 25 odd years I am a part of the gaming community as a Quality Assurance Specialist currently doing my Master in Game Design.

    Ashes of creation has given me new hope for MMO's and you guys already know why but for the interest of the forum -
    the NODE SYSTEM (OMG its an amazing concept and I am truly excited to see how this plays out)
    PVP - PK
    Bounty System
    A world where it means something to be a TANK / HEALER / NUKER / DPS / RECHARGER (i got goose bumps already)
    and the amazing graphics have to be mentioned.

    Well thats me and thats what I see. I am not always active on forums but I am always ingame.

    I hope to find you all in the Apocalypse !!

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    Did introduce myself about 4 years ago but that was on the old forum so the entire introduction thread has actually been archived. I did find it though.. so here it goes...

    Commencing copyjob

    100% Complete
    Pasting Output

    My name is Patrick Berger AKA Timeraider

    Born in the Netherlands in 1993
    Done a course Indie Game Design. Finished an IT study and I am an now certified ICT-specialist that focusses on everything from server- and network-management up to remote monitoring and automating processes and services.
    Working for Datamex automatisation as Managed Services (Remote network monitoring) for about 5 years now. Most of my focus goes to managing the systems that are used to monitor our customers and development of Powershell/CMD scripting for any additional services.

    Real MMO and FPS enthousiast with a big passion for PvP

    As hobbies I mostly read books, play games on PC/Nintendo Switch and rarely mobile.. Also do like the outdoors so cycling/walking/running is an hour or 2 of about every day.

    Kickstarter History:
    Creator of the Elemental Scourge ravaging the kingdom of For the King by Ironoak games.

    Creator of the Uicisse family of which Aevum is mostly the main highlight of the bloodline but other relatives are also known and found. Ive made sure to implement lore or story towards these characters in multiple Kickstarted games.
    (including but not limited to For the King, Gloria Victus, The Celestian Tales games, a few Kickstarter projects and more)

    Backed quite a decent amount of games through Kickstarter which so far have been succesfull but first time backing an MMO. Basically I am looking for something to.. well.. transfer my life into would sound desperate wouldnt it? Lets just say im looking for a game to represent and lose myself in :D

    Famous quotes:
    Knowing your enemy is just as important as knowing yourself

    "You are stronk, like SingSing" - Cirrus Minor, June 2014
    A being can not judge light if he has never seen it, neither can he judge darkness if he never has been it
  • Hey everyone! I tend to go by Xerodps, not sure what my name will be in AoC. I wanted to say hello and hope to see y'all in the 2nd Alpha. I got a few friends interested in the game and I hope they end up participating when it launches (if not sooner).

    I am a big fan of RPG's. The first memorable one I played was Beyond the Beyond (great game!) on the original PlayStation back in the 90's. I got started with MMO's playing WoW during it's Beta phase. I am looking forward to this game due to it being a world of it's own where I can have a unique effect on the environment. I am interested to see how the castle sieges play out, as I would love to have my own castle.
  • Hey, I'm Yorkmann! MMORPG player for many, many years. Really hyped for AoC release and definitely planning on streaming it on Twitch from launch. Planning to make AoC my main game and time sink :D
  • Heyo everyone! I usually go by Volaous or PlagueDoc depending and im representing Order of the Sun on the forums =D We're all super glad to be a new part of this community and cant wait to play the game!
  • megsmegs Member, Royalty
    Just saying hello (again) to the forums! *waves*
  • StorybookStorybook Member, Leader of Men
  • LyquixLyquix Member, Braver of Worlds
    Oh hey, ready to grind mats.
  • Hey guys,

    Been watching this since Kickstarter, just saying hello :smile:
  • Yo, I'm nex. I pretend to be an artist sometimes.

    Excited to see what comes from this game's journey. Grew up in Lineage 2 so I'm curious how the give and take of pking play out in AoC. Loving the castle/economic systems. My only goal is to own a pub and RP the hell outta my server. Been watching since my friend made fun of me for backing the kickstarter.. years ago, glad to see ya'll have pushed through the kickstarter game stigma so far.

  • hello i have been keeping a very close eye on this game and now id like to officially dive in and get involved id like to join the discord as well. so how does one get a invite to that
  • ready to go and develop nodes and explore content! ashes!!
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