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  • Hey!

    I am moXypants, I've also been a fan of this game (though it's been out of sight out of mind for a few years) since the beginning of the kickstarter-- I came back and checked on it this year to see it's made a remarkable amount of progression. I am stoked! I am an electrical / signals engineer by profession, and hope to be of some help as a community member. Cheers fellas!

    -pants of moXy
  • HenchHench Member
    yoooo cant wait to kill you all in game hiiiiiiii
  • Howdy! new here, saw this video and jumped right in. looking forward to it all!
  • Sup I'm RuneLink and super excited to see a game like this. Been super addicted to LitRPG audio books and I have been craving a good MMO where the world is dynamic and your character isn't this god that can master all skills and classes. Im hoping I can find a good group of people to join and make a great team with!
  • Diminishi here. Ive played MMORPGS since ultima online, was a day 1 everquest player, beta tested WoW, dark age of Camelot, shadowbane, and a few others. Retired from gaming to focus on life and have been following AOC for years now. Finally pulled the trigger on buying a pack and am anxiously awaiting Alpha 2!
  • DargourDargour Member
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    Hey, I’m Dargour. Long time MMO player, coming from: Planetside, Planetside 2, WoW, TERA, EvE, Wildstar, & Albion Online. I'm currently a guild leader for Ashes with plenty of guild leading experience from TERA, Planetside 2, & Albion Online. Besides MMOs, I'm a HUGE Borderlands fan that can't say no to a good session. Can't wait to see y'all in game!
  • I'm here after watching the latest dev update video, hoping this will be the ultimate successor to Lineage 2.
  • ZhijnZhijn Member
    Hey , im Zhijn , wow player since vanilla and ready to move the ... on :)
    cant wait for Ashes of Creation to go live or at least a betakey would be sexy
  • Hey guys I'm Helios, I've been following AoC since June and I'm very excited to partake in the alpha 2 testing. I'll be playing a rogue type class (still havent made my mind up between assassin and shadow lord yet) and will be looking to join a pvp guild. If you see me in game I suggest you give me your loot because I'll be taking it one way or another ;)
  • New here, looking forward for this game, sounds like something I would like. I just wish, I got into it earlier. Oh well, Anyway, nice to meet you all.
  • Hello everyone. My name is Vaneer and I've been playing OLRPG's now since the '90s: Meridian 69, AC, AO, EQ, EQ2, DAOC, COH, SWG, WOW, Rift, etc.. I try to get on the beta team so I get a good feel for a new game. AoC looks pretty good and I can't wait to dive in. Until then I'll still be playing WOW...
  • Hi folks! I’m Beau from xBeauGaming, and I’m a Youtuber who loves RPGS! I’m most excited for the crazy amount of classes, more hardcore nature of Ashes of Creation.

    Glad to be here!
  • Hi all TripleB here....looking forward to play this game
  • Greetings to the community. Can't wait for alpha-1 and beyond. Got the intrepid package and a bunch of items waiting to be unearthed, as well as cross swords with you all in the near future!

  • ZeeiZeei Member
    Hello everyone. My name is Zeei and I've been playing MMORPG games since the 1999 EverQuest, EverQuest 2, Dark Age Of Camelot, World Of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online and a few others, I'm a hardcore gamer and has been invited by SOE, Daybreak Games, Xbox Gaming Studios and other companies to help on game design and development.
  • Hey everyone!! doesnt this project look great? im excited to say the least for a real top tier competitor in this genre. I liked to see that steven is a tabletop player as well and was into neverwinter when he was younger. see u around.
    and ps dont loot my caravans
  • Lore DynamicLore Dynamic Member
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    Hello everyone, I've been following AoC for a while now; desperate to discover my 'home' since so many other realities have let me down over the years. I'm hoping that Ashes of Creation will be my "last game" (for those who understand the sentiment behind that statement).

    Anyways, looking forward to integrating into the community. Looks like we have awesome people here already!

    Just purchased the "Woe Within the Woodlands" Voyager-Plus Pre-Order pack. It has a very ascetically pleasing appeal to me. Looking forward to joining you all in game!

    Thank you.


    “That is not dead which can eternal lie,
    And with strange aeons even death may die.”

  • Hi I'm Karatos.
    #tulnarsquad and I'm going to maining Wild Blade
  • Hello!

    I am AtargatIs,The Mermaid!
    I heard tales of my sea mounts being in the Ashes of Creation waters so these waters will be my home.
    AtargatIs Of The Mer
  • KasuzoKasuzo Member
    I am Kasuzo I´ve been following AoC for a while and I got hooked by the Crafting Idea. I hope crafting and gathering will play a big role in this game. I would not mind playing a Craftsman as a Class on its own :D So you have to pay for protection to gather some rare herbs/ore etc. .Otherwise it would be shaman i guess. :D
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