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  • AurionTSAurionTS Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Hi all! I've been watching AoC ever since the Kickstarter and I've been excited for the eventual release! Nice to meet you all!
  • Hi all ! I'm French ; follow AoC development since beginning and did the step to purchase my access to Alpha 2 and more ^^ ... just because of the news about UE5 announcing. Now I wait for the next access and prepared my computer tu assume high graphics (NVMe and GPU). A pleasure to show each month the dev updates. Thanks ! That amazing how your project had hyped me so long. I'm pretty sure the next steps will blow our minds. See you in game ^^
  • Greetings, I am Dame Eva of the Knights who say NI! NI! Ni! The knights of Ni demand a sacrifice!
  • Hi! I was did some MMORPG back in the day and I am getting interested about this game especially with the Unreal 5 Engine announcement. I can not wait.
  • Hello! Just happened over the Unreal Engine 5 Preview the other day and was impressed. I've done some poking around and like what I've seen so far, so I joined to find out more.
  • Been following AoC for a while, but after the UE5 demo I had to dive in and get as involved as I can. **waves**
  • Howdy!

    Long time mmo'er here, but I only recently became aware of you guys, as I had pretty much quit mmo's several years ago due to lack of time. But very much looking forward to this, and I'll dive fully in! :)

  • The4thComingThe4thComing Member
    edited December 2021
    Hey mates, nice to meet u all. Im a nostalgic latin american player of Lineage2 and T4C living in the land down under for a while. Feeling overly optimistic about AoC development. Founder of the 'Two Suns' clan and definitely playing as VEK!

    Happy to chat to everyone and meet other players from Oceania area.
  • Hi. I was confused for a few minutes about all the excitement over AoC. I was like why is everyone so excited on here about Age of Conan (AoC) :open_mouth: where I come from. Anyways, excited to see game come out.
  • Ahh, I'm finally back, the overlord of the ancient lands, for the banished gods I stand, and corruption stained my hands, from the deepest voids I came, and vengeance is what keeps me sane.

    AHM!! so however I'm Natsku just someone who's way too excited to play AoC. ;-;
  • eLseLs Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited January 31
    Heyoo! Have been really excited for this game, I cant wait to see what 2022 have for us. Happy new year

    Best regards,
    The PvP master ;)
  • EverquEverqu Member

    this game got my interest 12/2021. Found it from Youtube.

    I have been playing MMORPG s like (Ultima Online 6 year, Anarchy Online 15 years, WOW around 5 year, Albion couple month and New World also couple month (some of those same time)). This game will look super cool ofc. But I hope this doesn't repeat same mistakes what other games have done :).

    I do like PVM and PVP and grafting.

  • Greetings Ladies n Gentlemen! It's Blancksey here.. I've found this game from Youtube and hyped to play it when it's avaiable. Have a nice one everyone and hopefully see ya around as soon as possible
  • -T0Mb--T0Mb- Member
    Hello everyone! I'm -T0Mb- and my friend told me about this game a year ago. I became a member in August and I have high hopes for this game! I will keep watching Intrepid's working with great excitement! See you guys in Verra!
  • Hello! My name is Dean! Very nice to meet everybody! This game looks REALLY awesome and I can't wait to play it! :) I Also can't wait to meet new people and make lasting friendships! This seems like a promising game!
  • Hello all and Happy New Year! I'm Hruodland. Musician IRL, and if possible, wandering bard/musician in-game as well!

    I follow development since some years through YT videos, but only now made an account here! Thank you all for your work, we can see this really is a passion project and it will be populated by passionate players!
  • Hey everyone! My name is Zikaz and I've been a hardcore MMO gamer for my entire life. Recently I've stopped playing games as much and instead I've been focusing on watching the industry develop and taking a close look at what makes MMO's fun and long lasting, while making some predictions and formulating hypothesis on where the games industry is heading.

    I'm super excited to watch Ashes of Creation evolve over time and react to their players and the changing market dynamics. Their team is in such a unique position and I'm fascinated by their story as a company and team as well as the features they plan on implementing for Ashes.

    The game feature I'm most excited about currently is the node development, I can't wait to watch a server grow their own unique story in this way. Additionally the decision to switch to unreal engine 5 was hugely impressive and exciting for me.
  • MasRazdenMasRazden Member
    edited January 10
    Hello folks, MasRazden here and I am excited the game and experience as a whole. Selecting one thing simply isn’t possible!
  • GhasiGhasi Member
    Ghasi here. Been following a little over a year now. Watching this game develop is making it hard to get excited about most of the other things I'm playing. I'm impatient, but thankful you're taking your time. Excited to try this thing out!
  • wDswDs Member
    Greetings, wow the review on this game made me have goose bumps, I can't wait for its release, amazing work and all my respect to the dev team
  • Hello guys,

    My name is Yannick and i'v been following aoc since 2020. I have alpha 1 and cant wait to play this badboi :) See ya soon ^^

  • Hi everyone! I'm Lux, and I just heard about Ashes of Creation a few days ago. This game combines all of my favorite parts of an MMORPG, and I'm super excited to play!
  • Hi, I'm Em. I'm just here to lurk and yea....I don't know what else to write. I'm not really good at this personal stuff so hi.....Im here.
  • Greeting fellow Gamers!
    I'm Loveliss from the US. Some of the older crew may have known me as Vurtrue from Everquest and FFXI.
    I've been playing MMORPGs since Everquest: Ruins of Kunark came out in 2000. I'm extremely excited for
    Ashes of Creations. Although there are some ok MMOs out there today.. None of them give me the same feeling as back in the day. Ashes looks like it will provide that and much much more!
  • Hi all! I go by Wahime, and i'm very excited for Ashes of Creation! Can't wait till it's out. My last big MMO was Lord of the Rings Online which I played from when it had first launched back in 2007. Ready for this game to come out so I can get back into a great looking game!
  • ErifErif Member
    Hello all! I am Erif and I am here to watch AoC and am hopeful I have found my next favorite MMO. I have played many MMORPG games over the years with my first one being Ultima Online. I look forward to the progress of AOC.
  • Ello, Been following the game since Kickstarter, but been burnt so many times that I never felt comfortable putting in any $ til now. Insanely happy with the progress, hard work, and excellent communication Intrepid has put forth and can't wait to finally step foot into Verra.

    ;) waitin patiently for them Tulnar after the other races are finalized.

  • Hi I'm Ben. And I am here to see what this game is
  • Greetings, fellow adventurers,

    The kind AoC support finally fixed my account so I can post here. So excited about the game! Tons of questions, too. :wink:

    I'm looking forward to the Alpha 2 announcement - I will definitely get a key in time. :smile:
  • Hello, Throckdaddy here. Been in several MMOs ranging from SWG to New World, WoW to SWTOR, Rift to DDO. Done some Alphas, lots of Betas. Looking forward to getting in and setting up shop. This looks, by far, the best yet.
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