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  • Hey, I'm Frage. Looks like a good MMO...and unique too! I'm excited
  • iVHiVH Member
    Hello, i am VH (Victor Hugo)
    from Brazil!
  • WizSupportWizSupport Member
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    Hey all! I'm Wizard!

    I have been playing all sorts of games now for 25 years in january!!

    I have been following Ashes since it was on Kickstart and watched as it has grown and bought the game when I saw alpha release.

    I am a avid WoW player who plays hard core mythic progression and love to be bleeding edge of content, and I am here to say this game MIGHT be the wow killer for me.

    I plan to stream this game once beta one hits!

    Looking forward to the ashes community and looking for a new home virtually.

    Keep kicking ass Intrepid studios!

    With admiration,
  • Hey folks! I am HeLarryIs, I have not had the pleasure to join the AoC community but I am very excited about choosing the perfect race for me, the innovation of this game is astounding and I can't wait to see you all in Verra!
  • JammiJammi Member
    yum i am jamm
  • Knock Knock
  • EumereEumere Member
  • What's up people! I am Grom/Skagg (LFGuild - EST Time Zone). I am most excited for the Class system and sieges (loved DAoC). OG MMO Player!
  • Всем салют, я рядовой Мангуст, семьсот сорок седьмой в запасе армии. Буду играть на дворфе если их модели сделают каноничными (пример Властелин Колец). Готов и заряжен к войне на полях AoC
  • Hey, I'm just Romeo! I'm not that speacial, saw the game and I liked it, really can't wait to play.
  • FozzikFozzik Member
    Howdy howdy. It's fozzik.
    I've been playing online games since the 90's, and I took part in and ran communities for some popular games, and spent thousands of hours playing. I'm hoping that sometime, in some worthwhile form, the games and genre I loved make a comeback. Maybe this will be the one that gets it started. I've been peeking in from time to time and now I'm posting...With a bit of hope, a lot of skepticism, and an open mind.
  • Footprint NLFootprint NL Member
    edited September 2
    Hello there!

    My name is Footprint NL, and I'm from the Netherlands.
    I've heard of this game through a friend of mine. No idea yet where I can buy it or whether it is now online? You could request a key or something somewhere? Well, in any case, it seems to me something to play this as well. By the way, it's also been a while since I've played a kind of MMORPG.
    And who knows, maybe this is also a kind of new start with gaming in general for me. Have done a lot but probably only a finger tip compared to some others. But that doesn't matter at all. I look ahead, and I hope this is something for me and what I can play with some friends ;)

    Kind regards
  • RushiseRushise Member
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    Salut tout le monde, je suis un joueur de MMORPG depuis mes premières minutes derrière un PC ! Je suis particulièrement déçu des récentes/à venir sorties de jeu ce proclamant "MMORPG" sans vraiment l'être... Quand je suis tombé sur Ashes of Creation il y a un mois, je suis tout de suite tombé sous le charme ! Je crois en ce projet et aimerais contribuer à son développement, que ce soit financièrement avec le merveilleux pack style "samouraï" <3, mais aussi tout au long de l'alpha2 et beta à venir !

    Dans la vie, j'ai 26 ans et suis data scientist (~ingénieur en informatique) sur Paris !

    Je me demande si une communauté francophone à vu le jour. Il va falloir que je fasse des recherches :p !

    Au plaisir de vous lire

    Hi everyone, I'm a MMORPG player since my first minutes behind a PC! I'm particularly disappointed by the recent/upcoming releases of games claiming to be "MMORPG" without really being... When I came across Ashes of Creation a month ago, I immediately fell in love with it ! I believe in this project and would like to contribute to its development, whether financially with the wonderful "samurai" style pack <3, but also throughout the upcoming alpha2 and beta!

    In life, I'm 26 years old and a data scientist in Paris!

    I wonder if a French-speaking community has been created. I'll have to do some research :p !

    Looking forward to reading you
  • Hello everyone , look forward to following this as it progresses
    The first step is the hardest!
  • Hey all, I'm MysticMoxie, or Moxx for short. I'm super excited to meet new people and explore the world and combat in Ashes of Creation!
  • hi everyone ✌🏻
    I'm Droidman from Berlin, Germany, 31y, Android app developer (hence the name :smile:) by day, PC enthusiast and gamer by night. I got into MMOs when school friends introduced me to Lineage 2 (C4 back then) at the age of 15... after which I dropped out of real life for about 10 years :smiley: I also played AION, a bit of TERA and most recently Black Desert. Somehow I managed to avoid WoW because I didn't like the graphics.
    I heard "Ashes of Creation" a couple of times before, but it wasn't until this year when I paid more attention to it and did some research about the game. I really loved what I saw/read so far, so I'm happy to be here and let's hope AoC will be the next-gen MMO we all have been waiting for 🙏 Cheers folks 🍻
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    If u see me in a game your my friend or your dead, and yes I only pvp, if u see me farming its because i need better gear to kill >:)
    Been playing MMORPG's since 2001, only for pvp.
    Got refused by some guilds her B) e or future guilds because of my hardcore pvp style :D , so funny.

    Show me the rogue and summoner.

    Peace B)
  • Greeting to all, Oldgoat here AKA Chris sr. thanks for your time.
  • Eyo, Name is Zehyto. I honestly can't wait till ashes comes out. Big chance u will see me play something something tank. I hope to meet everyone here in game some day! Till then.

    (I am from the Netherlands)
  • MithicaMithica Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
  • Kai Shang here... Finally decided to support AoC. Looking forward to the adventures with fellow players. Hopefully, I'll find a guild with similar playstyles.
  • Hello, new to ashes hopong to join the content creater program and help the games popularity and growth of the community's involved!
  • Hello from France,
    Old mmo player (T4C, DAOC..), Multiboxer since more than 10 years on multiples mmo. I like Roleplay, i like when people can have a impact on the world, as for the multiboxing part, let's say that i always like to play with strange templates or gamestyle and i will obviously stick to the rules and see what i can or can't do.
  • DraksDraks Member
    Hi everyone!
    I’m Draks. I am a new Voyager Plus Pack owner. Super excited to see y'all in the Alpha Two!
  • Hi Everyone! I first learned about Ashes of Creation a few months ago and have been very interested. I just pre-ordered the current voyager plus pack also! I've been looking for a new long-term mmorpg to play and I thought that was going to be New World, but it hasn't really been as fulfilling as I was hoping. Hoping for more scary-looking / evil-looking cosmetics will come out soon!
  • Hello all. Brimstoner here, looking forward to an EPIC! journey. Can't wait to get started.
  • Hello there, i'm ltviny from belgium
    I've discovered AOC some weeks ago and i felt in love
    Can't wait the game accessible to play it :smiley:
  • Hello everyone!
    My name (for now) is Aeturnes!
    I'm from Texas, and just found out about AOC recently by just looking through some of the old google machine for new MMOs to play
    Im a relatively seasoned MMO player starting with EQ and been along for many adventures since!
    After many videos watched, I decided I wanted to give it a shot, so I purchased the Voyager plus and am looking forward to Alpha 2!
  • YahelYahel Member
    edited October 17
    Hi guys,
    My name is Yahel and I'm from Israel.
    Have been following AoC since 2017 and plan to join the wiki team for translations/adding future content.
    Will be looking for a non-national PvX guild when AoC will be released, tho I mainly posted here for 'Israel' word search. If you're a fellow Israeli feel free to drop a PM! Would love to join an AoC Israeli discord. Also have 2 younger brothers, men of culture as well. B)
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