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  • Hi all. Looking forward to the new game have been casually watching progress and finally decided to take the plunge. Looks amazing can't wait.
  • Salut à tous je suis un joueur français.
    Hâte que ce bijou ambitieux sorte :)
  • Greetings peeps. I've been on a hunt for a new MMO for a while and I can't believe I only heard about Ashes of Creation only recently. Already looking forward for the launch of the game.
  • Hello im Kamaval, excited as fuck :smiley:
  • I'm excited to play AoC and bought the Adventurer's pack. I am a real life adventurer as a air pet nanny. Looking forward to the release date. Stay frosty everyone.
  • Im Dread and I can't wait to go bounty hunting 😭
  • Hello Fellow Adventures ! I'm Josie aka Lotakai or Orakai (IN game names) Pleasurer to meet you all. I am a hopeful gamer looking forward to this alpha two test to see how the game is myself. I enjoy exploring deep dungeons, going on assassination contracts and maybe joining some crazy hero's on some dragon slaying quest because the world is in danger blah blah as long as I get paid :)

    See you all in the dark ally ways, hit me up if you need someone killed or a dungeon guide.:)
  • MatloMatlo Member
    Hi there from NZ !!!
    Dwarves for the win!!!
  • Greetings adventurers!

    I'm looking forward to playing this game! The class/race options are amazing. Nice work devs!! I hope this game is as good as it looks!!

    Pedigree: EQ1, EQ2, Vanguard, Rift, and LOTRO! I do miss running the moors!!

    I've been on a bit of a mmo break, real world gets everyone. I will soon have a lot of free time!! Can't wait to get back to raiding!

    Warm regards,


  • EphemereEphemere Member, Founder
    I am known as Ephemere
    Looking forward to (aside from seeing how this interactive world/node thing plays out, and the game in general)
    Lifeskills and crafting. Having played games like BDO, I'm rooting for you devs to hit and/or blow it away next level!
    Really looking forward to making my mark in the pixels one day, calling some my own.
  • Hello, my name is SrPinguino i already played a lot of mmorpg (Tera,albion,WoW,Bdo,Gw2,etc) and i really wanna play this game when realised, soo u got here a hyped man waiting for the realise, its a pleasure (sry for my english)
  • Hello world!

    Old school player, looking forward to trying a new game.
  • HI to all of the community and that I'm looking forward to this wonderful upcoming game <3 .
    Oh, the misery...
    Everybody wants to be... my enemy!
  • Hello All! Southie here! Can't wait to join you in Alpha Two.
  • Strangely enough Penumbra is taken O.o
    Is Penumbra another player or is it taken by an NPC ?
    Either way, I don't post much anywhere and I bought my beta key many months ago, but..
    I look forward to playing my Py'Rai Predator of Shol. A dungeon delving, corrupted player stalking, dps.

    Instead of a monthly sub, I believe an hourly pay scale of 0.25/hour would make more money for Intreped, and provide a larger game population. (6 hours/day x 5 days a week = 30/month) It would cost gold sellers more to be online relentlessly then subscription. Casual players (some playing from cafe's) would not be pressured to play (opening the game more for people who cannot afford a computer) and everyone would feel less critical of those who have the time (and money) to play more hours then themselves. No-life-neck-beards would have no problem, or concern with the increased monthly cost of playing 6 to 10 hours a day and bonus titles could also be awarded based on hours played. Even 0.50/hour wouldn't be outrageous.

    Just trying to be helpful, keep up the great work. See you all in Beta !.!
    Watching from the Shadows, Penumbra.
  • Hello!

    Hoping this game will will bring new adventures to all of us MMO lovers. Really excited to see all the progression and can't wait to meet new people once released.
    smol & shy

  • My Name is VyTyWyn & my Philosophy is DO! NOW! GO! Who is with me! Who is coming with me... & Flipper? As he stares out around the community.......
  • myooteme wrote: »

    Hoping this game will will bring new adventures to all of us MMO lovers. Really excited to see all the progression and can't wait to meet new people once released.

  • Ezra GurneyEzra Gurney Member
    edited November 14
    Greetings fellow AoC'ers!
    After countless days waiting for a highly promising mmorpg
    I coincidentally stumbled upon Ashes of Creation. And man am I thrilled!...
    See you at Alpha Two!
  • Hello World!
    "Life is harder"
  • Hello, my jaw dropped, when I saw all the video's on AoC, I have been waiting decades going from one MMO to another hoping to find something that wasn't driven by money, profit and Dev's just forced into something they never wanted to make. Things would start of great and then over time P2W would creep in or profit over game quality, P2W and just greed killed most games off for me.

    I have never had an issue with paying a sub and did it for over 16 years for EQ and EQ2. From my first gaming experience when my dad brought a black box home, that he connected to my TV in 1979. to my first real MMO UO then EQ1 EQ2, Lineage 1and 2. DAoC, WoW, Guild Wars, SWG, STO, LiF, BDO, ESO, Ark and New World just to name a few.

    I have been a Hard Core Raider, Mad Alt maker, Master crafter and a dirt digger. What excites me the most is I made a list of the top 20 idea's that I would love to see in a MMO, from what I have seen so far AoC has 11 of them. Most normally have 4 or 5. I am so looking forward to this I had to post.

    Old Man Evo says hi and a Big Thank You! in advance.
  • Hi folks! I’m Cairo (aka cairo), and I’m a future player! I’m most excited for exploring the world and meeting many people in Ashes of Creation.

    I comment regularly on Intrepid's posts on Linked In, but haven't spent much time here in the forums. I'm looking forward to reading the posts and keeping up with the news. :)
  • Hi folks,

    i am Seoman, just heard about AoC some days ago, like the things a heard so far and start getting excited. I hope Alpha 2 will start soon and will look for information about this here in the forums.

    Best wishes
  • Hello all! I'm Crimmy, aka Val, and I'm so excited about Ashes of Creation. I became a mother four years ago and gave up on my two favorite MMO's (Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2) for awhile as I was rarely able to commit to much beyond casual exploration and crafting. My kiddo will be in school in less than a year and I'll have more time to dive back into the things I love. This game already looks amazing and we're not even in beta yet! I was basically looking for a successor to the graphically beautiful but mechanically horrible Elder Scrolls Online and I'm hoping Ashes is The One. Great job devs, keep up the amazing work.
  • High!!! I'm Smoker420go!!!
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