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    I would like to see customizable floor tiles and maybe wall types. Plus maybe unlockable pictures of every bossmob (doesnt matter if miniboss raidboss instanceboss or worldboss) you killed or even the possibility to make a photocollage of every mobtype you killed at least once.
  • For me the most important thing is to be able to interact with objects so they are not merely cosmetic. Sit in a chair or on the rug, water the plants, pet the pets, look at a painting, read a book and so on... That would give a brutal importance to RP
  • Dog beds.
  • I really like how ESO did their housing. What I also like is "special" furnishing. Things you can acquire by putting time and effort in them. Could be exploration, could be raiding. But something you have to work for and that you can show off
  • I like to be able to craft the decor I want to put at my home or win it by achievements, like trophies that can give buffs. I like that the decor can be customized, especially possible to put our own images from ingame in a portrait for example. The game I liked most in terms of decorating was Archeage, where you had a crazy amount of things you could craft or buy in Mirage (also a cool way they had for showcasing the decor). I also enjoy the BDO housing points. Now it is only part of fame, but before it had its own competition and you could win money if you were number one.
  • A waifu.
  • I would love to see a giant guild building on the middle plot where you can decorate the outside, add flags and banners that you can customize with your image, and be able to place it anywhere on the building. The inside of the building you would have a tavern filled with tables and benches and at the back, you would have a stage where players can play music. On the sides, it would be nice to have a bar or a market stall or a quest board. Then the building would have a 2nd floor where the top-ranked members are allowed to go to have meetings and etc.

    It would also be nice to have an outdoor type of tavern where you have rows of tables and benches and a shop on the side as well.
  • Everything @Schlol said plus a fine painting of my character!
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    Plants and flowers, inside and outside. Flowerpots on windowsill.
    A doorbell or door clapper.
    An ornate fireplace.
    A Bearskin rug.
  • Player housing is one of my favorite parts of any game that allows it, so I have a lot of thoughts on the matter. This is where I always end up spending all of my money when I'm buying cosmetics. I'm also very, very new here, after having only learned about the game recently, so please bear with me if any of this is already planned or suggested.

    1 - I absolutely want my friends to come visit my housing to see what I've done with it, but I don't want strangers to just wander in. I'd like to be able to specify specific people to be able to visit my home, even if I'm offline.

    2 - I want the freedom to decorate however I choose (within reason, of course). If I want a tree in the middle of my living room, I should be able to put a tree in my living room. Other games have "indoor" and "outdoor" decorations, and they can only be placed in specific locations. Let me put a bed outside, if that's what I want to do!

    3 - Give housing actual function. Let me work on professions from workstations that I can place in my home. Let me have a garden and grow various plants, flowers, or food.

    4 - If you give me something with empty shelves, such as a bookcase, allow me to decorate those empty shelves with smaller items. In some games, only the tops of some furniture can actually be used, and shelves have to remain empty. This has always bothered me and makes the furniture seem unused or purposeless. I want books, and I want to fill shelves with books. I want bottles and food to cover tables.

    5 - If you are going to sell decorative items, please give us the ability to preview the items in our home before we make the purchase. Other games that sell decorative items don't allow you to preview, and I've spent money on things that I regretted because it wasn't what I thought it was, either in size or design. Let me "place" it in my home to preview how it will look before I buy.

    6 - Please give us holiday themed items. One of my favorite things in games is when they do real world holidays in game. If it's Halloween, I want my home to look spooky. If it's Christmas, I want snow everywhere! I want it to feel as real as it can get.

    7 - Please don't limit how many items we can put in our homes. This is always frustrating to me as a player, because I have these amazing ideas on how I want my game houses to look, and certain games put a limit. Then I have to make decisions on what to change or remove to get the things I really want into the space I want to put them. It's not a good user experience.

    8 - Let me show off my cosmetic pets in my home. ESO allows you to place cosmetic pets in housing like items, but they just stand there, looking like statues. I want a cat to wander around climbing on furniture and curl up by the fire, or a dog playing with a stick on my front porch.

    9 - I would love to see NPC's visit player housing. They can be inconsequential NPC's that have a few dialog options, or simple vendors. Seeing NPC's moving around makes the world feel lived in, and I think it might be a nice touch if they could wander into player housing areas.

    10 - Separate storage for housing decorations. I don't want all of my furniture or wallpapers to take up space in a chest, when I could use that chest for more important stuff. Let the house itself have its own internal storage system where all the unused decorations can live until they are used again.
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    For myself I really want to feel like I'm home when I return from adventuring, not just a place to drop my things but a place of comfort.

    To me that's having the ability to customize most things like placement and color of objects, small details that make homes seem lived in (things to put on countertops or food/dishes for your table) and to be able to interact with these objects alone or with family(snuggles on the couch perhaps???)

    Being able to save layouts for different seasons/occasions would be a godsend.
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    I'd like to have a grid-snap system for quick decorating, but also an expert mode where you can tilt objects or move them however you wish (Gotta have a horse on the ceiling in ESO for no reason.) I hope there are plenty of plain racial furniture options as well as exclusive/ hard to obtain pieces worth showing off. It would be neat to be able to upload custom art into paintings, picture frames, blankets, and rugs. I really loved that aspect of ArcheAge. I also enjoyed the freedom in Rift, though it was pretty overboard the things you could do!
  • #1 I want to be able to combine my freehold with my <3 wife <3 (irl and in game)

    The marriage system is still pretty vague, but it would just make sense to combine your two freehold plots into a single double sized freehold...otherwise it wouldn't feel like you're married, you'd just be neighbors with benefits instead..

    Stuff a home needs:
    1. A fence or physical barrier
    2. Interactables for fun
    3. Interactables that serve a purpose
    4. Pets
    5. Flowers and Succulents, all sizes incl. very large
    6. portraits/trophies
    7. Garden
    8. Garden Paths
    9. Generous Storage
    10. Holiday Decorations
    11. Some little clutter-items the house looks "lived in", not like you're showing it off to a realtor. ex: if there is not at least 1 dirty sock on the floor somewhere, then it's not a real 'home'
    Tools a home needs:
    1. Cleaning tools: dish rags, washboard, broom, lawn mower scythe, watering well, mop. (a mechanic to keep you house clean to get it's full buffs?)
    2. Kitchen-ware
    3. Crafting workstations
    4. Outside lighting

    When I walk into my house, I want to me immersed in each room's aesthetic. A Garden, a Study, a Man Cave.

    What isn't so nice: To go there for the sake of going there to play house. I want to actually have tasks that need completing.

  • Ohhh, reading something in here gave me an idea, having minigames you could put in your home that actually function like the real life game would be fun. Think Chess, Checkers, yahtzee, etc.
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    I love base building and player housing in mmos. One of the my favorites is everquest 2 because they allowed you to adjust the size, x/y/z, rotation on all access and I think there was an option to turn clipping on and off. That allowed people to get really creative and use multiple objects together to make new things.

    In short let us customize
    -rotation and position on all axes
    - allow us to choose to clip if we want to
  • I think it would be cool to have pets wander around the freehold/tavern (cat randomly playing with yarn/tipping over mugs etc) interacting with items or each other. That would make it feel "lively".
  • chiefbird wrote: »
    I think it would be cool to have pets wander around the freehold/tavern (cat randomly playing with yarn/tipping over mugs etc) interacting with items or each other. That would make it feel "lively".

    If that darn cat knocks over my drink, it'll be out the door....!
  • I'm somewhere between "just let us kitbash everything and ignore gravity and object clipping" and "everything must have realistic physical placement in a game where tactics and structural damage occur." For the most part I think the kitbash version isn't so bad if someone has to approve the decoration once it is completed. However since furniture is meaningful in this game, it may be safer to require realistic placement to avoid exploitation. A way to split the difference may be to make a division between functional furniture items that require realistic placement, and non-functional (aside from collision) decoration items that can be freely placed.

    As a gameplay home designer and a player, the two things I absolutely dislike are using decorations as storage, and the agency to build high walls to the edges of every piece of property. I'm fine with items stored in chests and drawers to be used as decorations, but when resources and items are essentially being dumped in a pile at some because it is too cumbersome to carry or stash, that will quickly degrade the quality of neighborhoods. This also helps to prevent the second issue, where a player may build the entire empty space of their home up with stashed resources. Whether it is resources, walls, or hedges, a full-height-to-the-edge home sticks out like a sore thumb in both the neighborhood and the town where it is placed.

    Items ought to have multiple states to them. A shirt could be stiff and starched for display, nicely folded up, or crumpled into a small pile. A book could be closed, open to a "chapter start" page, or open to a page with only text on both sides, though not necessarily representing the content of the book itself in these visual states. A desk may have various states of wear or polish. Maybe you can even have another culture's style applied to your furniture.

    Being able to use the likeness of any physical item a player may own or equip (weapons, armor, tools) in decoration is always a nice feature, too.
  • One of the very few things I enjoyed about garrisons in WoW: Warlords of Draenor was that you had the opportunity to show off your achievements by placing a statue you earned by completing something requiring a great deal of effort, such as achieving a certain rank in PvP, winning a large number of pet battles, completing meta raid achievements etc. I would love to show off these achievements in my freehold. It would be ideal to lay down multiple objects that fit this category.

    I am all for the uploading of images to decorate your property with, but I feel it will just turn into a Second Life type of scenario where you will see pornography in places you didn't expect. It would need to be policed to a certain degree.
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    Any type of Sculpture Editing for some epic Entrances would be awesome. Like having a base Sculpture seperated in several Tiles and building an overall Sculpture out of preset body tiles which may be from Mobs or Mounts etc.

    Banners beein able to be placed vertical and horizontal by choice would be awesome and attaching them to surfaces would be perfect.

    Beeing able to make like little Roofgardens as chillout places and connecting them with outside Doors would be great. Att all beeing able to kind of determine Room Management in your freehold for example by placing Walls Doors and Windows would be intersting. Could let to somevery intersting esacpe room or Labirinth Freeholds which could become a player made disciplin.

    Deploying Maps of Dungeons an them to be interactable would be awesome so you can have IG Raid Diskussions without having to Tap out or looking at a second Screen.

    Furthermore having an fluid carpet design where you can determine the shape of the carpet by yourself to give warmth to certain corners of your house would be cool. (By determining the shape i mean like having a square and a circle base mesh and beeing able to 2-dimensionally tweak them to your purpose, also having varrying materials for carpets could be cool.

    Beeing able to show your farmes rare Items or Legendary Swords on Walls would be epic so people can see the awesome loot you gathered through time. Just having stands for these kinda thing feel bit lose.

    Head Trophys woule be awesome so you can show off certain Mobs or Bosses Heads that you have Slain.
    I think the rest was already posted so i will spare on that one ^^.

    LG Merkur.
  • Free placement over hooks is a high scoring request. (maybe have an option for snapping to already placed items/walls that can be unchecked if not wanting it snapped to anything)

    Being able to have pets roam around inside a house/tavern/building/freehold without a predictable patrol would be amazing.

    With seasons, it would be cool to have housing "wardrobe" slots to quickly change a theme based on what season is currently in play.

    Pretty much any freedom available that is practical in the sense of design and creativity would be refreshing.

    Being able to change one part of a building to match a specific racial type would be great, to allow for pretty unique building designs.

    Having a manager's office inside the tavern for the owner to call home, in the case that both a tavern and a house aren't able to be built on a freehold at the same time, for rested xp and family bonuses.

    A free camera mode while in building/design mode where you can get a bird's eye view of your house/freehold would be helpful.

    When visiting houses/freeholds of other players it would be great to be able to go into a "spectator" mode which would provide the source of the skins/designs/furniture/knick knacks on display so that you could easily go out and get one like it, or similarly colored. This would allow the house/freehold to be seen without the clutter of having that on the screen all of time and being able to imitate certain design aspects easily by knowing how to get the desired items.

    Having a build tool similar to what No Man's Sky uses for fences and non-building aspects of the freehold would allow for a lot of creativity in types of fences and such.

    Being able to build mazes out of flora would be fun, too. Have a maze that leads to a pond with a bench for a fishing respite.

    Being able to change the sun location while in "build" mode would be helpful, too, to be able to see how your creation looks in different lighting.

    If a node is in atrophy, maybe have the buildings within that influence show a degree of wear to easily indicate that you may want to go help out your node a bit to have your buildings look pristine again.

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    I'm just wondering if the freehold actually requires having a house. Maybe I want my freehold to just be a shrine in the middle of nowhere, for people to question "wtf???"

    Edit: I should add that armor mannequins to show off some cool legendary armor or costume would be cool. Trophies for achievements or really hard boss kills too. etc.
  • Question about Housing.
    Will there be a game mechanic that you can use to 'Hibernate' or protect your stored items (Non decorative items like crafting materials collected) in your Housing if you need to be unsubscribed for a short period of time due to real life commitments etc?

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    Rheaper wrote: »
    Question about Housing.
    Will there be a game mechanic that you can use to 'Hibernate' or protect your stored items (Non decorative items like crafting materials collected) in your Housing if you need to be unsubscribed for a short period of time due to real life commitments etc?


    Your housing can be destroyed in a node siege, so I don't imagine there's any definite way to ensure your items' safety.

    Anything held on your character would be safe, as you're not logged in to be killed and looted.
  • EQ2 collections. Each collection had pieces that would randomly spawn around a zone that you could find. When pieced together they made an item unique to the lore of that zone that could be placed in your house.
  • StormHaven wrote: »
    EQ2 collections. Each collection had pieces that would randomly spawn around a zone that you could find. When pieced together they made an item unique to the lore of that zone that could be placed in your house.

    I bet that also made for good trading.
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    A welcome mat

  • Vig BeaumontVig Beaumont Member, Braver of Worlds
    Placement of my freehold is of paramount importance to me.

    Not too close to a node but not too far
    I would like to place near to my friends as well, our own little spot
    But not an area like the old SWG shanty town ring around the spaceports.....

    six plots in a cluster or so would be great. I know this has been discussed and Im sure the SWG cluster%^& is a big part of the current direction, but I am confident there is a middle ground on this.
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