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  • Will resources be more plentiful in certain biomes? For example, extra wood in a heavily forested biome or extra ore in a mountainous biome or the Underrealm?
  • Since Addons wont be allowed, is there going to be a live combat-data meter? e.g.: DPS, Dmg done, HPS, Healing done, Dmg taken etc.
  • WarthWarth Member
    edited August 19
    Can you give us a very basic preview to the creation of Augments for Abilities from a technical standpoint?
    Maybe regarding the following topic: how to facilitate the huge amount of augments 64 classes x 4 Augment per Skill. Will you for example go for the Path of Exile approach with modular building blocks (support gems), where your augment to "turn a 90° frontal cone AOE into 360° will be coded once and can be applied to multiple different augment schools and classes without significant added coding efforts or are there alternative methods?
  • MayhemMayhem Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    Are we getting an updated referral page before alpha 2?
  • Hey I'm hoping this question can be answered because I think I can speak for many of us AoC fans. Many of us are worried about streamers/people with higher influence running for mayor, How or will you implement a sort of "no re-running for mayor in a certain amount of time"? My thought would be you are able to run for mayor back to back 2 times in a row like a presidency and after that you would be put on a 3 month cool down for example. This would/could prevent people running certain parts of the world and would be more fair for people with less influence.
  • NilahNilah Member
    How long will it take to complete a Siege? I'm afraid that depending on the hour that it starts maybe some people can be on working hours. Who will decide the day and the time the siege will take place?
    Thank you :smile:
  • CaramelCaramel Member
    edited August 19
    Hello intrepid team, first i'd like to thank you for the great job you've done so far and will, undoubtedly, continue to do in the future. My question is regarding moderation (if it's been already asked i'm sorry i missed it ^^ ) What kinds of moderation can we expect in regards to the game and outside it ? For instance, are there gonna be permanent in-game moderators with something like an active game ticket system connected to them so you can report bugs/ spammers/ cheaters and other problems that might require faster response or will you try to keep the VMs (voluntary moderator) system going ?
  • Serena VenportSerena Venport Member, Alpha One
    Has any discussion taken place regarding the amount of characters per account / realm?
  • EnragedBarrothEnragedBarroth Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    What's the difference in quality of a sword or a potion made by someone who has mastered their artisan skills, versus someone who hasn't? Is greater influence on the items stats, or additional modifications part of the plan?
  • Combat resurrection. Various MMO's all have different playstyles when it comes to the heat of battle. What can we expect in Ashes of Creation? Will we be able to resurrect allies whilst in battle? Will there be a limit to how many we can resurrect per battle, should we expect dampening stats upon revival?
  • Will seasons/dynamic weather affect our freeholds as far as crop rotation, etc.?
  • PeacemaynePeacemayne Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    With the fairly recent migration to UE5, will we see moon phases, eclipses, etc integrated into the game and how dark will the world get at night? Like will torches be needed for certain things. Lastly, will there be creatures that only appear at a full moon or because of the moon phase, certain dungeons may be accessible due to the low tide?
  • KhaironKhairon Member
    edited August 19
    will a player name be available on a region's servers if there is already another player with that name in another region. Like would there be able to be a player named Kyle in NA and another in EU? And between same region servers?
  • neuroguyneuroguy Member
    edited August 19
    With player collision, how will you make melee players as attractive to recruit as ranged players in larger (16/40) raids (also taking into melee summons taking up space)? What do you expect the % of melee players to be in a 40 man raid?
  • JerboJerbo Member
    How is world bosses going to work if there is like 200 people working together to kill the boss? Is it going to be real easy or what is the limit for players engaging a world boss?

    What is your plan for dealing with server populations after a few months? The game seems very dependent on the world being populated with people.
  • FizzFizz Member
    What mechanics are in place to prevent groups of players/guilds from teaming up to place a specific member as governor in battle royal events for military nodes? Such as the case for many previous battle Royale games.
  • chaoko954chaoko954 Member, Alpha One
    How will freehold placement work with terrain set pieces? Will it remove the trees / rocks under the blueprint?
    Or will there be large mostly empty areas that are the designated freehold placement areas like in ArcheAge?
  • LinikerLiniker Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited August 21
    Can we expect to get spot testing this year or maybe a roadmap for alpha 2?
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  • Will players be able to change artisan classes at any time if so are there any systems in place to stop players from going gathering untill servers reach x level of node and then switching from gatherer to processor or crafter?
  • DolyemDolyem Member
    How will you address the possibility/inevitability of players purposely having low level characters with max level professions to provide themselves a certain "shield" against being ganked via giving more corruption, negating the "risk vs reward" idea. This can also be applied to Mule running.
  • Assuming that settlements produced by nodes are procedurally generated (hamlets, villages, towns, cities, etc...), what measures are being put in place to make sure that every settlement in each node is memorable and unique without having the procedural generation conjure something that looks messy and unorganised or even generic?

    To elaborate:
    Having races, environments and experiences determine the nature of a town is cool, but sometimes a certain magic is broken when players discover a pattern, and the "unique properties" soon become "skins" which don't change the town to town experience that players get excited for when arriving somewhere new.
  • nameAnameA Member
    What is the furthest away we can expect alpha 2 and the full release to be? (P.S. it’s ok if it’s really far out and you are actually faster, I would just like a maximum please)
  • ShinasoShinaso Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    I come with an old one
    Any news on what type of building could use specific freehold cosmetics? (clarifications on freehold cosmetics from monthly packs)
    Like any freehold cosmetic can be applied to any building within the freehold??

  • MrSimSimMrSimSim Member
    edited August 19
    In most other mmos there is some sort of permanent storage that can't be raided or lost so if someone stopps playing the game the stuff will be there when they come back. Will ashes of creation have some sort of safe/permanent storage or only node based storage that can also be lost of the node gets destroyed?
  • A question about the relationship of Religion to PvP:

    Will there ever be conditions in which high-enough levelled members of different opposing religions will automatically be flagged for PvP against eachother?

  • VoeltzVoeltz Member
    What influence does your weapon choice have on abilities? Will abilities change in any way based on what weapon you are using?
  • MrLupenTailsMrLupenTails Member
    edited August 19
    In the past, I know the team has stated that pvp will be more balanced around group play,, but I was wondering if there'd also be balance in 1v1s. Will each class be relatively equal in 1v1 pvp, or will there be a few classes that are better in 1v1. Group play sounds difficult to balance around - but will each class there be relatively equal, or will there be classes in general that excel at PVP or certain activities? Also wolf tulnar please :P :P :P
  • KusaijshiKusaijshi Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Good Evening Steven and Margaret,

    Steven always said that Leveling is going to need Much time. but how are you going to make it happen?
    Because if the Nodesystem will be our threshold then players who join 3 month later should be much faster in Leveling. Im a Fan of Grinding but its oldschool. Very interested to know how are you will manage it
  • If the world map doesn't wrap, why did you choose to put the Niküa, who are lorewise dependant on sea trade, in literally the spot with the worst access to sea trade? They are cut off from all the main oceans by the western continent.

    If the world map does, in fact, wrap then clarify that and this question is moot.
  • George_BlackGeorge_Black Member, Intrepid Pack
    edited August 19
    Will active block be free for all, or class based ability with weapon requirements?
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