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  • In group content; (dungeon, raid, PvP, etc) will there be mandatory/suggested buffs from certain classes for that respective content or are you adopting the bring the player not the class style system, or both?
  • SlewzySlewzy Member
    edited August 19
    1) Besides race contribution (building aesthetics) to a settlement node (any level)and being able to choose what buildings to build where with in the settlement(as mayor) … is there anything else (besides previously mentioned and settlement node type )that will be done to stop settlement nodes from feeling like a cut and paste lay out ? (I.e. all building plot placements are the same for every node level )

    2) originally I was under the impression as a player you was able to choose what a settlement node would be (out of the four options) I have since found out that the “node type” will be preset across all servers. Is there any particular reason for this besides potential balancing issues ? (I imagine as the game goes on after launch the potential for a “meta content/node rotation issue arising “ potentially reducing/ removing the individual server identity.

    3) is there any potential for a guild outposts/keeps that are separate to the settlement node system? or would it just be down to a guild building in a settlement ?

    4) have you ever thought of a possibility of having smaller resource nodes with in a settlements ZOI/crosses between two settlement ZOI's? potential PVP and PVE as well as landscape changes (potential bandit camps spawning also another use for caravans as well as maybe little gathering /profession buffs)

    5) What did you mean when you said about settlement specialisation in the node layout and style?
  • NiKrNiKr Member
    Will killing just the mule of a non-combatant player make me corrupted?
  • OzijakOzijak Member
    Body blocking is very easily abused in towns and high traffic areas like auction houses, around quest givers, mailboxes etc.

    Are we going to have the option to put weapons away and phase through people in situations like this but remain on always for castle sieges and zerg situations?
  • WarthWarth Member
    Ozijak wrote: »
    Body blocking is very easily abused in towns and high traffic areas like auction houses, around quest givers, mailboxes etc.

    Are we going to have the option to put weapons away and phase through people in situations like this but remain on always for castle sieges and zerg situations?

    You can push them away with a little velocity. This has been answered.
  • shakaconshakacon Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    When will we receive specific details on which Freehold Skin can be used on which Freehold area?

    (Why this question is important...Some of the skins tell you (like a stables), but many of them give no specifics on the area of your freehold where you can use it. This is problematic because you may own five different freehold skins but they are all for the same part of your freehold so you can only use one skin out of the five making the other skins a waste. By the way, please create another stables skin soon! If you do, I will buy it.
  • It's been said that during sieges there are objectives that are best tackled by smaller groups. How are these objectives made to be easier tackled for a smaller group as opposed to a zurg rush?
  • BillzbubBillzbub Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    In some games, a group must have a tank class for tanking and a healing class for healing. In other games, any class can fill any role. What is your philosophy on how unique abilities are from one class to the next so that either every group has to have a tank and a healer, or any group can be made up of any combination of classes.
  • GurzGurz Member
    I have a question about if people learn how to do x y z quests/missions which influence how events occurs in alpha/betas... Can they use it for their advantages in launch to do only certain quests/missions for only specific events to happen which give them good stuff only and not bad stuff, making it not unpredictable and not having that mysteriousness? Would it be bad or good for the gameplay experience? if bad... are there systems to prevent it? I would assume that big guilds and big streams can pull this off
  • I know we've been told that crafted gear will be some of the best stat gear in the game, but will its looks be on par with the stats it provides? Will there be armor sets that have particle effects?
  • KhaironKhairon Member
    edited August 19
    We've been told a lot about the nodes and their zone of influence but I would also like to know if there would also fit some world enemy citadels/cities/fortresses/villages, like part of the story or whatever, places where the enemies would inhabit, even ruins or castles guarded by monsters or whatever.

    Since I worry the world would be greatly constructed by the players, while I personally enjoy exploration of "native" complex environments as well. And not only portals to a dungeon, but like "physical" places you could go to in Verra surrounded by the enemy.
  • About lore and npc enemies, we've seen ton of wild monsters in beta or just lone dragon bosses but I'd also like to know if there will be npc enemy factions, with their bases, evil plans etc. I've heard about organisations and religions and stuff but if possible I'd like to hear even a faint extension on what type of enemies can we expect in PvE or story.
  • IzilIzil Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited August 19
    Gezber wrote: »
    How will animations work while Dual-Wielding weapons of:
    a) different weapon types (axe + dagger)
    b) different weapon speeds?

    Great question. One suggestion i could add for the combat team is let the main hand wep decide animations to make it easier
  • obsoobso Member
    When will you guys be processing content creator applications ?

    Any chance for a 2v2 Arena option?
  • LloydLloyd Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Have you decided at what point Corrupted players start losing stats? Can this be balanced with greater item drop chance or more exp debt, or possibly losing levels once max level has been reached instead of stat loss which de-incentivizes players becoming the villain(s) of a server?

  • In 8-man dungeons, about how effectively could a brood warden replace a tank compared to other summoner classes?
  • MrMilotMrMilot Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    My question is in regards to PVE endgame progression.

    Do we need to get a pre raid tier set or equivalent from various dungeons before entering raid tier dungeons thus giving you gear and experience in all aspects without skipping created content/group tactics and mechanics required for raiding(if raiding will even be that hard). I would like to know your thoughts.
  • Will you be adding more professions to the "Processing" Tree? For example "Logging" as the skill to process Lumber.
  • Hey so we know flying mounts will be rare and temporary so what happens if I try to breed one with animal husbandry? Do I get a glider mount out of it? Is it even possible to use flying mounts in animal husbandry?
  • BaltanBaltan Member
    How will the bounty system be implemented? Will there be a tag on the red player on the map or will you just have to hope to find them?
  • JawjakJawjak Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    When it comes to housing inside of a node, whether it be a plot of land or an apartment, how much can you custom within that house? Can you build it customly brick by brick or are there pre-sets of houses to choose from? Adding on to this, when we talk about decorations/seasonal events, the items that might be sold on the store or dropped from events, are they going to break the image of ashes by having something extreme. For instance, the rainbow lion within New World. Made it feel like it doesn't belong there.
  • DisobedientDisobedient Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited August 19
    You say you want to stay away from hard ccs because you want more, “play, counter-play, counter-counter-play kind of feel.[2] – Jeffrey Bard”, but then again hard ccs will still be in the game. So does that mean we’ll be seeing things like “anti-stun” skills that players have to use preemptively / in-the-moment (will every class have this for balance?) OR will there be potions that can remove hard cc effects? Maybe BOTH?!
  • Will there be target dummies in towns/cities to practice your rotation and change your builds?
  • JazeriousJazerious Member, Warrior of Old, Kickstarter
    If the bounty hunter system will only be introduced at a much later part of node development (If they choose to build it), does that mean that until then there is no other way to combat griefing?
  • containercontainer Member, Settler, Kickstarter
    Obviously we know Alpha 2 is still months away, but a lot hints from steven imply that Alpha 2 will be very big in terms of content, but i'm more worried about you guys not getting the proper data needed due to too much new content added.

    My question is, when it comes to alpha 2, is there any current plans to space out content added to the game like on a weekly basis when alpha 2 is live, or will it all just be added right away at the start of alpha 2?
  • mobtekmobtek Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    Will travelling merchants/crafters be able to set up stalls near-ish to content areas to support your guild, could we buy a merchant license to sell our services, (repairs etc) from the node that allows us to do this? (with the caveat of not too near dungeons etc)
  • Can you tell us a bit more about scribes and what they can do? The wiki page for them is barren.
  • Will there be internal node events that encourage players to maintain the node outside of external interference from other nodes or monster raids?
  • Kiwi_Kiwi_ Member
    Will Py’Rai branchlers in character creation be presets only, or will you be able to shift and form your individual branchlers?
  • Is it truly impossible for Tulnar not to have avian features, perhaps from a race of avian who were rejected and forced to flee into the under realm?
    Seems like such a good opportunity to introduce a birdman race which is something other mmos severely lack- when bringing forth beast type races.
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