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Next Livestream + Q&A Submission - Friday, October 28, 2022 at 11AM Pacific

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Glorious Ashes of Creation Community!

Our next livestream will be Friday, October 28, 2022 at 11AM Pacific! (Click here to convert this to your local time.)

Similar to our past streams, we'd love to gather some questions from you to answer live! Please submit your question for our development team in the thread below, and we'll select 10 of them at random to answer at the end of our livestream. In order to accommodate a variety of questions from our community, please only post ONE question below, and the more direct and succinct the better (think one to two sentences)!

Submissions end Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 11AM Pacific, so we can select your questions before the broadcast.

We'll see you soon for our development update livestream!

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    What is the intention with castles? i think is unfair for citizens who do not belong to the guild that controls the castle paying taxes for them
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    DrunkninjaDrunkninja Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Now that the Ship Building profession no longer exists, How will we build ships?
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    Gaul_Gaul_ Member
    edited October 2022
    Can two player caravans travel together to share in the defense?
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    VyrilVyril Member
    edited October 2022
    Can we get a focused video describing PvP that answers all the recent videos talking about "issues" indirectly responding to them.
    Then we can just link the video to everyone misinformed, people don't want to learn through a wiki.
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    DiamahtDiamaht Member, Braver of Worlds, Alpha One
    edited October 2022
    Now that you are starting to show and talk about class kits, can you give us any details on what support roles or classes will be in the game?
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    KarthosKarthos Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited October 2022
    Ship repair will be a lengthier process than other games, as stated previously. Does this mean repairing your ship will require a proficient crafter to repair dynamic destruction?
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    Will we encounter/observe young Minotaurs (children/babies)?
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    KRissCHuKRissCHu Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    Will there be an option to make Tulnar with elongated muzzles, or will all Tulnar be flat faced?
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    T ElfT Elf Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    As far as skill trees - will we see the whole tree to plan our path or will we have to choose blindly as we go?
    Formerly T-Elf

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    HjerimHjerim Member, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    edited October 2022
    Will Horde mode and Siege mode be open beta?
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    I was wondering if you can elaborate on the artisan class activities/games that will be involved with the different profession classes? Will there be "minigames" involved with all the different artisan activities or will they only be involved with the crafting profession classes/"final product" crafter/processors?
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    Tulnar have been said to be a combination of the four major races (Elf, Human, Dwarf, and Orc) and several minor races that were leftover after the apocalypse. The minor race influences were said to be mammalian, bestial/feline, and reptilian.

    So is the concept art provided the final look for Tulnar, or is that only the minor racial influences, and in character creation we'd be able to customize further by adding in one major race to mix it with?
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    ZaraZara Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited October 2022
    Since names will be server-locked and not region locked, what's the importance of having name reservations for Alpha 2? It was mentioned that name claim availability would begin around A1/A2, but server choice/decision-making for most players/communities won't be decided on until late Beta 2.

    If the information we were provided with is outdated please update us! Thank you.
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    BarabBarab Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited October 2022
    Could we get an update on the Mariner class? I see shipbuilding was removed from the Artisan classes, assuming they were reassigned in some capacity under the other official list of Artisan classes, but we haven’t heard much regarding the Mariner class. Is it still planned to have the Mariner class in game? Can you describe what this Mariner class relationship will be in terms of its relationship with the Archetypes/Arguments as well as the Artisan classes ?
    The Dünir Hold Mithril Warhammers,Thanes of the Keelhaul, Dünir scourge of the oceans, Warhammer First Fleet Command of The Dünzenkell Nation, friends to the Dünir Dwarves of the Dünhold.Hammers High!
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    RalizekRalizek Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited November 2022
    Question for Steven: With regard to cosmetic placement. twenty-one months ago during a live stream, the Intrepid Studio's community marketing lead Margaret Khron, told Paradox Gaming Network"I know what each cosmetic goes on. I have a list of each item waiting for approval on Stevens desk, once it's approved we will release what each cosmetic is specifically for bud." - Margaret Khron

    The question is whether or not Steven has approved the cosmetics information list for public consumption, which his marketing lead said she was just waiting on Steven to release it?

    Can we freely place skins as no restrictions/stipulations were given at the time of sale, or can we continue to look forward to purchasing items without knowing what building tier/type, ship tier/type, cosmetic/battle pet, caravan Tier/type, cosmetic doll slot.

    It's very wordy, but there is only one question.
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    evilelrondevilelrond Member
    edited October 2022
    in regards to item rarity and how hard it will be to get gear; will weapons and armor be more like new world, where they are a dime a dozen just with slightly different stats, or more like lineage 2 were mid to high grade weapons and armor are a rare occurrence and major undertaking to craft?
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    We know every race in the game will have some sort of cultural aesthetic that reflects in their architecture and clothing. What cultural aesthetics will the Tulnar take inspiration from?
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    RavenStrykerRavenStryker Member, Founder, Kickstarter
    First time question asker, excited to hear the answers to these!

    Since you're a big proponent of MMO's and played many of them, what would you say are the biggest inspirations from other MMO's that you wanted to make sure to bring over into AoC? Were their any that you brought over but added your own flair to?

    Have you dabbled with the idea of not having character nameplates and instead just have things you click on shown on the users UI instead to reduce screen clutter?
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    Are gliding mounts (for normal players) going to be mobile or just pure gliding?
    More like Guild wars 2 Griffon or Archeage's Pegasus
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    So we know you can customize your Character ALOT in the Character Creator. but can you change those customizations ingame afterwards ? Change your Hair color or change the Tattoos you chose. maybe even Dye Nails ?

    Or Will you sell a ''Character customization change option '' in the Shop
    (I mean its no p2w)

    I wanna look fancy!
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    ChangeMe6587452ChangeMe6587452 Member, Explorer, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited October 2022
    Does the world of Verra have holidays/festivals for players to celebrate like Halloween, Winter Celebration, Anniversary, etc?

    Edit: Yes,
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    How will the ship firing system work?

    Will the shell hit where the cursor indicates like in ArcheAge or will we have to calculate the "projectile" drop and manually adjust the elevation of the weapon like Sea of Thieves for example? Maybe another method?
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    Is there going to be characters informations easily readable on other players (for example by clicking on their name once targeting them) ? Such as total PvP kills, gearscore, archetype, family (?), ...
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    A question about the gods:

    Are there any details about the to-be Verran gods' influence in our gameplay that you could share with or hint at, for us?

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    This is my first ever question on these forums!
    I play a Bard band on Final Fantasy 14, and I love the freedom this presents to players, to create music within the game and to create social events around this.
    Is there any intention to provide opportunities for players to create and play music to generate additional player interaction beyond the expected combat and building elements?

    The Highlander Misfits
    A Bard band from FF14
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    -T0Mb--T0Mb- Member
    edited October 2022
    In the last month's livestream you showed us some longbow and shortbow mechanics. What kind of mechanics have you planned for crossbows?
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    LeafzerLeafzer Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited October 2022
    What you doing to counteract guild zerging and streamer controlled servers? The game is going to get stale very fast if it turns into another Ark Survival evolved with massive zerging

    If possible can you please go in depth on these topics?
    Are you limiting the amount of players that can participate? Is this number dynamic relative to average guild size in the server or static at a certain number?
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    BergundBergund Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Will we get to see all four node types at the beginning of Alpha 2? Any update on the development of the other node types we haven't seen yet?
    The coin is a rite of passage. SO BE IT.
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    Are there going to be guild halls? And if so what will be features be? Can it be inn like, along with being build for management or even having to enter to apply?
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    thaginjaninjathaginjaninja Member, Intrepid Pack
    Clarification on weapons and skills. If you have skills that require a certain weapon and seemingly only one weapon of choice per class. Doesn’t that deceptively negate freedom of weapon choice? If there’s not multiple skills that are locked to different weapon options per class what’s the point of picking another weapon You don’t have to min max to understand you’re gimping yourself not only likely in weapon stats but now also available skill options.

    Would much rather see multiple weapons have 2-3 skills locked per class so you at least have some weapon options. Or better yet all skills class based and weapons carry their own 3-5 skill kit
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